My Second Pregnancy

My second pregnancy was tougher than my first, though definitely many people will still consider it smooth sailing. As I mentioned in my earlier posting, I didn’t feel pregnant at all when I had my first one. This one, I had mild morning sickness. I needed to have crackers (by the way I took Jacob’s cream crackers) with me everywhere I went as once I felt hungry, I felt nauseous too. I could no longer change the poo diapers for my #1 as I felt like puking when I smelt the poo. (Maybe it was just an excuse for my hubby to take over the job completely? hee… maybe not..) I vomited about once every 1-2 days in my first trimester but felt nauseousness a couple of weeks into the second. This was when we suspected (daddy secretly hoped too) that we were expecting a girl. IMG_4062 At our 15 weeks check up, gynae had said most likely she was a girl. At 19 weeks check up, he confirmed she was a girl. But we did not dare keep our hopes high as there were many cases where the girl “became” a boy. So at 23 weeks during the detail scan, he triple confirmed it was a girl. Even then sometimes we had doubts when people told us my tummy looked small and compact, must be a boy, or that my belly button is jutting out so must be a boy.

Well, the little baby girl in me probably increased the amount of female hormones in me and I went to buy dresses and maternity clothes which was really unlike me (I didn’t buy any maternity clothes for my #1) and I even spent $100+ on a set of facial wash when I usually just use water to wash my face and at most use those facial wash that is less than $10 from Watsons!

Back to the pregnancy itself, I thought it would be better in the second trimester. Well, indeed it was better. The morning sickness part was better. However, I would get terrible headaches and neckaches. It’s not as bad as the migraines I used to get but it was bad enough such that I was unable to function at work and needed to go home earlier to rest. And I had headaches almost everyday.

And then third trimester came. The headaches disappeared. Now was pelvic pains. The baby was engaged by 32 weeks and was very low after that. I had problems turning in bed, I had problems getting up from bed. But as the day goes on, or as I walked more, usually it becomes slightly better. I had problems walking as well. Pelvis was really painful. And because baby was very low, she kept using my bladder as the pillow and there were many times I needed to run to the loo but only a little bit of pee came out. Which also meant waking up many times in the night to pee. With the baby so low and engaged so early, we had expected her to come much earlier. After all, we also knew she was conceived about 10 days before her brother and that calculated out to be about 38w from her EDD. But she stayed inside and was so comfy but mummy was so uncomfortable…

Thus we decided to induce her at 39w3d.

Read all about my #2’s birth story here.

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