Staycation – Oasia Hotel

Each year, the Daddy runs a seminar for the Jeet Kune Do enthusiasts in Singapore. He would invite Tommy Carruthers all the way from Glasgow for this purpose. For the first time though, we have 2 kids this time. So the Daddy decided to treat our family to a staycation, to be at the same hotel as Tommy so he could juggle both the seminar as well as the family whenever needed.

We went to Oasia Hotel.

This was the room. It was a small room but we managed to get a corner room and that made it look more spacious. It was a simple room. The floor was not carpetted fully and there is laminate areas on the floor. That’s probably cleaner as our 8 month old Lil Nugget is busy crawling everywhere now. (PS, yes that’s my mum using a Tula!)


There is a built in table and shelf at the other side of the room where it was good for us to put all our items. This was Day 1 of toilet training for the Bub. So you can see him holding a surprise egg which was a reward to him successfully pee-ing in the toilet! :)


This glass panel behind the bed separates the toilet from the bedroom. The glass panel is translucent. So it is a bit odd if you are there with friends instead of family. Hee hee. (Somehow I lost the photo I took of the bathroom, so I do not have one for the review. Sorry!)


Lil’ Nugget claps in approval of the room. She didn’t sleep well at her first staycation which was at Fairmont. I think it is because it is a foreign place. I was hoping she doesn’t repeat that and she didn’t! :)


I shared in an earlier Staycation post that one tip to let the kids sleep well is to bring their pillows along. And anything they usually sleep with for that matter. Here’s both of them with their pillows from home taking a nap.


This is the corridor outside of the room. It is clean and carpeted. The Bub was on his way to the pool.


He really loves the pool. During our stay of 3d2n, he went there a total of 3 times! He loves the pool there! Oh, since Tommy stayed one day more than us, we actually went there a 4th time after we had already checked out! There is a warm jacuzzi at the other side of the pool as you can see in the pic. The adult pool has an ankle deep section for people to lie there to sunbathe. For the Bub, it just means that there is another section where he could play at.


Back in the room and while waiting for the Daddy to finish his seminar, it is TV time. Lil’ Nugget was not supposed to be watching TV. As you can see, I love the bay windows as it means more space for me to put my things! I use it to do diaper changing for Lil’ Nugget too.


Oasia Hotel is good also because it is next to Velocity which means it is also close to Square 2 and United Square. There is a sheltered path all the way there but the sheltered path is a longer pathway so usually we take the non-sheltered path. We like hotels next to shopping malls as we can then hang out there or buy any necessities that we may have missed out.


We stayed at the lowest end hotel room. If you were to upgrade to the club room, there is an exclusive pool for only club room users!

For more information or to make reservation, you can go to their website here.

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