How to buy from a US website that does not ship to Singapore

Many products are much cheaper when we buy from their original USA websites as compared to buying them in stores in Singapore. However, many of these websites do not ship to Singapore. Thus, many of us participate in sprees maybe because we are not sure how to make purchases ourselves, or being new, we feel it is safer to buy under someone who is more experienced. I started off that way. But then I thought, why should I keep letting these spree owners earn money? Why don’t I learn to make purchases myself and save some money from paying the spree owners? And I did. However it was not a short process as I couldn’t find step-by-step guide anywhere. I had to ask people who were willing to answer my many questions. In the end, I managed to purchase, and have been doing so ever since. 🙂 I hope this post will help first-timers to buy from sites like Carter’s, Osh Kosh, Gap, Disney, Victoria’s Secret, Ralph Lauren, etc. Please feel free to comment if you have any questions to ask. I will help you as much as I can. Hopefully in time for the upcoming Black Friday Sales!!


1. Sign up with a Shipping Company of your choice
Here are some links to some of the companies that are commonly used. Personally I prefer Comgateway due to their prices and cashback reward system. They also have some discounts with DBS cards, and so far, their customer service is ok. I only tried Vpost and Comgateway so far. And I didn’t really like Vpost’s prices and customer service. But I think they have discounts with Citibank cards. How to choose which one you might ask. I would say first, check which credit cards you have and which have discounts with them. Then trial and error based on reviews from your friends on the service and speed of delivery.


During registration, give your address that you would like them to ship to. Eg if you know you won’t be home to receive the parcel and want to save the hassel of having to go to the post office, you can key in your mother’s address knowing that she will be home all the time. At the point of successful registration with the shipping company, you will be given an USA address. Take note of this address as you will need it in the next step.

2. Register with the Website you would like to purchase from
Go to the website you intend to buy from, and register with them. For the address, key in the USA address you were given at the point of registration with the shipping company.
For example: If you would like to order from Carter’s/OshKosh (which in fact is the same website and company), go to and click on “Sign In”. You will be prompted to key in your email address. Click on “Create an account” and then follow the rest of the instructions. Just remember to use your USA address when you register. You can always change this USA address later on if you intend to change the Shipping Company.

3. You are ready to shop! But remember not to exceed $400sgd!
Start adding items into your cart, check out, and key in your credit card details etc. So far from experience, DBS cards give slightly better exchange rates with USA websites. Your shipping address (your USA address which you keyed in at the time of registration) should automatically be reflected. For billing address, you can key in your Singapore address. Remember to keep purchases within $400SGD if not you will be charged GST. This $400 limit includes shipping as well. As a rule of the thumb, when I purchase kids clothes from Carters, I try to spend about $200-$220 each time. This will maximise shipping cost and stay within the non-taxable amount. $200usd will be about $260-$290sgd. Shipping will cost about $40-50usd which is about $65sgd. That will be about $350, quite a safe amount to stay clear of the $400sgd limit. remember shipping is based on weight and size of the items. The example I am giving here is based solely on kids clothes only. Try not to buy less than $200 unless you are combining purchases from other websites as well. If not the shipping will not be worth it. Get a few friends who stay nearby or are people you meet often and buy together.

Happy Shopping!! 🙂


22 thoughts on “How to buy from a US website that does not ship to Singapore

  1. Hi, thanks for the info . But I read yr post after I ordered from
    However, just wanna check with you the $400 sgd limit is charge when making payment at vpost? Or when?
    So if I already made a purchase of usd$240 from Carter’s and another usd $35 from forever21, chances are I would have to pay for gst? Can I still split e shipping from vpost in order not to get charge for gst as all my items have not reached the warehouse of vpost in US.

    Thanks in advance 🙂


    • Hi ginaliu, unfortunately I don’t frequent vpost. But I have had 3 friends who like to use vpost and they have not been charged GST for packages that exceed $400. I can’t be sure exactly how much they ordered though. You might want to email them and ask. Or when charged, can ask for a first time waiver. 🙂


  2. Thanks for the tips and recommendations. I’d check out the companies you listed. Usually I find it such a hassle to buy from US that I just shop local or those that offer free shipping to SG. Now I can maybe widen my choices ahahahah

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka


  3. Alamak read this post too late! I used to use Vpost for my items, but it seems like they are more expensive as compared to the rest. Right now, I use 65daigou for the forwarding services. They are pretty good and not too expensive too. This is how I got poisoned on my JJBs. #truestory


  4. I am an idiot when comes to online shopping cos I rarely do that.. probably lack of security. Thanks for the tips.. I may try the local ones before expanding to the US websites. 🙂


  5. hi!

    Just wondering how do you pay for the items?? as I’m trying to get stuff from but i can’t put in my singapore credit card details??

    Hope your able to help. thanks a lot


    • Hi! I have not bought from gap before but I know some sites do not accept non-US credit cards. You can either pay via PayPal (they usually have this option) or use “buy for me” services in the forwarding companies but which means you would need to pay a little more. Hope this helps! 🙂


  6. I usually join the sprees on SMH for these overseas purchases for convenience but these are great tips for future reference! 😀 Online shopping forward! Only wish the USD exchange rate is lower though….


  7. Thanks for the tips. I usually get friends visiting US to make the purchase for me or I just won’t be bother with the savings. Maybe it’s because I don’t make big purchase at any one time, so the savings are not that substantial. Haha!


  8. hi im kind a slow for this kind of things. i wanted to get some clothes for my 3 kids but i wont be spending much. probably a $100-150? any mama kind enuf to help me ship and est fr me how much with total to my place? sorry am a sahm n my hubby works part time only but i want find something for my kids clothes for raya and i hope i can find for them through carter n oshkosh but im not confident. please advise! tia


    • On the merchant’s website? You will need to email their customer service to change to the correct one. Most will change for you. However sometimes you just have to cancel your order and reorder.


  9. HI! I am curious, how do the shipping company (comgateway) know that I AM the one who ship things there? as i read their website, they will notify us when our parcel reach? Is the address given by them unique? 🙂 haha thanks for your help 🙂


    • Hi there! Yes, your address and your personal name is unique. 🙂 so they will allocate the parcel to you and email you to let you know they have received it. 🙂


  10. Hi! I tried vPost and they gave me a 5 digit postal code but the website suggest me to adopt a 9 digit postal code to conform to US Postal Service standards. Have you encountered such a scenario before? Was wondering if it’s safe to trust the website.. Thanks!


  11. Hi! I”m new to Carters and placed an order via EZBUY 16 days ago. The status still indicates “order placed” . Anyone encountered this? Is it normal ? How long did you take to receive your Carters via EZBUY?


    • Hi Jasmine. Do you mean “order placed” shown on carters website? Usually they ship out very fast. However ezbuy though cheap takes a long time compared to many other forwarders to acknowledge package and ship to singapore


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