Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum

Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum opens next Tuesday (28th April) and we are looking forward to bringing our toddler there. It looks amazing just from the photo that The Straits Times shared. (Photo credits: Lim Yaohui for The Straits Times) It would be a good place to allow yourself and your kids to be awed at the life that was once upon a time living on Earth.

The museum is located in the National University of Singapore at their Science Faculty. (photo credit: Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum’s facebook page)

Quoting from their official website, “The main gallery consists of 15 zones, tracing the history of life on earth. Different sections are devoted to the origin of life and all major branches of the Tree of Life. This includes green plants, fungi, molluscs, arthropods, “fish”, amphibians, “reptiles”, birds, and mammals.”

Tickets are only sold on Sistic and it is $20 per adult and $12 per child. Singaporeans and permanent residents enjoy discounted rates of $15 per adult and $8 for a child. Children below 3 admits for free. You can click here to purchase tickets. It is very interesting that the tickets are available in blocks of 1.5h, which is the estimated time of which you will take to complete the museum. However if you choose to stay longer than that, you will not be chased out of the museum. This was just their effort in controlling the numbers in the museum at any one time. First entry is at 10am and the last entry is at 5:30pm.

A friend (November Tan) managed to go for the preview and here is a photo she took at the main exhibit of the dinosaurs. She mentioned also that there is a diaper changing room in the museum, with 2 changing stations, power-points, a sink but no nursing area. Hopefully there will be one by the time they open next week! (Update on 24 Apr ’15: they have brought in an armchair and a hot/cold water dispenser! They sure react fast to feedback!) Her review of the museum? She was “blown away”!

For more information about the museum, you can visit their website here.


Sponsored Review – Yoomi Bottles

What in the world are Yoomi bottles? I have never heard of them! Well in short, they are bottles with an in built warmer system that warms the milk as baby is drinking. Amazing and interesting technology! To read more on the technology behind it, you can go to http://www.yoomi.com.sg/pages/clever-bits

This is what you get in a 5 oz Yoomi feeding system set ($55.90). A 5 oz bottle with a newborn teat, a warmer (inside the bottle. see next pic for a clearer view), a pod for charging the warmer, and the instruction manuals.


Here’s a clearer and closer up picture of the warmer and the teat. The teat is the biggest teat I have ever seen on milk bottles! Its really huge and it sure resembles the boob the most! It is also a very soft silicon teat and not rigid and hard like some brands out there. As for the warmer, I was told it contained chemical inside that produces heat to warm the warmer to warm the breastmilk and my initial thought was “what if the chemical leaks?” I can’t see if the breastmilk has mixed with the chemicals! Well, not to worry at all, the chemical (by the way, the chemical used is non-toxic) is really deep inside the warmer and apparently if it really does leak, there is a bitter substance (also non toxic) that will be secreted and baby will reject the milk. At the press of the button, it will be activated to warm the warmer. And the breastmilk does NOT flow inside of the warmer. It just trickles along the grooves on the OUTSIDE of the warmer! You can see the ridges in the picture below. The ridges create a large surface area for the milk to trickle past and get warmed up in the process before it reaches the tip of the teat for the baby to drink. This is how milk is warmed while you are feeding at the same time.


What’s good about the Yoomi system? It is convenient to bring on the go. Instead of bringing a thermal flask and an additional cup to warm bottle in, you just need to put your ebm into this (photo below) and pop in the warmer and bring it out. When you want to use it, then you activate the warmer and feed. For formula milk, you can put in normal boiled water into the bottle with an additional formula dispenser. When want to feed, mix in the formula and activate the warmer to feed. It is also good for night feeds as you wouldn’t have to wait for the milk to warm up. You can prepare the bottle with the ebm before you sleep and when it is time to feed, take it out of the fridge, activate the warmer, and feed.


What is not so good about the Yoomi system? Each warmer can only be activate once and used once before it needs to be recharged again. Meaning if you want to prepare before you sleep for 3 night feeds, you will want to get 3 warmers and 3 bottles as you probably wouldn’t want to be charging your warmers in the middle of the night.

Where are you buy the Yoomi system and all other accessories? Please go to www.yoomi.com.sg to make your purchases. Or you can get from any of these authorized dealers here. Please note that there are other sellers in Singapore who have imported the bottles and are selling them in the market as well. These could be cheaper than the ones sold by Yoomi Singapore or by their authorized retailers. However, if there is a need to troubleshoot the warmer (sometimes you need to do so especially if you are a first time user and not sure what is wrong), or a need to do an exchange for a faulty set, Yoomi Singapore will not be able to do that for you.

If you purchase the Yoomi systems from Yoomi Singapore, you will get a 15% discount with this code: yoomi&beautifulchaos15. The code is valid from now until 17 May 2015. The code is valid for all ala carte items at www.yoomi.com.sg. Happy shopping!

Disclaimer 1: I direct latch most of the time and only feed using the bottle once in a while so LO will not reject bottles next time.

Disclaimer 2: I received I set of 5oz Yoomi+warmer from Yoomi Singapore to try out the Yoomi system to write a review.


Superbabies BASH!

So, this is what I’ve been busy with the last 1 month or so. Busy planning for the first batch of SG50 babies major party!  Really a BIG thank you to all the sponsors who gave us so many items. We were overwhelmed by the number of sponsors we had!

We were doing polls, searching for venues, scouting for sponsors, getting registration done, collecting money, ordering food, preparing for the actual day and we, a 2-mum organizing committee were super glad that all went well albeit a bit chaotic and super tiring for ourselves.

Polls showed that a week day was much better. And because of that, since there will be less adults (daddies have to work), we were able to have more babies! Our venue at a condo’s function room was perfect too. It was located at the MRT station itself and was able to accommodate about 40-60 people comfortably. Our turn out was 48 adults and 43 babies and we still had room for photo taking, for the catered food to be placed, for the goodie bags, and even had a small changing area and nursing station at a corner.

This was our unofficial group photo of the babies dressed in their super cute superbaby rompers.

And then a separate photo session for the girls, then the boys. Can you spot my baby girl?

These are unofficial photos as well as the photographer has only finished editing the group photos of the babies and the mummies.

Also thank you to all the mummies who helped to chip in to contact sponsors and also for collecting the sponsored items from the various places. Really blessed to be in this group of very supportive mummies! Money was well spent too. Registration fee for each mummy and baby pair was $30 which would cover for the romper and food and venue and any other logistics. And we still had extra to return to the mummies who turned up.

We were at the venue from 11am all the way to about 5pm. By the time we finished clearing the place at 5pm, we were exhausted! Our next bash would most likely be a one-year old bash. For now, we need our well-deserved rest while we finish settling the accounts and sending notes to thank our sponsors.

Lastly, here is a photo of my little one. Was too busy the entire session to take more photos and I regretted it. 😦 Will borrow some of the props to do some home photography with her next week! 🙂