We brought our kids to spend one whole day at Fun@giggles. We were early and they just opened. And we were glad that it was relatively empty! Kids streamed in after about 11am and in the afternoon, there were many more people there.

Here’s a photo that shows you how big the area is. It is definitely not suitable for older kids. They would probably get bored after a while. But for my 2 year old, he had fun there the entire day!


This is the colouring corner. You can ask the staff for pieces of colouring paper for the kids. Some feed their kids there as well. That explains the high chair at the side.


Here is the dress-up corner.


Kids really love this corner with kitchen play and small toddler cars.


This is the music and gym corner.


This is a photo of the main structure. They have a ball pit in the middle of it.


This is the only slide in the playground. The structure as you can see is made of wood and not plastic and cushion like many indoor playgrounds. So do be careful if your kids are really little.


This is their diaper changing room and nursing corner.


This is their party room where they hold activities as well.


Here’s my lil bub enjoying his milk and taking a break from the playing.


So after a couple of hours at the playground, we left to grab a bite opposite at Parkway Parade. The Bub then slept in the comfort of his Tula with the daddy carrying him while we adults walked around and shopped a little.

When he awoke, we went back to the playground again. This time to their waterplay side. Yes, the playground pass allows you to go to both the dry and wet playground!

It’s a small room with some tubs and water but the Bub enjoyed himself loads. The lady comes in once a while to top up the water with hot water so the kids won’t get too cold. Take note that they have to be wearing swim diapers though. No fret if you didn’t bring yours. They sell it there. (It is of course not as cheap as buying from the supermarket!)


For more info, you can visit their website at

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