Tips on Improving your Experience at London

After sharing about my experience at London Weight Management, now I would like to share about how you can make the most out of your trips there and how you can enjoy the sessions more! 🙂

Just to recap, each session usually will require you to do these. When you reach the centre, you will be told to get changed into their paper undies and their robe and put on their slippers, put all your belongings into the locker, wet yourself with the shower, wrap yourself in a towel, go into a steam bath (hang your robe at the door), dry yourself, sea salt rub, hot blanket treatment, bathe, electronic treatment, take your belongings, change into your clothes and shoes.

  1. Ask for a cold towel to help you breathe better for the steam bath. The steambath need some getting used to especially if it is your first couple of times using it. From my third session onwards, this actually becomes my favourite section as I sit in there and relax from a busy day of work 🙂IMG_0140[1]
  2. Do not bring too many items. The lockers cannot contain large items. That being said, I’m sure that if you happen to have bigger items that do not fit into the lockers, the staff would be more than happy to arrange another location to keep your items. 🙂 (In the picture is a Ju Ju Be Fuel Cell and a Hobobe, placed on top of my clothes)IMG_0425[1]
  3. Grab your phone from your locker after the steambath. Music and other distraction will make the hot blanket treatment easier to bear with. Image result for iphone 6 with earphones
  4. Ask for their in-house cereal or coffee after you bathe, especially if you did not have time to catch a meal before you go for the session. Their cereal comes in a few flavours. Try one flavour each time! I heard the coffee is very yummy. But I haven’t tried it myself as I am breastfeeding.IMG_7482
  5. Press the help button whenever you need them to adjust the temperature or the currents or anything for you to make you more comfortable. Every room has 1! This function is unique to London and I think it is very helpful! I tried it once when I was really uncomfortable and they came in very fast to attend to me. IMG_7481

In short, always discuss with your consultant on how to make your experience better! 🙂

Some information on London Weight Management followed by a Giveaway at the end:

Established in 2000, London Weight Management is a slimming centre with more than 14 years of proven track record in providing result-driven slimming solutions for ladies battling weight issues. Well-known for conceptualizing and implementing an extensive range of breakthrough technologies, London Weight Management’s outstanding weight loss expertise remains highly sought-after despite pervasive competition in the industry. Serving solely ladies, experience 100% exclusivity and privacy at your every visit while we help you achieve your dream figure.

To ensure each and every customer achieves the results she wants, London Weight Management provides customised weight loss solutions and slimming treatments that effectively target the bumps and bulges on the problem areas, without having to go through the agony of starvation or rigorous exercise regimes that are hard to maintain.

London’s unique weight loss formulations combine 100% natural botanical extracts which are carefully applied using the latest fat-burning technologies.

  • No pills
  • No injections
  • No surgery
  • No crash diet
  • No exercise
  • No side-effects

For more information on London Weight Management and their treatments, you can visit their website at http://londonweight.com.sg/

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(PS: To my friends, you do not have to worry as I wouldn’t know who registered. The link goes directly to London Weight Management)


Happy Willow Indoor Playground

Happy Willow is an indoor playground located at Fusionopolis, One North MRT station. I was there for an event recently and my boy enjoyed playing there.

It is a small play structure which is good for parents as you are able to sit at one place and can still observe your kid.


This is the main area where parents can sit and have a drink from their cafe. I enquired about booking of the place for events and they said they can hold about 100 people in their grounds easily.


This is the toddlers area with some kitchen sets and a rocking horse. Here’s my mum with the kids.


For the first time ever, I left him to climb and play by himself. I could watch him from afar and know he is safe.


The staff held games like treasure hunt and hitting the pinata.


My boy really like the big blocks and had fun stacking them up and knocking them over. There is a large ball pit at the back of the picture.


For more information on Happy Willow, please visit their website at http://www.happywillow.com.sg/


The City @ Liang Court

The City is labeled as an interactive indoor playground. Here you will not see any climbing structures and slides. But you will see many areas for pretend play.

This is how the entire place looks like. There is a play kitchen in the middle with many pretend rooms around. Pretend rooms include supermarket, hair salon, doctor’s room, etc.


This is the supermarket section which my boy spent a lot of time at. He could be a shopper pushing the trolley and buying stuff that he likes, or be a cashier where he can scan the items and pack them.

He spent quite a lot of time at the restaurant as well preparing food and serving them. To me of course! 🙂

When he got bored at pretend play and want to move his muscles more, he went to the room to build structures.

He tried out dressing up as well. They only have the fireman attire there though.


For more information on The City, you can visit their website at http://www.thecity.com.sg/




We brought our kids to spend one whole day at Fun@giggles. We were early and they just opened. And we were glad that it was relatively empty! Kids streamed in after about 11am and in the afternoon, there were many more people there.

Here’s a photo that shows you how big the area is. It is definitely not suitable for older kids. They would probably get bored after a while. But for my 2 year old, he had fun there the entire day!


This is the colouring corner. You can ask the staff for pieces of colouring paper for the kids. Some feed their kids there as well. That explains the high chair at the side.


Here is the dress-up corner.


Kids really love this corner with kitchen play and small toddler cars.


This is the music and gym corner.


This is a photo of the main structure. They have a ball pit in the middle of it.


This is the only slide in the playground. The structure as you can see is made of wood and not plastic and cushion like many indoor playgrounds. So do be careful if your kids are really little.


This is their diaper changing room and nursing corner.


This is their party room where they hold activities as well.


Here’s my lil bub enjoying his milk and taking a break from the playing.


So after a couple of hours at the playground, we left to grab a bite opposite at Parkway Parade. The Bub then slept in the comfort of his Tula with the daddy carrying him while we adults walked around and shopped a little.

When he awoke, we went back to the playground again. This time to their waterplay side. Yes, the playground pass allows you to go to both the dry and wet playground!

It’s a small room with some tubs and water but the Bub enjoyed himself loads. The lady comes in once a while to top up the water with hot water so the kids won’t get too cold. Take note that they have to be wearing swim diapers though. No fret if you didn’t bring yours. They sell it there. (It is of course not as cheap as buying from the supermarket!)


For more info, you can visit their website at http://www.funatgiggles.com.sg/


Cool De Sac @ Suntec City

We were looking for places to go and chanced upon Cool De Sac. It was only $10 entry for my toddler and he could stay there the entire day! We could exit for lunch and come back again, which is what we did!

Here’s the toddler section with lots of toys, some climbing structure and a ball pit.


This is their menu in case you were thinking of eating at their cafe. I saw the pizza that some people ordered and it looked good!IMG_2209

This is the area for electronics which i don’t really like. I thought that the idea of an indoor playground is to get them away from electronics but they put them in the middle of the playground!


Here’s the dress up area with a little stage to strut your stuff.


Here’s the make up area for face painting. There is staff there ho will paint the kids faces for them. And they are quite good! 🙂


We like this corner. Its the lego corner where they can rest physically and use their brains and fine motor skills instead 🙂


They can do some artwork at this art corner as well.


This is the main slide structure. Not much tunnels and all. Simply climb up and slide down. But yes, it is fun enough for the kids!


This is the main play structure. There are no slides here, just climbing around and up and down. with a link bridge in the middle that many kids love.


Here is another section quite suitable for the toddlers. A small slide structure.


Here’s a peek at their diaper changing room.


This is what my toddler likes the most. The link bridge. He can go up and down for endless number of times!


For more info, please visit their website at http://cooldesac.com.sg/


Manuela – God Is With Us

Shared with permission, written by Wang Guang Han. This post is dated 18th December 2015, 3 years on.

My wife had a dream of our baby girl when she was 25 weeks pregnant. The dream was from God as we specifically prayed to God to reveal to us a suitable name for her.

In the dream, our baby girl, Manuela was about three years old. She was very beautiful- with big eyes (just like daddy’s), shoulder length hair and she was wearing a blue dress. Mummy was writing a poem on the topic, clouds, together with her.

Wife, “Do you know that clouds in the Old Testament represent the Presence of God?”

Manuela, “ Mummy, what is the Presence of God?”

My wife hugged her in her arms and answered, “ Just like how I am with you right now. God’s Presence means God is with you.”

This was how our baby girl’s name Manuela came about.
Manuela means God is with us. It’s a female Spanish name for EMMANUEL.

Manuela was stillborn on the 18th Dec 2012 due to an ACCIDENTAL HEMORRHAGE. We were only a day away from the estimated date of delivery. The pain of loss is real and deep.


The above picture was sent to us by a friend, who saw it immediately in the sky after she heard the bad news. The cloud is in the shape of a baby. It is an affirmation to us from God that Manuela is safe in the arms of our Heavenly Father and God cares a lot for the both of us. This has brought great comfort to us in the midst of our grief.

Psalms 19:1 “The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands.”

Interestingly, Manuela’s tomb number, “388” is the same as our house unit number. She has indeed gone home with us in our hearts. 🙂

In remembrance of Manuela…

Thank you Guang Han and his wife Melissa for sharing their story. The couple are now blessed with a beautiful son, Noah who is almost turning 2 years old. They are very willing to help if anyone needs someone to speak to regarding their loss. You can pm me at my facebook page  or drop me an email at vivien@beautifulchaos.sg and I will help to link you up with them. Do share this post with anyone who needs encouragement 🙂