A Trip to the Yakult Factory

I remember when I was in Primary School, I got to attend a Yakult Factory tour that was organized by D’Light Magazine (Do you remember that Magazine?? It was my favourite!!) Somehow I forgot all about it until it popped up on facebook again, where I was invited to join a facebook event to go for the tour. Yakult being my 2 year old’s favourite drink at the moment, I jumped at the opportunity to bring him there for a visit to see how the drink is being made and packaged! To my disappointment though, the event was fully booked. I thus started to find out for myself how to go about organizing one by myself.

So another mummy told me that I can contact Yakult directly to start a tour. They only need 25 pax to start a tour. 25 pax is simple! I’m sure I have that many friends who would want to bring their little ones there! So I contacted Yakult. I just had to google “Yakult Factory Tour” and their website pops up. You can click here too.

The lady who answered my call was really nice. She said I could simply join any of their existing tour groups. I had thought that I needed to start my own. So there are many existing groups of minimum 25 pax that have booked their dates with Yakult already. And if you do not mind joining them, you could just choose the date you like and hop on to any existing tour. Maximum apparently is 60 pax as written on their website, but when I went there, it seemed like the room could only contain about 45pax.

And so we went!


The tour starts at 9:30am but we were there early at 7 Senoko Ave. So we got to hang around to take some photos before entering.

He simply adores Yakult and was so happy to see such a big one at the lobby!


We thought we were lost and at the wrong place initially because there was no one around. It turned out that we were simply much earlier than the rest of the group. And they led us to the 2nd floor where the talk and tour would be held.


And there was another large Yakult in the room, much to the delight of our 2 year old.


There was on display all the different Yakult from the different countries too. Fun Fact: Did you know that the size of Yakult in Singapore is the largest amongst the rest of the countries? Some are just 50ml, whereas ours is 100ml!


When all has arrived, the talk started (late at 9:45am). Here’s our toddler enjoying his free bottle of Yakult while the Uncle spoke.


Meimei wanted to drink some too but she is too young for it.


The talk took longer than expected. Much much longer. And the kids were restless. So after being in the talk for 1.5h, we took them out to take a look at the factory itself. We just got to walk along the corridors and peered down at the factory from the comfort of the air con room. This was probably to protect the hygiene of the processes as well.

This was a peek at the factory processes from the second floor. We are not allowed to take photos at the factory so this is all I have to post here.


Since we couldn’t wait for the talk to end and as both kids need to rush back to school, we gave the toddler our own explanation of how Yakult is being made. He saw the bottles being molded, bottles being printed, filled and sealed, packed and sorted, sent for quality testing, etc. He enjoyed his time there but once is enough. The talk was really lengthy. I’m saying this for the third time in my post so you know I’m emphasizing on this fact. ๐Ÿ™‚

Here’s our souvenir from the tour!


It was really fun to see Yakult being made in the factory.

The factory tour would close from January 2016 onwards though and when I asked when it will resume again, they couldn’t give me a reply. It was a maybe one year later? Maybe longer?

So if you would like to visit the Yakult Factory before it closes to visitors, do call them up now to book a tour! ๐Ÿ™‚ Here’s the number for your convenience.

Yakult Factory Tour
Contact Number: +65 6756 1033 ext 313/314.
Address: 7 Senoko Avenue Singapore 758300

Have fun!! ๐Ÿ™‚


13 thoughts on “A Trip to the Yakult Factory

  1. They have been running this talk for so long, it will be such a shame to discontinue it! My son loves Yakult too, but tbh I am a liiiitle bit put off by the long talk. I don’t think the kids can tahan also!


  2. I have noticed that Yakult overseas are all smaller than what we get in Singapore. But I thought it was so that they can price it lower? Hmm.. did you ask why Singapore packaging is the biggest?


  3. How old is Mei Mei? She doesn’t look too young ah? Yakult got min age one ah? Haha I’ve been giving my daughter!

    And how young are you? Lol I’ve never heard of d’light magazine or went on a yakult tour in school before


  4. Love the photo of your yakult-fan boy hugging the display.
    I might be keen to bring my smaller kids down, but the lectures are 1 hour plus? (wow serious bacteria talk haha!)

    cheers, andy


  5. We went for this tour many years ago too but strangely don’t remember the talk was that long! Nevertheless, we had a great time especially when touring the factory and seeing their processes!


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