Fun N Laughter

We were invited to a birthday party at Fun N Laughter, a new indoor playground at City Square Mall. It was a new place so all their things were really new and clean.

This is their main structure with a ball pit. Snakes and Ladders is right in the middle of the playground.


This is their main slide at the main climb structure area.


This is a second ball pit. I think this area is suitable for toddlers.



They have a smaller room with this electronic game and the kids just step on it and it is interactive. There are smaller toys for toddlers in the room as well.


There is ONE of this car in the entire playground. This car moves when the kid steps on the accelerator. It can be quite dangerous as young kids do not know how to control the car very well. Dangerous to those around.


Here is their nursing and diaper changing room.


This is their party room. Spacious for the kids. We had about 40 kids that  day I think. All about 2 years old


For more info, please visit their website at

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