How to buy from

There are many people who are spreeing and earning from helping people buy from iHerb. But in fact, iHerb is the simplest overseas website to buy from! Why? Because for a flat fee of $4usd (Max weight of 6.35kg, maximum value of $200usd), it ships your items, nicely packed in a box, directly to your doorstep! They use Singpost and you are able to track your items! No need to pass links to people to buy for you, no need to check if they received/processed your items, no need to go collect from them or worse even, pay another sum of money for them to courier or mail the items to you. Best of all, from the day you order, it only takes about 1 week for the items to arrive! What are you waiting for now?

So how do you go about doing it? Here’s a step-to-step guide to help you. If you intend to do any online shopping from overseas websites, I recommend to try iHerb first. It really is the simplest. :)

1. Sign up an account with iHerb. You can click on the link to go directly to the iHerb website.

2. Start shopping! Add things into your cart. Some common things I like to order are organic snacks and Aveeno baby wash for my toddler, and Kettle chips for the hubs.

3. When you check out, key in your address where you want them to deliver the items to. Hint: Using DBS cards so far give me the best exchange rates. :)

4. If you are a first time buyer on iHerb, you can use this code PFN502 to get $10 off with minimum purchase of $40.

Simple enough? Go try it! :) You can leave a comment if you need any more guidance. :)

Happy Shopping! :) :) :)

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