Abbreviations and Acronyms Used Frequently by Mothers

Just found out you are pregnant and started joining facebook groups and forums but have no idea what all the mummies there are talking about because everything seem to be coded? Hope this list helps you! If you have any to add, do comment below! 🙂

In alphabetical order:

BB – Baby

BF – Breastfed

BH – Braxton Hicks Contractions

BIL – Brother-in-law

BM – Breast Milk

CC – Child Care

CIO – Cry-It-Out (One of the sleep training method)

DD – Darling/Dear Daughter

DH – Darling/Dear Husband

DL – Direct Latch

DS – Darling/Dear Son

EBM – Expressed Breast Milk

EDD – Expected Date of Delivery

FBM – Frozen Breast Milk

FF – Formula Fed

FIL – Father-in-Law

FM – Formula Milk

FTM – First-time Mum

FTWM – Full-Time Working Mum

IFC – Infant Care

JTS – Just to Share

LO – Little One

MIL – Mother-in-law

ML – Maternity Leave

MOTN – Middle of the Night

PD – Pediatrician

PIL – Parents-in-law

PTWM – Part-Time Working Mum

SAHM – Stay at Home Mum

SIL – Sister-in-law

STTN – Sleep Through The Night

TIA – Thank you in Advance

TTC – Trying to Conceive

US – Ultrasound

VBAC – Virginal Birth After C-Section