Newborn Photoshoot with Fion Boon Photography

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Fion Boon Photography is a husband and wife tag team who is certified and specialises in newborn and baby photography, doing shoots for babies up to 1 year old. Yes, that means the 1 year old cake smash as well!

What makes Fion Boon Photography stand out is that Fion has undergone an intensive course with Lorna Kirkby (a top newborn photographer in Melbourne) to learn all about handling newborns safely and doing newborn photography during her 3 years stay in Melbourne.

To read her full story, click HERE.


We were honoured to have Fion Boon Photography to come by our place to do a shoot for our newborn, Bradley, when he was a mere 12 days old. The shoot started at 10am but they reached earlier (prearranged) to do the set up at 9:30am. Immediately they set about discussing which part of my living room (pardon the mess) had the most suitable natural light for the shoot. When it was decided, they started putting up the backdrop and getting ready for the shoot.

Fion was very hygienic and responsible about cleanliness. She would be the main person handling the baby during the photoshoot. She washed her hands with soap and water and even sanitised her hand before asking me to pass the baby over to her when I’m ready. Yes, she brought her own hand sanitizer! With that, she also has baby wipes prepared and a baby shusher which was really useful to calm baby during the shoot. She was ALL PREPARED!

I was amazed at how professional she was when handling baby. She was so good with the baby that I asked her how many children she had. And I was surprised that she had none (yet!) The intensive course and mentorship she had in Australia allowed her to learn all about handling newborns. She was so experienced and knew exactly how to soothe my baby, carry my baby, and even knew how to put my baby to sleep! So throughout the shoot, she was the one handling my baby. And only had to pass him back to me when it was time to feed.

Fion’s hubby, photography enthusiast Elmer was really gentle and patient towards baby as well.  I found out later on that he too underwent the course by Lorna Kirkby on newborn photography. (No wonder he was also very professional, like an experienced daddy!) On top of that, he also went for a 1 day seminar by another Australian award winning newborn photographer, Natalie Howe. However, Fion would usually be the one handling babies at the shoots. I think they would make really good, loving and patient parents 🙂

Though Fion was the main baby handler, both husband and wife were involved as photographers. They were both very friendly people and made the whole photoshoot experience a very pleasant one. They were patient, chatty, and most importantly very experienced with babies. I was surprised that my baby felt calm as well and managed to sleep through most of the shoot! (My 2 elder ones hardly slept in their newborn shoots)

On top of all these, I really love the props that they had. They all had a very natural and rustic look to it. Most of the props were bought from farms in Australia.

Just by looking at the shoot itself, I knew the photos were going to be great! It didn’t take long for Fion to send me the photos to view. (Her lead time is 1-2 weeks so parents can have the photos in time for their full-month party.) Look at this: He smiled for only 1 second and they managed to capture it!


Fion Boon Photography offers a few price packages for you to choose from. Although specialising in newborn photography, they also offer photography packages for baby’s photoshoot up to 1 year old, and they do cake smash too! The shoots can be done at their home studio at Sengkang or at the comfort of your own home (only for newborn shoots) at an additional charge.


To get a quotation and to reserve a slot for your baby, please contact them via email at smile@fionboon.com, or pm them on their facebook page. Just quote “BeautifulChaos” to get a $50 discount off package prices. Alternatively, you can sign up as a group of 3 or more mummies, and each will get an individual discount of $60 per package selected.

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[Review+Giveaway] EZPZ Happy Mat

So when I first heard of the EZPZ Mat from my fellow mummy group friends, I was really skeptical. After all, with 2 kids now and a 3rd on the way, I have tried out various brands of suction bowls and toys, and NONE will stick to the surface if the kid tries to pull it off. And pull if off they will, with the force they have to apply to pull the suction off, the food goes projectile onto themselves and everywhere else. So no, no suction bowls for me anymore. Maybe when they are below 12 months old? But none after.

Thanks to Mumspick, who is the exclusive distributor of EZPZ in Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines and Malaysia, we received a EZPZ Happy Mat to try out. And I was certainly impressed!

The EZPZ Happy Mat is an all-in-one placemat + plate made from high quality silicone that captures your kids’ mess. It suctions directly to the table, making it difficult for tiny hands to tip over. At a height of 1 inch, the bowl is perfect for a variety of foods. The mat is made from FDA approved 100% silicone; BPA, PVC, lead and phthalate free and designed for infants and toddlers above 6 months old. The EZPZ series is easy to clean with warm soapy water (silicone doesn’t support the growth of fungus, mold or bacteria), dishwasher and microwave safe (WOW!), and built to last (silicone doesn’t corrode or deteriorate).

When my helper first served my 22 month old her dinner in the EZPZ Happy Mat, she was so excited she started eating her rice which is something she doesn’t usually do!

With the height of the plate being about 1inch, she is able to scoop up the rice easily. Unlike the usual plates with compartments, it is not easy to scoop up things.

After her rice she moved on happily to her egg and brocolli. (yes, she eats meat as well but we feed her fish/chicken/pork directly.)

If you noticed, the mat is actually larger than the ikea high chair table. You might want to try happy bowl or mini mat for it to fit better. Alternatively you can just remove the Ikea high chair tray and push the table nearer to the table, so the child eats from the table as well, together with the parents. Anyhow, it does not affect the movement of the placement. it is still JUST AS DIFFICULT to move it. She is unable to pluck the plate from the table. She is unable to shift it left/right (I can’t either). She needs help to move it away from her before she starts on her next course of dinner, soup.

So what makes it so difficult to move the mat? It doesn’t have suction cups at the bottom of the mat. It is just made of very good antislip material. As you can see in the picture below, it is slightly glossy. And this glossy silicon practically STICKS to any table surface.

To add on to that, the sides are tapered. Which means I have to use my fingertips to pry the mat off the surface. Habit makes me want to shift the plate sometimes, but it is impossible to do so and I have to pluck off the mat to move it somewhere else. If an adult has to do that, imagine how stable it is for the kids to use it! 🙂

Mumspick sells the EZPZ Mat series in many colours, eg. Coral, Lime, Blue, Grey, Pink, and their latest limited edition Berry. You can browse their collection here.

One thing to take note of though. There are many counterfeit, fake EZPZ products in the world. EZPZ works hard to maintain the highest and most rigorous standards for safety, non-toxic materials and quality. If you do not see the EZPZ brand name, there is a high chance the product is sourced from another manufacturer. This manufaturer may not be compliant with regulatory requirements. So do take note. Fight false products to keep our children safe!

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[Review+Giveaway] LOL Playland @ JCube Mall

Thank you to LOL Playland for the invite to their spanky new playground! Located at JCube Mall Level 3, they just had their grand opening a week ago and all the equipment and facilities are very new and clean. In the post you might notice that my boy is wearing a sweater. We had prepared jackets as we found out this place is located near the ice rink in JCube. However, the temperature in the playground was just right. If you intend to have a meal on Level 3 after play though, please bring a jacket. It is really cold outside!

On the left side is the play structure for toddlers, in the middle are 3 rooms where they can play dress up and role playing, and the main playground and climbing 3-storey structure is on the right side.

The main play structure is made of 3 storeys. There is ample space in it for adults too. I stand at about 1.72m tall and can walk upright in it. There is a main 2-storey 2-lane slide, a trampoline and a ball-shooting area amongst the usual climbing structure.

The toddler area is made of only 2 storeys and is smaller sized in general for the little ones. On the first floor is a Role-playing kitchen area. Second floor is where the ball pit and the slide are.

The role playing stations are made up of a hospital, police station and a fire station. There are costumes and props inside for the kids to play around with.

My boy (3.5yo) really loved the shooting alley, the ball pit, and simply climbing everywhere.

And my girl (1.5yo) enjoyed the kiddy rides and role playing at the kitchen.

For the parents, there is a little rest area for you. Or if you are going to climb everywhere with your kids, you might want to put your valuables into the lockers provided. If not, you can chill at their mini cafe which sells drinks and some small snacks. There are also beanbags provided around the playground for you to laze on and watch your kids. There is also a nursing and diaper room but it is undergoing construction still at the moment.

Or maybe the beanbags are for the kids after they are tired of running around?

Here are the price packages for the playground.

There is also a party room. You can contact them for the party packages that they offer.

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Bellamy’s Organic Products

Being a relatively new mother, we always like to get what we deem is the best and safest for our children, especially in terms of what they consume. Especially so for me. As I am a FTWM, I do not cook for the kids on weekdays and we eat out a lot. Whenever I cook for them, I make sure they get the “cleanest” foods (like organic foods) and ensure as much as possible that the foods are nutritious and also delicious!

Here are some products sent to me from Bellamy’s Organic Singapore. This is just a small selection of their entire range of products which include formula milk, cereal, pasta, pouch foods and snacks! For more information you can find on their website here.

So I started off cooking pasta for my 3 year old son. He is really into alphabets now as his school is teaching him that using the Letterland Series. Of course, I chose to use the alphabet pasta for him! He was really delighted to see the meal. It was colourful and he had fun spotting the alphabets. Best of all, it is healthy and nutritious!

Surprisingly, my 1 year old came along and demanded to have the same food as korkor! She has only ever eaten porridge before and never tried pasta. I thought, why not? She still does not use her gums to munch on her foods (except for puffs). But the pasta softened easily overcooking and was soft enough for her to mash and swallow. (She only has 4 teeth). Here’s her delighted face knowing that she is having the same food as her big brother.

Bellamy’s Organic have snacks as well. Healthy snacks of course. Freeze dried fruits. No added anything. Just fruits. These are quite melt in the mouth kind. Both the kids really love it! I ate some myself. Here also is a close up of the freeze dried pear. It has the skin on. Fibers are not compromised!

Thank you Bellamy’s Organic Singapore for sending us the products to try!

Want to win some Bellamy’s Organic products to try? Stand a chance to win $200 TANGS shopping voucher + $50 Bellamy’s Organic Hamper. All you have to do is share with them a photo of you and your child and let them know why the memory of that photo is held dear to you. To enter the contest, click here!



Tips on Improving your Experience at London

After sharing about my experience at London Weight Management, now I would like to share about how you can make the most out of your trips there and how you can enjoy the sessions more! 🙂

Just to recap, each session usually will require you to do these. When you reach the centre, you will be told to get changed into their paper undies and their robe and put on their slippers, put all your belongings into the locker, wet yourself with the shower, wrap yourself in a towel, go into a steam bath (hang your robe at the door), dry yourself, sea salt rub, hot blanket treatment, bathe, electronic treatment, take your belongings, change into your clothes and shoes.

  1. Ask for a cold towel to help you breathe better for the steam bath. The steambath need some getting used to especially if it is your first couple of times using it. From my third session onwards, this actually becomes my favourite section as I sit in there and relax from a busy day of work 🙂IMG_0140[1]
  2. Do not bring too many items. The lockers cannot contain large items. That being said, I’m sure that if you happen to have bigger items that do not fit into the lockers, the staff would be more than happy to arrange another location to keep your items. 🙂 (In the picture is a Ju Ju Be Fuel Cell and a Hobobe, placed on top of my clothes)IMG_0425[1]
  3. Grab your phone from your locker after the steambath. Music and other distraction will make the hot blanket treatment easier to bear with. Image result for iphone 6 with earphones
  4. Ask for their in-house cereal or coffee after you bathe, especially if you did not have time to catch a meal before you go for the session. Their cereal comes in a few flavours. Try one flavour each time! I heard the coffee is very yummy. But I haven’t tried it myself as I am breastfeeding.IMG_7482
  5. Press the help button whenever you need them to adjust the temperature or the currents or anything for you to make you more comfortable. Every room has 1! This function is unique to London and I think it is very helpful! I tried it once when I was really uncomfortable and they came in very fast to attend to me. IMG_7481

In short, always discuss with your consultant on how to make your experience better! 🙂

Some information on London Weight Management followed by a Giveaway at the end:

Established in 2000, London Weight Management is a slimming centre with more than 14 years of proven track record in providing result-driven slimming solutions for ladies battling weight issues. Well-known for conceptualizing and implementing an extensive range of breakthrough technologies, London Weight Management’s outstanding weight loss expertise remains highly sought-after despite pervasive competition in the industry. Serving solely ladies, experience 100% exclusivity and privacy at your every visit while we help you achieve your dream figure.

To ensure each and every customer achieves the results she wants, London Weight Management provides customised weight loss solutions and slimming treatments that effectively target the bumps and bulges on the problem areas, without having to go through the agony of starvation or rigorous exercise regimes that are hard to maintain.

London’s unique weight loss formulations combine 100% natural botanical extracts which are carefully applied using the latest fat-burning technologies.

  • No pills
  • No injections
  • No surgery
  • No crash diet
  • No exercise
  • No side-effects

For more information on London Weight Management and their treatments, you can visit their website at http://londonweight.com.sg/

If you would like a FREE trial  (Worth $398), you can click here to register. This complimentary package includes 1 full body slimming treatment and 4 slimming products to take home! You can share this invite with your family and friends too! 🙂
(PS: To my friends, you do not have to worry as I wouldn’t know who registered. The link goes directly to London Weight Management)


My London Weight Management Experience [+Giveaway!]

I am not overweight. And it is quite amazing that after 2 kids, and the second one being only 9 months old, I am already back to my pre-pregnancy weight of 54kg and this happened a few months back, thanks to breastfeeding and exercising and post-natal massage. My problem area though is my tummy flabs or fats, that seem to never go away no matter how many crunches and leg raises I do.

When I received an invite to London Weight Management, I was thinking, is what they say true? Will they be able to help me lose inches from my flabby and loose post-pregnancy tummy? Well, why not give it a shot? And so I made an appointment and started my experience there. (Want to receive an invite too? Scroll down to the bottom to see how!)

When I first entered the branch at Ngee Ann City, I was warmly welcomed by their receptionist. She knew I was new there and immediately went about making me feel comfortable and brought me into the consultation room to register. My height and weight were taken too.


Later on I was paired with a London Weight Management consultant. My consultant was Jolene. Jolene was very warm too and made sure I felt comfortable all the time. After being asked about my family history, medical history and some eating habits, Jolene told me to remove all my clothes, leaving only my undergarments so she could take some body measurements and photos. It was my first time at a weight management centre and I had no idea what to expect and I was very tense especially at that moment. Jolene though, was very reassuring and assured me that no one else would see the photos and my body as well throughout the entire process. She would be the one whom I will meet at every session and she will be the one walking me through every single process. She is not a sales person who just speaks to me but she will also be the one to put me through all the procedures. She was right about this.


Consultation Room at London Weight Management

After the body measurements were taken, I was explained on the procedures that I would be going through, mainly for my problem area, which obviously is my tummy area. She mentioned that after I have finished all my sessions with them, I would have lost water retention and excess fats in my tummy area, and even have it toned. She even mentioned that my stretch marks will fade. Really? This was an unexpected bonus! Being a science person, I was impressed by how scientific all the procedures are. In summary and from what I can remember, we will start off with an Aroma Steambath to open up the pores, Lavender Sea Salt rub-in followed by a Infrared warm blanket treatment which works by the process of Osmosis (I remember this from my Secondary School Science!) and removes toxins and water retention from the body. After that fat-burning ampoules will be applied and these have small molecules for faster absorption. Lastly will be the Electric Waves process. For more info on their treatments, you can click here.

After being explained all these, it was time to begin! I was brought to a room to change into paper undies and their robe, and brought to their lockers to put my clothes and belongings. I changed into their slippers too. I was worried the slippers would be old and gross with so many people wearing them but no, they looked and felt almost new!


The lockers are not very big so try not to bring big stuffs. There are many lockers though, so if you do have more items, you probably can just take up 2 lockers. I was there at a non-peak timing and there are already 10-12 lockers being used up. I’m sure they are able to work something out for you if you need to store larger items. So here is a gauge of how large the locker is. A Takashimaya small paper bag (I love their Christmas designs!), and my Jujube Be Quick. 🙂IMG_0139[1]

I was quite nervous for a first timer. And I was worried that I would not be able to take the heat in the steam bath and the blanket. For the steam bath, I was given a cold towel to help me breathe better. And surprisingly I adapted and it get easier to breathe inside. Jolene came by halfway to check on how I was doing though. I really appreciated that.IMG_0140[1]

Similarly for the blanket, after dimming the lights and letting me rest, she would pop in once in a while to check if I was coping well. I felt quite uncomfortable so she took my arms out of the blanket and that felt so much better! The electric waves one needed some getting used to. She started me on a lower current as I was totally not used to that. It even felt a bit stinging initially but that feeling didn’t last more than 30 seconds and I got used to it very fast. She came in halfway to ask if she could increase the current and I agreed. The consultants are very accommodating to you and they want to make your experience there a good one. 🙂 It helps as well that in EVERY single room, there is this help button in case you needed to adjust anything.IMG_7481

I was hungry halfway through the process and I was lucky Jolene asked me if I wanted to have a cereal drink. I was pleasantly surprised and more than happy to accept it. I chose the chocolate flavour and it really tasted like hot chocolate! The cereal is one of their products that they have researched on to help people manage their weight. Their most famous product though is their coffee but Jolene was very thoughtful and said that as I am still breastfeeding, better not to take their coffee, even though there is no caffeine content in it.


After the IR Blanket treatment, you would be able to have a shower at their shower facilities. Shower gel, shampoo, Conditioner is provided. Towels as well of course. You can also blow dry your hair. It is really like a clubhouse. Yes, there is hot water! 🙂


After all the treatments are done for the day, Jolene took my weight again.

Since it was my first session there, my consultant Jolene gave me a quick debrief on an ideal meal plan. This meal plan is nothing new and is what HPB recommends. Their campaign for this is called “My Healthy Plate“. It is not about eating less. But about eating more healthily. Jolene also gave me a couple of small booklets to record my meals in so she could better advice me on my intake of food in the next few sessions.


To end of the day, I was given another glass of water to drink. This is probably about the 3rd of 4th glass of water they offered to me. Do not be afraid to ask for more water if you are thirsty! 🙂 Here’s me enjoying my water and busking in the well-decorated Christmas themed Reception area as I ended my first session at London Weight Management.


If you would like a FREE trial  (Worth $398), you can click here to register. This complimentary package includes 1 full body slimming treatment and 4 slimming products to take home! You can share this invite with your family and friends too! 🙂
(PS: To my friends, you do not have to worry as I wouldn’t know who registered. The link goes directly to London Weight Management)


[Sponsored Review + Giveaway] Sticker Kid

I first knew about StickerKid when they popped up on my facebook wall. I then went in to see their Facebook page and fell in love with all the stickers there. For mummies who have kids in Child Care Centres and Infant Care Centres, you will understand why it is always important to have all their items labelled. Even the most careful centres and teachers make mistakes sometimes and their items get mixed up.

I am fortunate that Stickerkid gave me a set of stickers to try them out! 🙂 (You can be so lucky too as there will be a giveaway at the end of this post!) I got a set of their name labels, shoe stickers and iron-on labels.

The ordering process from their website was a very simple and straight-forward process. What I thought was the best was that I could preview everything before I went ahead to place the order. I could play around with the colour or labels, colour of wordings and the font of wordings until I was satisfied with what I have on the screen.


They even allow Chinese Characters! This is the iron-on label on the left. For the shoe label, you can also choose a picture from their library to be included. I really love this personalisation process.

IMG_7172  IMG_7174

So I went ahead and submitted the order. The company is based in Switzerland and the stickers are printed there. Thus I had expected that it would take a long time for me to receive them. However I was pleasantly surprised when I received me stickers in the mail in just 1 week! As you can see in the photo below, the colour of the stickers are very vibrant and is really what you see when you place orders.


Now to test the stickers out. I use the name labels the most as it is a MUST to label all the milk bottles and water bottles for use at Infant Care Centres (IFCs). I showed 2 pictures here because I wanted to test the stickers on how they can withstand having to undergo bottle sterilization. I use Avent Sterilizer on my bottles and I sterlize all the bottles everyday. The photo on the left is when the stickers are brand new and just pasted, not having gone through any wash or sterilization. On the right, the milk bottle has already gone through a few rounds of cleaning and steam sterilizing and the stickers look as perfect as before! I proceeded also to label my baby’s water bottle shown on the right.

IMG_7507  IMG_0149[1]

As for the shoe label, usually they are used to be pasted on the heels of the insoles of the shoes. Some like to just label one side of the shoes they have, to teach their kids on differentiating the left and the right shoe. However I would choose to label both sides as I have lost 1 side of a pair of shoes before.

For my shoe labels, I decided to use them in another manner. My baby doesn’t wear shoes yet. So I decided to paste them on bags. The labels are thin, and they stick well. Thus, it allows for the flexibility of the sticker without it coming off and rubbing off. Perfect to paste on diaper bags and childcare bags! So here is mine, pasted on my Ju-Ju-Be Unikiki bag. You can see how well it sticks and how it still stays on with the folding of the bag. I tried to peel it off too. It comes off cleanly without leaving any adhesive stains and it is still sticky when I tried to paste it on another bag!


Next, to try on the iron-on labels. They have 2 kinds, the permanent and the removable. Mine was the removable kind. This is good if you intend to resell your child’s uniforms or want to re-label them for your next child. It was too good to believe though, so I just had to try them out! (Yes, skeptical me!) I ironed one label onto one of my baby’s bibs as she did not have any school uniform yet. It stuck on easily and it kind of looks like it is printed onto the bib. (Are you sure it is removable??)


I washed it too and put it to the test of drying in my dryer. I have had iron-on stickers that I bought from qoo10 before. Pretty, but they all came off in the dryer.



This is after wash and before putting into the dryer.


This is after taking out of the dryer

So having been able to withstand the wash/dry test, I then tried to see if it was really removable. It seems like it wasn’t as it was pretty well stuck on. I tried to peel it off with my nails and voila! Surpringly it came off easily like a plaster! Some fluff came off along with it, but there was absolutely no harm done to the bib. Yay! 🙂


Now after my stringent tests, I’m really happy with my stickers and am going to start pasting them everywhere! 🙂

If you want to buy some for yourself, here’s a discount code for you! You can place your order at www.stickerkid.sg  using the code “10discountSGSTICKERKID”.

You can also try to win yourself a set of 20 pieces of Heart-shaped stickers that cost $13.50. Here’s a link to participate in the giveaway. All the best! 🙂

Stickerkid Stickers Giveaway!! 🙂 One set of 20-pc Heart Stickers (worth $13.50) to be given away! For details of the…

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