Superbabies BASH!

So, this is what I’ve been busy with the last 1 month or so. Busy planning for the first batch of SG50 babies major party!  Really a BIG thank you to all the sponsors who gave us so many items. We were overwhelmed by the number of sponsors we had!

We were doing polls, searching for venues, scouting for sponsors, getting registration done, collecting money, ordering food, preparing for the actual day and we, a 2-mum organizing committee were super glad that all went well albeit a bit chaotic and super tiring for ourselves.

Polls showed that a week day was much better. And because of that, since there will be less adults (daddies have to work), we were able to have more babies! Our venue at a condo’s function room was perfect too. It was located at the MRT station itself and was able to accommodate about 40-60 people comfortably. Our turn out was 48 adults and 43 babies and we still had room for photo taking, for the catered food to be placed, for the goodie bags, and even had a small changing area and nursing station at a corner.

This was our unofficial group photo of the babies dressed in their super cute superbaby rompers.

And then a separate photo session for the girls, then the boys. Can you spot my baby girl?

These are unofficial photos as well as the photographer has only finished editing the group photos of the babies and the mummies.

Also thank you to all the mummies who helped to chip in to contact sponsors and also for collecting the sponsored items from the various places. Really blessed to be in this group of very supportive mummies! Money was well spent too. Registration fee for each mummy and baby pair was $30 which would cover for the romper and food and venue and any other logistics. And we still had extra to return to the mummies who turned up.

We were at the venue from 11am all the way to about 5pm. By the time we finished clearing the place at 5pm, we were exhausted! Our next bash would most likely be a one-year old bash. For now, we need our well-deserved rest while we finish settling the accounts and sending notes to thank our sponsors.

Lastly, here is a photo of my little one. Was too busy the entire session to take more photos and I regretted it. :( Will borrow some of the props to do some home photography with her next week! :)

One thought on “Superbabies BASH!

  1. Hi! I am a mother with a 2015 Jan baby! I would like to join the facebook group you are in. I have a hard time searching for the name of the facebook group. Do you mind adding me? My name is Vivienne Khoo Pei Xuan! Thank you so much!


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