Breastfeeding Challenge – 29 August 2015

Have you ever been at a breastfeeding event where all mummies will latch on at the same time? I have been to one before and it was really fun! I went with a few friends and that added to the fun.:) All the mummies there, some were shy as first time mummies nursing in public, but gained more confidence as there were others around who were more experienced with nursing in public. One thing that was in common though, all shared the same motive. All wanted to breastfeed their baby and were proud that we are all doing it!

This month is World Breastfeeding Month. To celebreate, there will be a Breastfeeeding Challenge coming soon on 29 August 2015! This one is organized by Thomson Medical Centre and is going to be held at Suntec. Here are the details:

Date: 29 August 2015 (Saturday)

Time: 10am

Venue: Suntec Convention Center, Room 300-302

Price: $10 per person, or $20 for a group of 3 (This encourages you to get more friends to join in the fun!)

There is a goodie bag worth $100 given to all registrants. So what are you waiting for?:) To register, go to this link

Breastfeeding Challenge 2015

See you there!


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