Children’s Playground @ West Coast Park

West Coast Park (the McDonald’s side) has been undergoing renovation for some time. It is complete now and we like to frequent the place with our toddler. It is a big place with many options of what he might want to do there, there is free parking, and you can always go to Macs.

Here are some of the options. Will let the photos speak for themselves:)

This is the toddlers area where there are bucket-seat swings and a small-scaled slide.


There are little sand pits for the little ones to play in too. But they are elevated from the ground so got to watch them closely for this.


This area is suitable for toddlers or even those below 1. There are activity panels around and a school bus for them to sit in.


Here’s where the slightly older kids go.

IMG_5999Play area for the older kids.


This is a highlight for many kids. The flying fox! There are 4 of it so there no need to wait too long to have a go.:)


Another highlight for the older kids. and maybe adults too, is the spider web! Good thing about this spider web is when you have climbed up either halfway or right to the top, you can take the slide all the way down. You won’t have to climb back down!


You would probably have noticed. Most of the playground is covered in sand, which is very rare for playgrounds now. So whenever you go there, do remember to bring your sand toys. We have one set stashed in the car for this very purpose. So we can pop by the park anytime we want.


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