Cool De Sac @ Suntec City

We were looking for places to go and chanced upon Cool De Sac. It was only $10 entry for my toddler and he could stay there the entire day! We could exit for lunch and come back again, which is what we did!

Here’s the toddler section with lots of toys, some climbing structure and a ball pit.


This is their menu in case you were thinking of eating at their cafe. I saw the pizza that some people ordered and it looked good!IMG_2209

This is the area for electronics which i don’t really like. I thought that the idea of an indoor playground is to get them away from electronics but they put them in the middle of the playground!


Here’s the dress up area with a little stage to strut your stuff.


Here’s the make up area for face painting. There is staff there ho will paint the kids faces for them. And they are quite good!:)


We like this corner. Its the lego corner where they can rest physically and use their brains and fine motor skills instead:)


They can do some artwork at this art corner as well.


This is the main slide structure. Not much tunnels and all. Simply climb up and slide down. But yes, it is fun enough for the kids!


This is the main play structure. There are no slides here, just climbing around and up and down. with a link bridge in the middle that many kids love.


Here is another section quite suitable for the toddlers. A small slide structure.


Here’s a peek at their diaper changing room.


This is what my toddler likes the most. The link bridge. He can go up and down for endless number of times!


For more info, please visit their website at

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