Kallang Wave Mall – Playground

Have you been to the new Kallang Wave Mall that it at the new Singapore Sports Hub? There is a FREE water-play area for the kids at the rooftop and it is HUGE!!

There are 4 slides in all with different levels of difficulty. The orange one as shown in the picture is the largest one they have.


This is where the smaller slides are. They are essentially at the same play structure.


Here’s a small swimming pool  where a lifeguard watches over and some water-play area for the toddlers


Here’s a clearer and closer view of the toddler area.


There is a really good view here too! Grandparents will just sit there and chat while the kids play and the parents watch over them.


The Bub took a really long while to warm up. He was so satisfied just sitting there with his water-play cups (we bring those along all the time for water-play!) and splashing at the toddler area.

He decided only to try out the slides when we were about to leave. and he tried all 4 levels of the slides! His catalyst was meeting a friend at the playground. And she was really daring so Bub followed along. (I, however have kept my phone already so no pictures at the slides.)

Coincidentally, we went by the playground again one week later and he met the same friend! 🙂


So I managed to snap some pictures of him coming down the slides 🙂 These are the Level 1 and 2 slides. The blue one is Level 3 and the Orange slide is the scariest!

On the other side of the rooftop is a lazy river. (That is not so exciting for the kids). But you can always pop by there to have a look. 🙂

The Bub keeps asking, when can we go to Kallang Wave Mall again?


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