Staycation – Fairmont

Every National Day Parade (NDP) we will try to book a staycation so we can be near the fireworks. This all started 2 years ago in 2013 when the hubs gave me a staycation and NDP tickets!! as an anniversary present. He managed to ballot for the NDP tickets but was worried that the bub would not be able to last the show. So wanted to book somewhere near so if we had to leave, we would still be able to watch the show live and still be able to see the fireworks from the comfort of the hotel room! That year, we stayed at Swissotel.

In 2014 we stayed at Grand Park City Hall.

This year, we chose Fairmont. And I am really happy with the decision! :)

The room is oddly shaped but very spacious. We had a cot for our 6 month old and next to the bed was a lounge sofa.


This came in the cot. A goodie bag for the baby! :) It consists of bath items and a small stuffed toy for the baby.


The other side of the main area consist of a study table and a luggage area. The balcony is there too. Yes as you can see it is very spacious. And this is not all.


There is a walk in wardrobe that is HUGE and we love it because there, we could put our stroller and all the shopping and goodie bags we have.



The bathroom is really spacious too.


There is both a bath tub and a shower area.



You can see how spacious the room is. We were able to put out our picnic mat for the kids to roll and play on. Lil Nugget was at the stage of commando crawling and it was important that she gets somewhere to practice her skills and remain safe (ie not on the bed)


So what did we do while we were there? Other than attending Baby’s Day Out and squeezing with the crowd to watch the National Day Parade and the fireworks at the Esplanade, that is.

We had picnics in our room. The good thing about Fairmont is that it is so conveniently located. We could just go down to Raffles City to buy stuff. So one of the meals we had, it was mealtime so really crowded and we couldn’t get a seat. So we had this picnic idea. Lovely view too! IMG_3276

Other than taking a dip at the hotel swimming pool, which was a shared swimming pool between Swissotel and Fairmont on the 8th floor, we took a dip in the room’s tub as well. The pool’s water was too cold for Lil Nugget who was about 5months old at that time. So they enjoyed the warm bath more.


After breakfast one day, we took a stroll at the memorial park. Here, Riley got to see many flowers and he is somehow very intrigued with flowers.


Sometimes we simply laze in bed and enjoy the hotel room.


And we watched movies too. Karate Kid was showing. The one with Jayden Smith in it. And it was one of Daddy’s favourite shows. He has watched it probably about 18 times. Maybe more.


Yes I would go back to Fairmont again. I really love the space in the room, as you can tell because I keep mentioning it. I love it that the kids have a play area in the room. The room that we booked was their lowest end room. Which means that if you are willing to pay more, you would get an even larger room!

For more info or to make reservation, you can visit their website here.

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