Sponsored Review – Yoomi Bottles

What in the world are Yoomi bottles? I have never heard of them! Well in short, they are bottles with an in built warmer system that warms the milk as baby is drinking. Amazing and interesting technology! To read more on the technology behind it, you can go to http://www.yoomi.com.sg/pages/clever-bits

This is what you get in a 5 oz Yoomi feeding system set ($55.90). A 5 oz bottle with a newborn teat, a warmer (inside the bottle. see next pic for a clearer view), a pod for charging the warmer, and the instruction manuals.


Here’s a clearer and closer up picture of the warmer and the teat. The teat is the biggest teat I have ever seen on milk bottles! Its really huge and it sure resembles the boob the most! It is also a very soft silicon teat and not rigid and hard like some brands out there. As for the warmer, I was told it contained chemical inside that produces heat to warm the warmer to warm the breastmilk and my initial thought was “what if the chemical leaks?” I can’t see if the breastmilk has mixed with the chemicals! Well, not to worry at all, the chemical (by the way, the chemical used is non-toxic) is really deep inside the warmer and apparently if it really does leak, there is a bitter substance (also non toxic) that will be secreted and baby will reject the milk. At the press of the button, it will be activated to warm the warmer. And the breastmilk does NOT flow inside of the warmer. It just trickles along the grooves on the OUTSIDE of the warmer! You can see the ridges in the picture below. The ridges create a large surface area for the milk to trickle past and get warmed up in the process before it reaches the tip of the teat for the baby to drink. This is how milk is warmed while you are feeding at the same time.


What’s good about the Yoomi system? It is convenient to bring on the go. Instead of bringing a thermal flask and an additional cup to warm bottle in, you just need to put your ebm into this (photo below) and pop in the warmer and bring it out. When you want to use it, then you activate the warmer and feed. For formula milk, you can put in normal boiled water into the bottle with an additional formula dispenser. When want to feed, mix in the formula and activate the warmer to feed. It is also good for night feeds as you wouldn’t have to wait for the milk to warm up. You can prepare the bottle with the ebm before you sleep and when it is time to feed, take it out of the fridge, activate the warmer, and feed.


What is not so good about the Yoomi system? Each warmer can only be activate once and used once before it needs to be recharged again. Meaning if you want to prepare before you sleep for 3 night feeds, you will want to get 3 warmers and 3 bottles as you probably wouldn’t want to be charging your warmers in the middle of the night.

Where are you buy the Yoomi system and all other accessories? Please go to www.yoomi.com.sg to make your purchases. Or you can get from any of these authorized dealers here. Please note that there are other sellers in Singapore who have imported the bottles and are selling them in the market as well. These could be cheaper than the ones sold by Yoomi Singapore or by their authorized retailers. However, if there is a need to troubleshoot the warmer (sometimes you need to do so especially if you are a first time user and not sure what is wrong), or a need to do an exchange for a faulty set, Yoomi Singapore will not be able to do that for you.

If you purchase the Yoomi systems from Yoomi Singapore, you will get a 15% discount with this code: yoomi&beautifulchaos15. The code is valid from now until 17 May 2015. The code is valid for all ala carte items at www.yoomi.com.sg. Happy shopping!

Disclaimer 1: I direct latch most of the time and only feed using the bottle once in a while so LO will not reject bottles next time.

Disclaimer 2: I received I set of 5oz Yoomi+warmer from Yoomi Singapore to try out the Yoomi system to write a review.

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