Diggersite @ East Coast Park

Our first activity for the Long Labour Day weekend is to go to the Diggersite!! We have been wanting to bring our boy there as he is a BIG fan of excavators, bulldozers, cranes, etc. 

We had a little trouble finding the place as we didn’t know exactly which part of ECP it was at. Here’s what we found out. Look out for the carpark with Long Beach restaurant and Burger King. You will see the Diggersite once you turn into the carpark. 

They have an indoor area and an outdoor area. Head to the indoor area to purchase your tokens. 1 token for $7, 3 for $18 or 10 for $50. 

At the indoor area as well where you purchase the tokens are 2 excavators and you get to play “toy catcher” with them. You also get to choose your helmet and vest and suit up for your hard labour coming up!

Outside is a small tentage with one stand alone digger where you can practice knocking down bottles. 

And then there is the main outdoor area with 3 excavators to dig sand. Good thing is that all are shaded though it can still be pretty hot in this sweltering heat. 

This is what the kids come for. To dig sand like a real construction worker!

For more information you can visit their Facebook page here.