Nursing Rooms – Jurong Bird Park

Located at “Birds of Play” (Children’s play area). This is the nursing and changing room. There are many diaper changing rooms around the park itself.

3 changing stations
2 Breastfeeding rooms
Hot/cold water dispenser

I’m surprised that they bothered to build such a nice nursing room at a place of interest. This nursing room is definitely much nicer and larger than those located at the zoo or river safari where more people go to! In case the kids are playing, there is also an outdoor shower area.





How to buy from a US website that does not ship to Singapore

Many products are much cheaper when we buy from their original USA websites as compared to buying them in stores in Singapore. However, many of these websites do not ship to Singapore. Thus, many of us participate in sprees maybe because we are not sure how to make purchases ourselves, or being new, we feel it is safer to buy under someone who is more experienced. I started off that way. But then I thought, why should I keep letting these spree owners earn money? Why don’t I learn to make purchases myself and save some money from paying the spree owners? And I did. However it was not a short process as I couldn’t find step-by-step guide anywhere. I had to ask people who were willing to answer my many questions. In the end, I managed to purchase, and have been doing so ever since. 🙂 I hope this post will help first-timers to buy from sites like Carter’s, Osh Kosh, Gap, Disney, Victoria’s Secret, Ralph Lauren, etc. Please feel free to comment if you have any questions to ask. I will help you as much as I can. Hopefully in time for the upcoming Black Friday Sales!!


1. Sign up with a Shipping Company of your choice
Here are some links to some of the companies that are commonly used. Personally I prefer Comgateway due to their prices and cashback reward system. They also have some discounts with DBS cards, and so far, their customer service is ok. I only tried Vpost and Comgateway so far. And I didn’t really like Vpost’s prices and customer service. But I think they have discounts with Citibank cards. How to choose which one you might ask. I would say first, check which credit cards you have and which have discounts with them. Then trial and error based on reviews from your friends on the service and speed of delivery.

Comgateway: http://www.comgateway.com/
Vpost: http://www.vpost.com.sg/
MyUS: http://www.myus.com/
Borderlinx: http://www.borderlinx.com/
Daigou: https://www.65daigou.com/USA/ShipForMe#usa

During registration, give your address that you would like them to ship to. Eg if you know you won’t be home to receive the parcel and want to save the hassel of having to go to the post office, you can key in your mother’s address knowing that she will be home all the time. At the point of successful registration with the shipping company, you will be given an USA address. Take note of this address as you will need it in the next step.

2. Register with the Website you would like to purchase from
Go to the website you intend to buy from, and register with them. For the address, key in the USA address you were given at the point of registration with the shipping company.
For example: If you would like to order from Carter’s/OshKosh (which in fact is the same website and company), go to www.carters.com and click on “Sign In”. You will be prompted to key in your email address. Click on “Create an account” and then follow the rest of the instructions. Just remember to use your USA address when you register. You can always change this USA address later on if you intend to change the Shipping Company.

3. You are ready to shop! But remember not to exceed $400sgd!
Start adding items into your cart, check out, and key in your credit card details etc. So far from experience, DBS cards give slightly better exchange rates with USA websites. Your shipping address (your USA address which you keyed in at the time of registration) should automatically be reflected. For billing address, you can key in your Singapore address. Remember to keep purchases within $400SGD if not you will be charged GST. This $400 limit includes shipping as well. As a rule of the thumb, when I purchase kids clothes from Carters, I try to spend about $200-$220 each time. This will maximise shipping cost and stay within the non-taxable amount. $200usd will be about $260-$290sgd. Shipping will cost about $40-50usd which is about $65sgd. That will be about $350, quite a safe amount to stay clear of the $400sgd limit. remember shipping is based on weight and size of the items. The example I am giving here is based solely on kids clothes only. Try not to buy less than $200 unless you are combining purchases from other websites as well. If not the shipping will not be worth it. Get a few friends who stay nearby or are people you meet often and buy together.

Happy Shopping!! 🙂


A Trip to Phuket – Holiday Inn Mai Khao

As the baby neared 2 years old, we wanted to bring him for a holiday that he would enjoy instead of somewhere where we would enjoy (ie shopping, eating). We searched online for many ideas, spoke to many mummy/daddy friends, coupled with the discount that Silkair was offering, we finally decided on the destination. Phuket. Not Patong beach though, but somewhere quieter with few people on the beach. It was also a plus point that the flight would take less than 2 hours. So Phuket, off we went!


When we reached the hotel which was about 20-30mins drive from the airport, we were greeted pleasantly by their staff there. They even gave a little toy to Riley as a welcome gift. The adults got a drinks apparently made from flowers. We were briefed on all the things we could do at the resort. The resort was on large land space but only about 3 storeys high. We were then brought to our room by the porter.

IMG_4641  IMG_4646

This is our room! We took a pool access room. Once we opened the curtains and Riley saw the pool, he literally wanted to jump in. It was a good thing that there was a shallow portion of it maybe meant for kids to play or for adults to lounge in. Note though, this is not a private pool. It is linked to adjacent rooms. However, less people (practically none) swim in it as compared to the main pool. Reason? The water was SUPER cold! Riley would still insist he goes in there at least once a day though. He would be happy just sitting on the first step and splashing at the COLD water. Next time we come to this hotel, we would choose a garden access one instead, which is closer to the main pool and beach. And so we do not have to be in the cold water with him. (hee…) The hotel room is not carpeted. Pros is that it is clean and not sandy. Cons is it can be slippery with water. So we had to make sure the floor is always kept dry for the toddler.

IMG_4643  IMG_4650

There is no bath tub for the bath room. However, there is a large shower area with a rain shower and the toilet bowl is in a separate room. Here, you can also see how the pools of the pool access rooms link to each other. They do not link to the main pool.


This is the main pool which is next to the beach. The front part of the photo shows the large, shallow toddlers area which is a gradual slope from 0m to 0.50m. Further back is the deeper pool which is at the maximum 1.40m deep. Many older children swim there too. There is a small pool bar by the side that serves 1-for-1 drinks from 5-7pm everyday. Even drinks like coke and smoothies are 1-for-1! Needless to say, we spent quite a lot of our time in this pool. In the late mornings, the sun comes into the toddlers pool area which makes it warm for the kids. However, just remember to put on sunblock for both the kids and the parents. If you want a cooler and shaded area, the adult pool is partly in the shade. There are shallow areas there for kids play too but you have to keep a close watch as the shallow portion could dip into the 1.40m depth.


Next up is the beach! The good thing about this hotel is that the beach connects right to the hotel! From our room which I consider it far from the beach, is about 3-5 mins walk. From the main swimming pool, it is about 1 min walk? This photo was taken at about 9-10am in the morning. As you can see, there are shaded portions of the beach and we were really thankful for that! Number of people is really little as well, most of which are families with little children. The sand is very clean with no litter at all. And water is very clear. In case you didn’t bring your own, you can borrow a beach mat from the counter that you get the pool towels from. One thing to note though is that there is dip in the water and it is especially close to shore when it is the low tide. (By the way, in this pic, it is low tide, with high tide at about 11-12nn) The dip is from legs-waist height to about shoulder height. Got to watch out for kids wading in.

IMG_4673               IMG_4665 IMG_4668

This is the restaurant where we had our breakfast which was included in the hotel booking. It had an attached kids room that was only open for the kids for breakfast. The kids also had their own spread of food. However, this portion was often infested with ants and flies, so we would take the food for Riley from the adult buffet. He enjoyed the little tables and chairs though, with the colourful utensils. He insisted that daddy and mummy sit at his table with him but the restaurant has a rule that only one adult can be inside with one kid. So we had no choice but to take turns to keep him company. There are 2 restaurants in the hotel. This, and another one next to the pool called Pesto. Both serve similar foods. Kids menu is exactly the same. However, Pesto focussed more on pasta and pizza and this one, called the J’s Restaurant had more local foods. Both places served pasta but the one at Pesto was much yummier. Kid’s meals are free with every adult main course ordered at the J’s restaurant. This offer does not apply at the Pesto. However, there is a live singer/band that entertains from 6pm every evening. There, you can see the beautiful sunset too. There is a nightly buffet dinner at the J’s restaurant. But if you do not like their buffet, you can always order ala-carte. Ala-carte prices are average about $15SGD. Bills can be charged to your room and paid with credit card later on. So you can go cashless your entire stay. But too bad we didn’t know about this so we hadd to use up our baht.


This is the Kids’ Club at the hotel, located next to the spa. (By the way, we didn’t visit the spa at all. Bookings are usually full for the day, so it would be good to make bookings for any spa service at least 1 day in advance) We spent a lot of time at the Kids’ Club too. This was part of the reason why we chose this hotel. It is full of places to entertain the kids. At the Kids’ Club, they hold planned activities everyday. Some examples are face painting, balloon making, etc. And these are free! You can also pay for some activities like the batik painting. You can literally spend the whole day there. Even without the planned activities, kids are entertained by colouring, reading, ball pit, slide, other toys by the side (eg. blocks, doll-house, wooden tool box, etc), Electronic games like Wii, watching Cartoon network on TV etc. Parents can leave their kids there the entire day if they are above 4 to be cared for by the staff.

IMG_4809 IMG_4828

Our typical day at the hotel is like this. 8am breakfast, 9am beach, 10am pool, 11am shower and rest, 12nn lunch, 1pm nap and rest in room, 4pm Kids’ Club, 6pm dinner, 7pm Kids’ Club again, 8pm Sleep. For late sleepers, there is twice a week where they will screen movies outdoors in the garden. Take note to bring your mosquito patches/repellents though, if you intend to be outdoors when it is dark.

Overall we enjoyed our stay there. We were there 5 days 4 nights and we never took a step out of the hotel. If you intend to do day tours and shopping, it would be better to stay at Patong beach area and not Mai Khao area. if your intention is to have a relaxing and exclusive holiday and want to stay at the hotel, this is the one to go for. That explains why most people there are families with young children. By the way, we were trying very hard to find out if there was aiport tax to be paid when we depart but couldn’t get the answer anywhere. The answer is, there isn’t! The hotel also provides shuttle bus service to Patong area. You will have to pay for it but it is cheaper than taking a cab. Journey takes about 1 hour. Do comment if you want to know more about the place. I will try my best to answer the questions. 🙂

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Nursing Rooms – Paragon

Located at levels 3 and 5

Electrical points available inside Breastfeeding room.
One Breastfeeding room and 2 changing stations.
Changing stations each had a bin underneath it for easy disposal of diapers.
No water dispenser

Very clean! They even provide a sample of baby Gaia moisturizer to use if need to. Bags are also provided for disposal of diapers. There is only one Breastfeeding room though. So hopefully no one is using it!