How much should my baby sleep in a day?

As my baby grew older, I always have this question in my head. Especially when my toddler recently started to fight his nap times and bedtimes. I was considering just letting him skip his nap totally to save the trouble of putting him to bed and he would be so sleepy at night he would want to go to bed early. Sounds like a really good plan to me! ๐Ÿ™‚

However, I do know that children, especially young children need a lot of sleep a day. They need it for their physical growth as well as brain development. But how much is needed at which age?


I surfed the net and got this very useful chart from


Total Sleep





Newborn-2 months

7-9 (3-5 naps)

2-4 months
4-5 (3 naps)
4-6 months
4-5 (2-3 naps)
6-9 months
3-4 (2 naps)
9-12 months
2-3 (2 naps)
12-18 months
2-3 (1-2 naps)
18 months – 2 years
2 (1 nap)
2-3 years
1-2 (1 nap)
3-5 years
[10-11] 10-13
0-1 (naps usually stop by age 5)
5-12 years

How does this help me? You may ask.

It helps us to determine what time they should sleep at night.

Well, my toddler is 2 years old, so he needs about 12-14 hours of sleep a day. In school, he gets about 2h of nap time each day. That means at night, he needs about 10-12 hours of sleep. If he has to get up at 7am because daddy and mummy needs to send him to school before we go to work, it means he should sleep byย 7-9pm at night!

So my dear boy, we will stick to your 8pm bedtime for quite a while. ๐Ÿ™‚



20 thoughts on “How much should my baby sleep in a day?

  1. My girl is always not getting enough rest and it’s partially our fault as we get home late from work and still want to spend time catching up with her. Hopefully we’ll all be more disciplined and sleep early when she enters primary one next year.


  2. I think my kids have an alarm clock in them naturally? My firstborn used to fall asleep by 7pm when he was younger and now my girl sleeps latest by 8pm. Sleeping early is good not only for the kids, but for us adults as well… that precious 2-hour breather where you can just laze on the sofa and watch whatever you like!!!


  3. My first and 2nd child always sleep by 9pm. When they grew more active, my 3rd and 4th child also stay awake longer. The kids at the end of the line always sleep less ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    cheers, Andy


  4. I remember using the same method to clock their sleeping time too. From 2 to 4 years old, my kids will be fast asleep by 8pm and as they got older, bedtime also got extended accordingly. Having a regular schedule was a godsend for me and hubby to have some “us” time and we were able to confidently step out of our home as the kids mostly slept through the nights. Great job establishing a great habit.


  5. Haha! Wish I can sleep like them too! I don’t mind 10-12 hours of sleep as well! ๐Ÿ™‚ We love to get our kids to sleep early as well. It means more free time for the parents!: )


  6. This is absolutely essential. Imagine when we are sleep deprived we are cranky as adults, so what more little children. Glad you’re all getting enough rest and sleep!


  7. My son Alexander sleeps at 930pm nightly and wakes at 530am (8 hours only) and he only takes 1 nap in the day (1-2 hours). Based on the chart, he’s not getting enough sleep but we’re also helpless how to make him sleep more cos he just resist sleep….


    • My son is sleeping later and later each day too. And he is so active that he prefers not to nap. We hope to make him sleep longer or more at times but we know it is not easy with an active toddler.


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