Outdoor Waterplay – Jacob Ballas Garden (Singapore Botanic Gardens)

At one corner of the Singapore Botanic Gardens lie the Children’s garden, also known as Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden. It is quite far from the main area. By car, we have to enter via the Bukit Timah Road side, somewhere near to MOE’s PESEB or what some call CCAB.

There are many children’s play features and learning areas as shown in the map below. For toddlers, the most suitable and favourite for all toddlers is the water play area. The water play area is really near to the entrance as shown in the map.

Map of Jacob Ballas Children's Garden

Map of Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden

Whenever Riley goes there, he will go to the smaller fountains as a warm-up. If you notice, the floor is quite rough, and the first time we brought him there, we were afraid he would slip and fall and it would hurt really bad. However, I have not seen any kids slip there before, probably due to the roughness of the floor. Kids are known to run around, playing with the water features. Not recommended for those who are just learning how to walk though.

Waterplay area

Waterplay area


This picture is the largest fountain in the toddler’s area. Due to the small size of the waterplay area, it is more suitable for toddler but definitely not for older kids as they would get bored very easily.

Largest fountain in the water play area

Largest fountain in the water play area

There are no shower facilities so do bring your own towels for a wipe down after play. Other recommended items to bring are sun-block, small bath/water toys, mosquito patch as well if you intend to walk around the garden too.


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