Northpoint Children’s Playground

On level 4 of Northpoint shopping mall at Yishun MRT station is a large Children’s Playground, separated into wet and dry areas.

The dry area is always full of children aged about 4-7 running around which can be dangerous to little toddlers. This area is sheltered from the sun and the rain and is well ventilated.


At the wet areas, there are large water structures for the kids to play at This area is not sheltered.


There is a Toddler’s section at the wet area too where the toddlers would enjoy themselves, more compared to the main wet area.


After playing, you can shower at the open shower area, but it is really quite dirty as shown in the picture. You can go and change up at their many nursing rooms in the building at levels 1-3 neaxt to the toilets, or simply just dry up and go for a shower at home.



Outdoor Waterplay – Gardens By The Bay

Following our trip to the Marina Barrage, I suggested that we should go to Gardens by the Bay. The Daddy had thought why would we want to go there? He hadn’t wanted to pay the entrance to enter the 2 domes. But I said there’s lots to do there that you do not have to pay for, and that includes a LARGE water playground for our little toddler. And so we went.

I think he was still skeptical when we reached there. We parked at the main entrance and it was a 10 minute walk to the children’s area. When Daddy first caught sight of the water playground, he went “WAH!!!!!”


There were many other places to explore in the Children’s garden, so we put on hold the water play first. Here’s a map to see what they have to offer there.

Beautiful Chaos

We didn’t bother playing at the toddler’s area as it was quite similar to the playgrounds you have at HDB blocks.


There were sandpits around but we didn’t bring any spades/pails to play in. However, Riley did get his first feel of the sand under his bare feet at 20 months old, and he liked it!


We had fun at the slide that was meant for older kids. There are also many other areas for older kids as seen in the pictures below.


So after some time spent at the slides, we headed over to the water playground, the original intention of us being there. There is an area meant only for toddlers with smaller fountains. Flooring is made of the spongy material and will not hurt if a child falls.


Riley enjoyed himself playing at the toddler side. Daddy brought him over to where the larger fountains were but he indicated that he wanted to go back to the toddlers’ area to play with his toys and the little fountains there. And we spent close to an hour just playing with the little fountains!

IMG_3965 IMG_3968 IMG_3970

After a long while of playing, it was time to shower and change up. They have a open shower area for the kids. And I forgot to bring the shower foam again!! Got to remember this the next time round!

IMG_3977 IMG_3979

That’s it for our outing to Gardens by the Bay! If you happen to go there from now until 15 November 2014, you can take part in their monthly Instagram Contest. Prizes worth more than $500 to be won! All you have to do is to tag your child’s picture of him/her having fun at the Children’s Garden with #GBFUNTIME on Instagram! More details can be found here.


Outing to Marina Barrage

The name Marina Barrage seemed like a boring place. Recall students going there for excursions, just like the NEWater plant, where they can learn all about conservation of water in Singapore. However, many people choose to go there for family time. What can they do there, you might ask.

At level 1, you will find many people jogging or cycling. There is also a water playground for children to play in. At level 2, which is the garden rooftop, you will see families picnic-ing, flying kite, playing ball, lazing around. There is really much to do there. I had no idea until my hubby decided to bring us there. I was skeptical as I had been there before and don’t remember much about it. But boy, was I wrong!

When Riley was there, initially he was overwhelmed by the large garden and many other children playing there. He chose to just sit at the side and watch. One boy of similar age even came to pass him a ball but he refused.

Perfect weather to be at a garden!

Perfect weather to be at a garden!

Later on, daddy carried him around to talk a walk and to look at the different scenery and people around and he started to warm up.

IMG_3880 IMG_3882

And he started running around!

Nice place to run at

Nice place to run at

Later on we went down to the ground floor for the water play. The fountains were so large it kinda scared the poor 19 month old, so daddy decided to carry him to bring him into the fountains.

Large water fountains

Large water fountains

And after a tour, he decided he wanted to play with the water. And that was what he did. He basically just squat down and started splashing. The fountain was too large for him but it sure did provide the atmosphere for water play.

IMG_3904 IMG_3905 IMG_3910

As the weather turned bad all of a sudden, we left to shower and change up at the nursing room.

We would like to visit again, and be more prepared next time! Maybe we will bring a picnic basket, and a kite, and a ball, and some toys for playing in the water.


National Library Board – Jurong Regional Library

We always bring our boy to libraries due to his love of handling books. We have been to a few regional libraries in shopping centres from the time he learnt to crawl and pull to stand. He will pull the books out of the shelves and flip them. Sometimes he will just pull the books off the shelves and we always have a hard time putting them back. Later on when he started to walk, he will walk all over the place and make quite a bit of noise disturbing the other library users. We regret not finding out about the Jurong Library earlier. It was the answer to our dreams.

The kids have a floor all to themselves! The toddlers have their very own area, and it is a very very large area. It is not library silent and there are chatters here and there. There are even play areas for the toddlers and this includes a dress up area with costumes provided and mirrors to check themselves out. At the toddlers and younger kids areas, parents are seen reading to their kids or the kids are trying to read aloud with their parents’ help. At the older kids areas, parents are seen giving tuition to their children while they complete their assessment books. It is overall lively but yet conducive for the older ones to do their work.The bad side is probably that the books are all over the place and the librarians are sure to have a hard time sorting them out. The books though are surprisingly in very good condition and when we borrowed 8 books home, my auntie thought we bought new books!

This is the section to the kids area. As you can see from the picture, it is brightly lit, decorated with bright colours and is very welcoming to the children.

The Kids' Haven in the library

The Kids’ Haven in the library

Very comfy areas for the kids to lounge and read in. It is also ok if a little mess is created though I think parents should teach the kids to put the books back after reading.

one of the toddlers areas

one of the toddlers areas

Some toddler fun that you usually find in indoor playgrounds can be found here!

Activity corner for the young ones

Activity corner for the young ones

This is the dress up area that I mentioned earlier. There is a box for costumes and also a rack with some hanging there. Large full length mirrors are available for the kids to check themselves out. There are a few children wearing them and cat-walking around so it may seem like there are few costumes available.


Dress up corner

Interactive media for the kids to meddle with. It is touch screen and have games for them to play with.

Interactive Media for the kids to play with

Interactive Media for the kids to play with

These chairs are too comfortable that adults/teenagers use it too.

Area is so comfortable that adults use it as well to do their own reading

Area is so comfortable that adults use it as well to do their own reading

In the older kids areas, many are seen engaged in what they are doing with minimal noise. These are afterall set up as discussion areas. It is nice to see parents teaching and guiding their children whether in reading or writing or completing their homework.

Older kids areas where theya re seen doing their work

Older kids areas where theya re seen doing their work

There is a small drawing corner but no kids are seen using it. Some adults were using it as a rest area.

Drawing corner

Drawing corner

A nursing room (1 cubicled) is also available in case there is a need for a diaper change.

Nursing/diaper room next to the toilets

Nursing/diaper room next to the toilets