What Your Pre-Toddler Really Wants for a Present

Here you can find top 10 list of items and presents that your Pre-toddler(aged 6-18 months old) really wants for his/her birthday or for Christmas. Want to add on to the list? Comment below! :)

1. Top of the list: Tissue Paper. Even better if it is a fully loaded Tissue Box! Wet-wipes in a box would do too. But tissue is better!


2. Shoes. Any kind.


3. Power Cord.  (Please do not to let your babies play with this though)


4. Remote Control. To the TV, Air-con, Fan, etc.


5. Wrapping Paper. The fun of it continues even after the present has been unwrapped.


6. Wallet. Filled with notes, coins and most importantly Credit Cards.


7. Handphone. Mummy’s one is the best. Daddy’s one can do as well. The Fisher-Price one just doesn’t work as well.


8. Cardboard Box. Mostly more interested them as compared to the toys inside them.IMG_9053.JPG

9. Laptop. The ones that Daddy and Mummy use. Desktop’s keyboard and mouse will do as well. Those colourful ones with large buttons and sounds coming from them are just not as fun.


10. Last but not least, Daddy’s steering wheel.




9 thoughts on “What Your Pre-Toddler Really Wants for a Present

  1. HAHA I burst out laughing at the tissue paper. OMG so true please, my 1yo ALWAYS pulls pieces after pieces of tissue paper out of our tissue box! Another thing I think they like are the ibanking dongles (after calculators, handphones and remote controls)


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