[Sponsored Review + Giveaway] Sticker Kid

I first knew about StickerKid when they popped up on my facebook wall. I then went in to see their Facebook page and fell in love with all the stickers there. For mummies who have kids in Child Care Centres and Infant Care Centres, you will understand why it is always important to have all their items labelled. Even the most careful centres and teachers make mistakes sometimes and their items get mixed up.

I am fortunate that Stickerkid gave me a set of stickers to try them out! 🙂 (You can be so lucky too as there will be a giveaway at the end of this post!) I got a set of their name labels, shoe stickers and iron-on labels.

The ordering process from their website was a very simple and straight-forward process. What I thought was the best was that I could preview everything before I went ahead to place the order. I could play around with the colour or labels, colour of wordings and the font of wordings until I was satisfied with what I have on the screen.


They even allow Chinese Characters! This is the iron-on label on the left. For the shoe label, you can also choose a picture from their library to be included. I really love this personalisation process.

IMG_7172  IMG_7174

So I went ahead and submitted the order. The company is based in Switzerland and the stickers are printed there. Thus I had expected that it would take a long time for me to receive them. However I was pleasantly surprised when I received me stickers in the mail in just 1 week! As you can see in the photo below, the colour of the stickers are very vibrant and is really what you see when you place orders.


Now to test the stickers out. I use the name labels the most as it is a MUST to label all the milk bottles and water bottles for use at Infant Care Centres (IFCs). I showed 2 pictures here because I wanted to test the stickers on how they can withstand having to undergo bottle sterilization. I use Avent Sterilizer on my bottles and I sterlize all the bottles everyday. The photo on the left is when the stickers are brand new and just pasted, not having gone through any wash or sterilization. On the right, the milk bottle has already gone through a few rounds of cleaning and steam sterilizing and the stickers look as perfect as before! I proceeded also to label my baby’s water bottle shown on the right.

IMG_7507  IMG_0149[1]

As for the shoe label, usually they are used to be pasted on the heels of the insoles of the shoes. Some like to just label one side of the shoes they have, to teach their kids on differentiating the left and the right shoe. However I would choose to label both sides as I have lost 1 side of a pair of shoes before.

For my shoe labels, I decided to use them in another manner. My baby doesn’t wear shoes yet. So I decided to paste them on bags. The labels are thin, and they stick well. Thus, it allows for the flexibility of the sticker without it coming off and rubbing off. Perfect to paste on diaper bags and childcare bags! So here is mine, pasted on my Ju-Ju-Be Unikiki bag. You can see how well it sticks and how it still stays on with the folding of the bag. I tried to peel it off too. It comes off cleanly without leaving any adhesive stains and it is still sticky when I tried to paste it on another bag!


Next, to try on the iron-on labels. They have 2 kinds, the permanent and the removable. Mine was the removable kind. This is good if you intend to resell your child’s uniforms or want to re-label them for your next child. It was too good to believe though, so I just had to try them out! (Yes, skeptical me!) I ironed one label onto one of my baby’s bibs as she did not have any school uniform yet. It stuck on easily and it kind of looks like it is printed onto the bib. (Are you sure it is removable??)


I washed it too and put it to the test of drying in my dryer. I have had iron-on stickers that I bought from qoo10 before. Pretty, but they all came off in the dryer.



This is after wash and before putting into the dryer.


This is after taking out of the dryer

So having been able to withstand the wash/dry test, I then tried to see if it was really removable. It seems like it wasn’t as it was pretty well stuck on. I tried to peel it off with my nails and voila! Surpringly it came off easily like a plaster! Some fluff came off along with it, but there was absolutely no harm done to the bib. Yay! 🙂


Now after my stringent tests, I’m really happy with my stickers and am going to start pasting them everywhere! 🙂

If you want to buy some for yourself, here’s a discount code for you! You can place your order at www.stickerkid.sg  using the code “10discountSGSTICKERKID”.

You can also try to win yourself a set of 20 pieces of Heart-shaped stickers that cost $13.50. Here’s a link to participate in the giveaway. All the best! 🙂

Stickerkid Stickers Giveaway!! 🙂 One set of 20-pc Heart Stickers (worth $13.50) to be given away! For details of the…

Posted by Beautiful Chaos on Tuesday, 8 December 2015



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