Bellamy’s Organic Products

Being a relatively new mother, we always like to get what we deem is the best and safest for our children, especially in terms of what they consume. Especially so for me. As I am a FTWM, I do not cook for the kids on weekdays and we eat out a lot. Whenever I cook for them, I make sure they get the “cleanest” foods (like organic foods) and ensure as much as possible that the foods are nutritious and also delicious!

Here are some products sent to me from Bellamy’s Organic Singapore. This is just a small selection of their entire range of products which include formula milk, cereal, pasta, pouch foods and snacks! For more information you can find on their website here.

So I started off cooking pasta for my 3 year old son. He is really into alphabets now as his school is teaching him that using the Letterland Series. Of course, I chose to use the alphabet pasta for him! He was really delighted to see the meal. It was colourful and he had fun spotting the alphabets. Best of all, it is healthy and nutritious!

Surprisingly, my 1 year old came along and demanded to have the same food as korkor! She has only ever eaten porridge before and never tried pasta. I thought, why not? She still does not use her gums to munch on her foods (except for puffs). But the pasta softened easily overcooking and was soft enough for her to mash and swallow. (She only has 4 teeth). Here’s her delighted face knowing that she is having the same food as her big brother.

Bellamy’s Organic have snacks as well. Healthy snacks of course. Freeze dried fruits. No added anything. Just fruits. These are quite melt in the mouth kind. Both the kids really love it! I ate some myself. Here also is a close up of the freeze dried pear. It has the skin on. Fibers are not compromised!

Thank you Bellamy’s Organic Singapore for sending us the products to try!

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