[Review+Giveaway] LOL Playland @ JCube Mall

Thank you to LOL Playland for the invite to their spanky new playground! Located at JCube Mall Level 3, they just had their grand opening a week ago and all the equipment and facilities are very new and clean. In the post you might notice that my boy is wearing a sweater. We had prepared jackets as we found out this place is located near the ice rink in JCube. However, the temperature in the playground was just right. If you intend to have a meal on Level 3 after play though, please bring a jacket. It is really cold outside!

On the left side is the play structure for toddlers, in the middle are 3 rooms where they can play dress up and role playing, and the main playground and climbing 3-storey structure is on the right side.

The main play structure is made of 3 storeys. There is ample space in it for adults too. I stand at about 1.72m tall and can walk upright in it. There is a main 2-storey 2-lane slide, a trampoline and a ball-shooting area amongst the usual climbing structure.

The toddler area is made of only 2 storeys and is smaller sized in general for the little ones. On the first floor is a Role-playing kitchen area. Second floor is where the ball pit and the slide are.

The role playing stations are made up of a hospital, police station and a fire station. There are costumes and props inside for the kids to play around with.

My boy (3.5yo) really loved the shooting alley, the ball pit, and simply climbing everywhere.

And my girl (1.5yo) enjoyed the kiddy rides and role playing at the kitchen.

For the parents, there is a little rest area for you. Or if you are going to climb everywhere with your kids, you might want to put your valuables into the lockers provided. If not, you can chill at their mini cafe which sells drinks and some small snacks. There are also beanbags provided around the playground for you to laze on and watch your kids. There is also a nursing and diaper room but it is undergoing construction still at the moment.

Or maybe the beanbags are for the kids after they are tired of running around?

Here are the price packages for the playground.

There is also a party room. You can contact them for the party packages that they offer.

Time also for a giveaway!

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Helper’s Urgent Home Leave Procedures

So, our helper (transferred) has been with us for 4 days (with one day off already, so technically worked for 3 days) and she suddenly told us her mother has passed away and wanted to go back for a week. If you were in our shoes what would you do?

No qualms about it, Hubby and I wanted to send her back. After all, her mother had passed away! Yes, many around us were asking whether this was true or not. But we had to give her the benefit of doubt. It helped that we knew that her mother was ill before we employed her as her previous employer had told us about it before.

The question now, was, how?

It was a Tuesday morning when she told us about it. The funeral was that very Saturday.

We called up a few agencies. Some did not want to do the procedure for us at all. Some did but said that procedure can only be completed in 6 days. SIX DAYS??!!? And one, who quoted us $285 for the procedure said we can send her back first, they will process documents for us (6 working days), and we will have to courier to her (another $50 and another 5 days or so) the documents so she can come back. This was actually our best bet at that point in time. 3pm on Tuesday.

We posted queries for help on Facebook groups and on our Facebook timelines. Most comments were not useful and most just said we should not be sending her back or she will not come back already. Some even told us to get a replacement immediately and she was not worth the trouble. However some kind angels were really helpful. Many gave us drips and draps of information, and told us it was possible for THE EMBASSY to expedite the procedure.

We called the embassy and got most of our answers. So basically, we needed to make something called the OEC, which costs only $3 at the Embassy. The problem was that documents were needed and you also need to make an appointment to have it made at the embassy.

Making appointment at the Embassy to make the OEC
You will have to create an account with your helper’s name and information HERE. You will need her details like name, address, mother’s name, child’s name etc. So it would be good if you have her passport and herself planted next to you to do this directly at your computer.Only after you have filled in all the details will the button pop up to allow you to make the appointment. We made the appointment for the very next day, Wednesday 9am.

What to bring for the OEC appointment

  1. Helper’s Passport
  2. Employer’s IC
  3. Work Permit (The card. Not the temporary letter. The problem with ours was that her work permit was still not ready. We had to long in with our Singpass on MOM website, WPOL to check when it would be ready. And it stated Wednesday 1-6pm.)
  4. Standard Employment Contract and Undertaking of Employer (Download and fill in the forms from HERE)
  5. Foreign Maid Insurance (Cheapest was from NTUC at about $70. You can just call them to make. It is instant.)
  6. Your Helper

What is done at the Embassy
At the embassy, they will help you to apply for 2 things before applying for the OEC. OWWA membership and authenticating the Contract. You will also have to show them all the documents mentioned earlier. And say that you need the OEC immediately. We even got a copy of our helper’s mother’s death certificate thinking they might need proof to expedite the procedures but they simply did so without asking for it. Our work permit was only ready that very afternoon so we were unable to collect the OEC on the spot though normally you could collect it within an hour or so. Thus we had to wait until the work permit was ready, collected it, and went back to the Embassy to collect the OEC. Your helper need not go back with you for the collection.

Total Cost of all Procedures = $269.19 

  1. Foreign Maid Insurance ($71.69)
  2. Authentication of Contract ($59.50)
  3. OWWA Membership ($35)
  4. OEC Processing Fee ($3)
  5. POEA BM Processing Fee ($100)


Once the OEC was collected, we proceeded with the booking of air tickets.

Most of the helpers from Philippines do not stay at very big cities. Thus not many airlines fly to their hometowns. For ours, only Cebu Airlines fly to her hometown. We managed to get her a flight that very night at 3am. Air tickets cost about $460 for a 2-way flight. She had to change flights at either Cebu Airport or Manila Airport. 

Yes, we were uncertain when we sent her off. She did tell us she will come back and that we shouldn’t worry. But how not to? But one thing we were certain of. We wanted her, a daughter, to attend her mother’s funeral.

Yes, one week later, she came back.🙂


Playground @ IMM

Many do not know but there is a large playground (with waterplay features!) on level 3 of IMM. It is outdoors and you can exit near Long Beach restaurant or Hai-Di-Lao.

The best thing is though outdoors, the playground is sheltered so the kids can play even when there is a light drizzle.

There are sections of the main play area that are suitable for both the younger kids and the older kids. The purple slide (in the first pic) is actually very high. So parents do need to be around to ensure safety of the younger ones.

Right beside this play area there is also a waterplay area. This area though is not sheltered so it can be pretty hot in the daytime.

The waterplay area’s water is turned on at certain timings of the day. So do not expect to go early before it gets hot. The water sprays only turn on at 10am. Not sure why they made it that way. The first time we were there at 9am only to be disappointed that the water has not started yet. Here are the opening hours:

Monday to Friday: 10.30am to 9.30pm (Closed every Thursday from 7.00pm onwards for events and on the first Wednesday of every month, except PH for maintenance)

Saturday and Sunday: 10.00am to 9.30pm

There is also a shower area at the playground. So it is very convenient if the kids were to play at the waterplay area.


[Review+Giveaway] My Little Giant @ Big Box 

My Little Giant is a very new playground which just had its soft launch last week. Thanks to the management, we were invited for a play date there today! It is already open to the public, but the official opening will be on 01 October 2016. *Scroll all the way down for a giveaway!*

Tickets to the playground can be purchased towards on the right side of the main entrance. They are having a soft launch promotion now where kids enter at $12 on weekdays (Mon-Thu) and $16 on weekends (Fri-Sun, PH). Children below 3 are at 50% off for a temporary period of time too!

Original prices are $20 and $25 respectively for weekdays and weekends.

Before you enter, you can change into your socks at the right side of the entrance. There are many shoe compartments here for you to deposit your shoes. If you have forgotten to bring your socks, they can also be purchased at the counter. Bags can be left there as well but do not leave your valuables there. 

At the entrance, the staff will tag you with their wrist tags and Ensure you sanitize your hands before entry. 

Once you step in you will be able to see their major white slide that ends in a humongous put of white and blue balls. The slide is really fast and it is really meant for the strong hearted!Hubby and Lil Nugget loved it. But Korkor and me were not great fans of it. Too much for me I’d say. I screamed from the top all the way until I landed into the ball pit. It was fun though. Just scary. 

Here’s a view of the slide from the top.

The place is a maze. Lil Bub ran in and I couldn’t find him anywhere. That’s what made it so fun for the kids. 

The play area has 3 storeys to it. Each floor is linked to the next via easy to climb steps and smaller slides. They are so easy to climb that my 19 month old needs no assistance!

There are other areas to play as well within the 3 level obstacle course. Eg. A Trampoline, shooting area, swings, and a train at the 3rd floor!

Lil Bub was loving the crawling and climbing through the playground. It helped that the areas were huge and adults could easily maneuver themselves through it too!

More pictures of the playground. All pictures showing a different section of it! Top pic is another slide at the 2nd floor, bottom left is an enclosed slide from 3rd to second floor, and there are also some coupe cars for the little ones to drive around on the first floor. 

Highlight for many kids other than the main white slide would be the HUGE ball pit. This photo shows only half of it or a section where there is not many people. Some kids are playing at the other end of the ball pit. Yes, that’s how big it is!

More pictures of the ball pit just because I love the colours of the balls! 

There is another section of My Little Giant where it is like an arcade for kids. These are charged differently and you will need to purchase a card with credit inside to use it at the rides and arcade machines. There are kiddy rides, game machines, train ride and a Carousel!

Lil Bub loved the excavator the most. What’s surprising right? It was not easy to scoop the balls up into the boxes though and he needed Daddy’s help for that. 

The kids had a lot of fun at the spanking new playground at Big Box. And Daddy and Mummt are glad that they have expended their energy and is now soundly napping at home.🙂

Thanks to My Little Giant, there will be 5 entry passes up for a giveaway! You can go to our Facebook page for details on how to enter. Closing date for entry is 09 Oct 2016. Winners will be announced the next day and passes will be valid until 31 December. All the best! 

Link to enter giveaway: http://www.rafflecopter.com/rafl/display/471d31df8/


Invitation to En Sakaba

Thank you En Sakaba at Orchard Central for hosting us last week.

En Sakaba opened on 15 June 2016 at Orchard Central (#01-16) and 28 July 2016 at JEM (#01-04). Sakaba means “bar” in Japanese. The new concept emulate En’s motto to be the gathering place where people meet and bond through gourmet food in perfect harmony. Its aim is to create a cosmopolitan space where patrons can enjoy great food and tipple in a convivial, relaxed atmosphere.

En Sakaba blur the lines between tachinomiya (standing bar) and izakaya (bar with seats), which is now popular among trendy bar hoppers in Japan’s major cities. Set in a chic but casual bistro bar setting, En Sakaba will focus on offering a variety of Japanese influenced tapas that are best paired with sake and beer.

Nestled in between Cold Stone and Levi’s, it is a small cosy place in Orchard Central’s Level 1. It is fully packed at dinner time though so remember to call to make your reservations.

They have a grill Chef who does all the grilling at the shop such that you can see your orders being cooked. This was the highlight for my kids as we say right in front of the grilling corner!

We got to try a few recommended dishes and they were all mouth watering delicious and cooked with effort for each individual dish!

Beef Truffle Carpaccio (Thinly sliced sirloin beef drizzled with truffle citrus soy sauce) was a yummy start. The beef was medium rare and the truffle taste was strong. A small salad came with it and my hubby loved the sauce so much he used it as a salad dressing.

Kurobuta Niku No Hoho (Grilled black pork cheek with wafu sauce) was my kids’ Favourite. We tasted a bit but they finished most of it. The meat was so tender that my 18month old who didn’t have any molars yet could easily chew it.

Zuwai Kani Miso Kourayaki (Crabmeat with roe and gut grilled in the shell) is not suitable for me as it has a raw quail’s egg in it and is grilled with Sakae. This fact delighted the hubby a lot and he savoured the entire thing by himself and I can only drool watching him.

Lucky for me I heard the next dish has relatively similar taste to it. Jumbo Hotate Yaki with Mentaiko Cheese (grilled jumbo scallop with spicy cod roe cheese topping) is really not spicy at all. Not even pepper spicy. The scallop is very soft and they pre cut it so it is bite sized and easily removed to be eaten. Like the previous dish, you will end up drinking all the remaining gravy from the shell itself.

Kurobuta Niku No Hoho Don (grilled braised black pork cheek on rice) is a very suitable dish for kids if you are bringing them. It had a half cooked egg at the top though. So if it’s for the kids, you can let them know to fully cook it or not include it at all.

Foie Gras Yakiniku Onsen Tamago Don (premium beef tataki and foie gras with Onsen egg on rice). The foie gras was very tasty as usual. And went well with the entire combination of beef and rice, Jap style.

Finally we had En Kaisen Chirashi (15 kinds of Chef selection sashimi on En’s pink sushi rice: Zuwai Kani, Uni, caviar, negitoro, ikura, aka ebi, Hotate, unagi, anago, hamachi, Maguro, aburi salmon, salmon, tobiko, Tamago Yaki). This dish is really for sashimi lovers where you get the all in one! As I can’t eat this as well, my hubs (who does not usually eat sashimi) finished the entire thing!

We enjoyed our meal at En Sakaba. And hope you will too! They also have an outlet at JEM which has more seating space.

Thank you once again for the invite!🙂


Maternity Wear Review – Jump Eat Cry

Thank you to Jump Eat Cry for sending me a couple of lovely maternity wear from their Mothercot series! [Scroll all the way down for a discount code!]

Jump Eat Cry is a Singapore-based online e-commerce store that aims to provide stylish yet affordable maternity and nursing clothes to pregnant and new mothers. Their in-house label, Mothercot is designed by them. Designs are delicately hand drawn, and materials carefully picked to provide the best comfort for mothers. They also aim to bring comfort and infinite wearing to all mothers (can be worn before, during and after pregnancy).

The first piece is a top, Purple Duo Tone Nursing Top Size M. 

This piece allows me more room for my baby bump to grow. The bigger the bump is, the more whites of the top will be seen. The flaps can also open up to have easy access for nursing after birth! The material of the item is of good quality and not flimsy. 

The second is Empire Lines Nursing Dress Size S. 

The dress is very light and flowy and is very comfortable on my ever-itching growing tummy! It is also very cooling to wear this dress. I love this feature about it because of the terribly hot weather in Singapore! This dress is also a nursing dress. The best part is that it doesn’t look like a nursing dress at all! Under the ribbon is actually a zip which allows easy access for nursing.🙂

The ribbon is tied simply at the back and this measles you look less round and plump than you should! Here’s also a photo of me matching my Jujube with the dress. The very light silvery grey of the dress makes it easy to match! 

Just a note, I’m 1.72m tall, 58kg, and 5 months pregnant at the time of the photo. 

Jump Eat Cry extends a 15% discount on all their products including sale items to all readers! Code:beautifulchaos15 (expires 30 September 2016)

For more info and to shop, visit their website: https://www.jumpeatcry.com/

Happy shopping! :) 


Confinement Tingkat Trial Review – Natal Kitchen

Natal Kitchen, though new in the market, have many good reviews that I have heard from other mummies which is why I chose to try them out! They offer trial sets too and sometimes you can get a discount on it at baby fairs!🙂 (Note: Scroll down for a promo code!)

The Natal Kitchen uses zero MSG in all their cooking. Which is a plus point for me! And ensure a healthy balanced meal for all mummies.They have over 24 types of nourishing soup they also change their dishes every week! On top of that, they provide delicious confinement dessert every Friday.

Food delivery, the lady told me, for my house area would be at about 11:30am-12nn. And it did come at about 11:45am! The food was in a warmer bag and still relatively warm so I did not bother heating it up.

The contents were all in plastic containers with plastic covers on them.

You are able to put all that in the microwave oven to warm your food up if there’s a need to. Just remember to peel of the plastic film.

The packaging was very good such that all the contents will not spill and they will also not mix with each other.

The menu for the day was :

木瓜魚湯,papaya fish soup

泰式炸雞,Thai style fried chicken

姜汁帝王苗,emperor vegetables in ginger sauce

And Sesame oil fried rice (their Wednesday specialty)

I also added on one more dish to try out.

另外豬腳醋 pig trotter vinegar

Overall the serving was very big. I couldn’t finish my meal and kept half of it for my lunch the next day. However it might be just alright for me during confinement when I’m breastfeeding maybe? However I would say it would not be enough for 2 persons to share in case you were thinking of sharing with your hubby. Assuming your hubby is a normal big eater kind of guy.

The food does not contain MSG and has less salt and oil. So do not expect everything to be Super flavourful like those you eat at the Food courts. The papaya fish soup was tasty but not oily and salty. Nicer when it is heated up to be warmer though.

Their chicken and vegetables were tasty but not that special so I won’t dwell too much on them. The emperor vegetables were usually less common though. So it’s a good variety from normal veg!

Here’s a closer pic of their pigs trotter vinegar. Don’t expect a very traditional thick kind of dish. It was still very tasty though. And there was a good mixture of lean and fat meat inside with large slices of ginger for those who like to eat.

This is their Wednesday special sesame rice. The rice itself is flavourful with sesame oil and ginger in it. Upon eating then I realised there were shreds of ginger within the rice! I picked some of them out as I wasn’t a big fan or ginger though it is very good for confinement (unless your baby has jaundice). I shall keep all the ginger eating for my confinement.

Their meals come with 2 servings of longan red date tea. The tea was very yummy and there were dates and longan in the drink itself. I didn’t need to drink so much in a day so I left the other portion in the fridge. Really yummy to have it chilled too! But shouldn’t do that during confinement!

Promo Code time!

Quote: TNK2016 (expires 31 Dec 2016) for the following discounts and free gifts!

1. Receive 8% discount for 21/28 days meal plan, and

2. Bonus for parents-to-be , if you order dual (lunch and dinner) , you can enjoy free la gourmet 1.8l food jar.

For 2017 mummies, you can use this code instead for the following discounts:


21 / 28days single meal: $50 discount + 1 x 1.8L La Gourmet food jar free

21 / 28days double meal: $80 discount + 1x 2L La Gourmet thermal cooker free