Nursing rooms – Big Box

Location: Every floor next to toilets near the MRT side.

Amenities: changing station, sink, chair

Remarks: note that the doors cannot be locked as the room is not meant for nursing, just meant for changing of diapers. If there is a need to nurse, plant the hubby outside the door to monitor it for you. The door can only be opened at the press of a button. So hubby just has to make sure no one presses it. Don’t understand why they can’t just put in a nicer chair and allow the door to be locked from the inside. Voila we will have a nursing room!

I would just walk over to JEM via the link bridge on level 2 for an excellent nursing room. 🙂





Nursing Rooms – 313 Somerset

Located at B3, L1, L5.

2 Breastfeeding rooms
2 changing stations
Hot/cold water dispenser
One had a microwave oven! (L5)

Generally quite clean but well used. Channing station at L5 is just a changing mat and not a normal built in changing station like the other levels. One of the Breastfeeding rooms on L5 is larger than the rest. Plus point is they have an attached toilet!! 🙂







Nursing Rooms – Compasspoint

Located at level 4, next to Kopitiam. Follow the signs that say “Nursing room”.

2 changing stations
2 nursing rooms
Hot/cold water dispenser

Remarks. Big but very old. Clean but smells a bit musky. Very used. On a weekday afternoon, both nursing rooms were occupied and there were 3 strollers parked in the main area.





Nursing Rooms – Seletar Mall

Location: Level 4

1 breastfeeding room
1 changing station
hot water dispenser

Review (by Sylvy Soh):
Clean and spacious. Careful of hot water splashing onto the changing mats if baby is lying there. The motion-triggered lights automatically went off after 10-15mins. I go a shock when the room turned pitch black. Having a light app in your smartphone will be very useful.




Photos generously contributed by Sylvy Soh.