Play Doh Challenge 2015

It was a very good idea by Rise and Shine to come up with a challenge that enables parents and kids to team up to participate in a competition to complete simple tasks. Of course the response was overwhelming. It was at a good location at Raffles City too!


There were some booths at the venue that Rise and Shine brought in. However, not many people were interested in these booths though. But to get the goodie bag, everyone still had to go through all the booths there which consists of insurance, credit card, expensive vacuum cleaner, etc.


Although our stated timing was 12nn and we reached there by 11:40am, we were told we had to join the 12:40pm batch. I was totally not prepared for this and was afraid the toddler would go cranky as his nap time was near. He did. He turned cranky and asked why he was not able to go into the area to play with play-doh like the rest (as competition was on-going). However, one of the manager (i think) was really nice and loaned him a play-doh of his favourite purple colour to play with first! Cranky boy no more!


And then it was finally our turn to play! He took the paper and started building the mascot immediately. He was really engaged and enjoyed the activity.


Of course I chipped in to help. This was after all, a parent-kid collaboration. And as the category was 1-3 years old, they wouldn’t expect the 1-2 year old to do this by themselves. He did the bear, i helped to trim the edges a bit and added in the hearts. This was our end product!


We finished our product quite fast and I thought it was quite presentable. :) As the criteria for judging as stated in the terms and conditions were fast and nice, I thought we had the chance to win something! Alas it was not true. The emcee that day was the judge and he changed the rules of the competition without telling anyone. The judging was not done AFTER the entire competition was over. It was actually done DURING the making of the Similac Mascot itself. And the criteria had changed to the one whom the kid create by himself/herself! So sorry, no chance to the 1-2 year olds in the category because we will never be able to win. The 3 year olds are the ones who can win. This lady in orange actually pointed to our product to nominate us for the prize, but the Emcee told her no cannot, cos the mummy helped. (I overheard). Was there a rule that parents cannot help? Wasn’t this a parent-child collaboration? Apparently not. So hubby and I were of course disappointed.

This was one of the winners for the competition. And she won because she did the bear by herself (quoting the emcee).


I really like these kind of fun experiences where the parents and kids are supposed to come up with something TOGETHER. And I hope Rise and Shine will continue to come up with such brilliant ideas. I just hope that the rules and the running of the programme/event would be better next time.

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