Birth Story – by Monsterbaby Fgm

Here’s a birth story by a second time mum. False alarms to having a dramatic labour. Glad she and her baby are both ok and doing well.  :)

I’ve been having irregular contractions for 5 days straight before D-Day (build up and patterns and all for hours on end) and will abruptly die down.

Monday, 2nd Feb 2015: I was at my parent’s place for dinner and had terrible contractions. Earlier in the afternoon, during the gynae appointment, I was confirmed to be 1.5cm dilated. Went home to take my hospital bag and headed down to KKH to be assessed. Time check: 11.45pm. Got sent home and asked to return at 6am as I didn’t want to stay at their ward.

Tuesday, 3rd Feb: went in at 6am as instructed. Having painful regular contractions but was only 2cm dilated. Water bag suddenly popped when in triage. Pushed to delivery suite. Contracted all day and night with abrupt pauses in between. By end of this day….cervix was still 2cm dilated.

Wednesday, 4th Feb: Placed on drip to drive contraction into overdrive at 3am. Checked cervix at 8am. 7cm. *relief*. At this point I was filled with hope. Next check at 12pm, and then 5pm. Cervix stayed 7cm and baby’s head was already swollen and showing erratic heart rate. Immediate decision was made to send me in for emergency c-section. I wasn’t even upset or disappointed. All I cared about was to have this little baby out safe. In whatever way it has to be.
I was administered epidural in preparation for the emergency c-section. This is the part where all hell broke loose.

Epidural that was administered gave me too high of a blockage (i was blocked all the way to my throat. It can cause breathing problems). It wasn’t the anesthetist’s fault but it’s a condition I have. I had problems with any kind of anesthesia. I tend to have high “immunity” to any kind of anesthesia. I was numb half of my body vertically. When the anesthetic team tried to rectify the problem they realised that the epidural have gone Into another space of my spine. (What else can go wrong now) so they had to do a spinal block but I still could feel half of my body.

I was already on the operating table with arms spread out and I kept on telling them when they did tests I could still feel them pinching me. To a certain point I said just put me under General Anesthesia. But was told it can have adverse effect on baby.

Next thing I knew I felt the knife slightly and told the anesthetic doc. Think they Injected a further dose of “something”.

Upon the retrieval of baby, I felt EVERYTHING. I started screaming and the next thing I knew, I was wheeled out to the special care ward.

I didn’t even get to see baby at all until the next day. As soon as I’ve set my eyes on baby, all the trauma I experienced during the labour process disappeared :)

My baby was born on 4th February 2015 at 1836 weighing 3.67kg. :)


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