[Sponsored Review] My Story Case – Handphone Cover

My hubby bought me a phone for my birthday. He thus also decided to make it a complete package by getting me a phone cover knowing how clumsy I was.

The phone cover is from My Story Case which is based in the US. If you are ordering as a present, do give it some time for delivery. Maybe about 2 weeks?

You are able to customize the phone cover with pictures and wordings. Hubby chose my 2 favourite photos at that time. Really love that everyone is smiling in the family photo and that is so difficult nowadays! Also love how both the Bub and Lil’ Nugget look at each other lovingly in the bottom pic. 🙂


Inside of the cover is a black guard of softer and more flexible material. This is to cushion the phone from impact if it does drop onto the floor. It also aids the putting on and taking off of the cover.


The photo side is glossy and shiny. The print is very clear as you can see from the wording. I think the photo doesn’t do the printing justice as our photo is not of the highest quality itself. 🙂

And here is how it looks when I have put on the pretty cover! 🙂


Thank you Hubby and My Story Case for the pretty cover to protect my pretty iPhone6S Rose Gold.

For more info, you can visit My Story Case at www.mystorycase.com.


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