Mount Elizabeth Hospital – Maternity Ward Staycation Experience

I totally enjoyed my stay at Mount Elizabeth Hospital (Orchard) for the 3 days there. I was looking for somewhere where it is exclusive, I will get a single room, I will get sufficient rest (from peace and quiet), I will be treated nicely, there is nice food. And I got all of it.

This is the labor ward, which they call the delivery suite. There is no so called observation wards like TMC and KKH. They will check you straight into the delivery suites once you are there because you are in labour, or when you are there to induce. They will attach one nurse to you and this nurse will take care of you throughout your stay in the labour ward. If her shift is over, there will be a 2nd nurse attached to you. The nurse came in, bustled around and got me changed up. All I had to do was to pass her my bag of documents from my hospital bag and she said she will sort everything out, do the paperwork for me and return those that she doesn’t need. So grateful for that as I am really bad with admin work.


After baby is born, they will leave you in the delivery suite with the baby for a few hours so you can do skin-to-skin with the baby if you are not too tired. Later on, they will push both baby and you to the maternity ward. If you are interested, you can read my birth story here.

The maternity ward is very spacious. There is a little fridge (empty) for you if you want to chill anything. Of course the usual stuff like power points and TV are all there. Here in the pic is the sofa bed for the daddy if he is rooming in (at extra cost), and a small work desk if he needs to work. In the day, the work desk’s chair, and the sofa, and one more armchair (not in the pic) serve as seats for guests.


There is an attached bathroom and towels are provided for you. They change the towels and give you a new hospital gown to change into everyday. They also provide you with the toiletries and they are displayed in the toilet just like in a hotel. Crabtree and Evelyn! Branded ah!


The food here is good too. You can choose from the confinement menu if you like. The servings are sufficient. The tenderloin shown in the pic was so large that I couldn’t finish it! However I kept feeling hungry, maybe cos I was breastfeeding, and only realised later on that you could actually ask for bread or milo anytime of the day if you want to. So I started asking for toast and milo, and toast can come with butter and jam and honey. yums! That’s in the top right picture. In the middle picture is the set up for the congratulatory dinner that we had. It was a really nice touch with them setting it up nicely with candle and flowers and all. The rest of the meals I forgot to take the pictures. so these are what I have. Their soups are nice too. Definitely not bland.


Here’s a close-up on the special dinner that we had. No, that’s not champagne. That’s sparkling juice. They are thoughtful and know that most mummies will start off trying to breastfeed, so no alcohol!

image1 (1)

Another special and nice touch to the room is having cards and signs for your guests and you to take pictures with. Some are no longer applicable once you are in the maternity ward though, for example the one that says “Keep calm and push me out”. I was not calm at all when pushing you out, my dear!


On Chinese New Year’s eve, they came around and gave mandarin oranges with a little red (gold) packet to all the mummies staying there. It really is a nice gesture on their part just to make the mummies feel at home. Also, we got a special blanket that resembles a mandarin orange for a baby born so close to Chinese New Year! The hospital does a similar blanket for Christmas as well. The babies look like cute mandarin oranges when they are together in the nursery!


So before we left, we took one last photo in the room. See you soon! I’m not so sure about this actually. Not so sure if I want a third child. But yes, if we do, we will be back there again!


Just a note on the bill and the disposables used. All are part of the package and they do not charge you extra for it. All in all, our room package was $3.5k (Single room, natural with epidural), additional medical supplies and medication and lab-tests was $400, Doctors'(gynae, anesthetist and pd) fees were $2k, Medisave deduction about $2.1k. Hubby did not stay. We had unlimited entry and exit for the carpark for the 3 days. So all in all we paid about $4.2k in cash.

Quite worth it for the exclusiveness don’t you think? 🙂


15 thoughts on “Mount Elizabeth Hospital – Maternity Ward Staycation Experience

  1. Hello! I saw you mentioned Ur total doctor fee (gynae, anesthetist & pd) works out to be $2k? may I know what’s the breakdown? 🙂


  2. Hi there stumble upon ur blog while surfing.

    I am also looking to giving birth at mount e orchard and your post is just what i needed.

    Good information! Thank you! Hope the price don’t differ too much by next yr! =)



  3. I have been lusting to give birth at Mt E Novena ever since I saw a hospital tour post by another mummy! Haih unfortunately my gynae only delivers at TMC and Mt. A. I would loveeeeee to get pampered like this after a hard labour! LOL


  4. Hello, I am so glad I chanced upon your blog cos I’m gonna be delivering there in a couple of weeks (now at week 32).

    I don’t really know what to pack into my hospital bag since this is my first delivery. Do I need to bring breast pumps so that the nurse can teach me how to use them (a colleague told me to that)? And also, things like diapers or maternity pads, do I have to bring my own stashes? If Mt E provides, is it then chargeable?

    Thank you! 😀


    • Hi! You may bring your breastpump for that purpose and ask the LC to teach you how to use it. However I think you can figure it out at home on your own as it is quite simple 🙂 No need for diapers and maternity pads as well. They will give you the first set for free. The second set if you ask for more or need more is supposed to be chargeable. However for mine they didn’t charge. (I need to double check on this)


      • Thanks for your quick reply! Iread your birth story too… im filled with mix emotions… scared, nervous, excited and just not sure whatto expect from the whole thing… 😀 the good thing is that the information benefitted me since its all happening in Mt E.


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