The Polliwogs – Robertson Walk

It’s been some time since we brought our little boy to an indoor playground. We used to frequent Fidgets at the Grandstand and went to Amazonia at Great World City a couple of times. As our boy is now 21 months old, we wanted to find somewhere where there are slides and balls for him to play, and also somewhere where parking is not to expensive as we project to spend about 3 hours there. Thus we decided on going to Polliwogs at Robertson Walk.

Indoor playgrounds are usually packed to the brim during weekends and school holidays. But we were pleasantly surprised when we entered Polliwogs at Robertson Walk as there were less than 5 children there at 10:15am. (They open at 10am). We thought it may be because we were early but until we left at 12plus, there were still less than 10 children there. We were realyl happy that there were so few children there!

So first up, we went to the main play area. Hubby was afraid that when it got more crowded, the older kids would be rowdy (as they usually are) and it would not be safe for our 1+ toddler to play. The obvious thing to try first was the slide and the ball pit which both the daddy and the baby liked a lot!



Other play items in the main play area are the water trampoline, rock-climbing wall, an area where you can use guns to shoot sponge balls and some wall activity area next to part of the cafe which is the nearest part of the cafe where the parents can sit while watching their kids in the playground.

IMG_5355[1] IMG_5354[1] IMG_5351[1] IMG_5347[1]

Another major attraction in the main play area was the flying fox which the daddy loved. Riley was too young to play on it though the daddy tried to carry him and hold on to the handrails at the same time.



At the toddler’s area, there was their own smaller ball pit and small scaled slides. There was a waterslide too as you can see in the foreground of the picture.



There was also a revolving tower and some wall-activities which toddlers love. Behind the toddler’s wall activity area is one of the few party rooms they have.

IMG_5344[1] IMG_5345[1]


Here is the pricing for the parties. All packages include free 2 hours of play for all invited kids which will start after the party ends.




The cafe in the centre of the indoor playground, separating the main play area from the party rooms and the toddlers area was very large. However, even with the low number of customers that day, they took almost 20 minutes from the time we ordered to serve us our food. I wonder how long they would take to serve if the place was full. We ordered sandwich sets which I thought was simple to make. Wonder how long it would take if we had ordered something like pizza or spaghetti.

IMG_5346[1] IMG_5357[1]


The good thing about the playground is that there is a nursing and changing room there, and next to it, there are low sinks for the little ones to wash their hands. For the toilets, you have to exit the playground via their backdoor.


Overall we enjoyed our stay there for a couple of hours. We really like it that it was very empty even though it was the school holidays. Parking was affordable too as it was open-air coupon parking which was 50cents every half an hour. Only thing we didn’t like was the long wait for the food. We should have eaten at Pies and Coffee which was just downstairs. But of course, it was more convenient to eat at the playground itself.

Would we go there again, yes! Only when hubby drives though as it is not very convenient by public transport 🙂



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