Manuela – God Is With Us

Shared with permission, written by Wang Guang Han. This post is dated 18th December 2015, 3 years on.

My wife had a dream of our baby girl when she was 25 weeks pregnant. The dream was from God as we specifically prayed to God to reveal to us a suitable name for her.

In the dream, our baby girl, Manuela was about three years old. She was very beautiful- with big eyes (just like daddy’s), shoulder length hair and she was wearing a blue dress. Mummy was writing a poem on the topic, clouds, together with her.

Wife, “Do you know that clouds in the Old Testament represent the Presence of God?”

Manuela, “ Mummy, what is the Presence of God?”

My wife hugged her in her arms and answered, “ Just like how I am with you right now. God’s Presence means God is with you.”

This was how our baby girl’s name Manuela came about.
Manuela means God is with us. It’s a female Spanish name for EMMANUEL.

Manuela was stillborn on the 18th Dec 2012 due to an ACCIDENTAL HEMORRHAGE. We were only a day away from the estimated date of delivery. The pain of loss is real and deep.


The above picture was sent to us by a friend, who saw it immediately in the sky after she heard the bad news. The cloud is in the shape of a baby. It is an affirmation to us from God that Manuela is safe in the arms of our Heavenly Father and God cares a lot for the both of us. This has brought great comfort to us in the midst of our grief.

Psalms 19:1 “The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands.”

Interestingly, Manuela’s tomb number, “388” is the same as our house unit number. She has indeed gone home with us in our hearts.:)

In remembrance of Manuela…

Thank you Guang Han and his wife Melissa for sharing their story. The couple are now blessed with a beautiful son, Noah who is almost turning 2 years old. They are very willing to help if anyone needs someone to speak to regarding their loss. You can pm me at my facebook page  or drop me an email at and I will help to link you up with them. Do share this post with anyone who needs encouragement:)

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