SuperMom Pre-event Sales Starts!

SuperMom Pre-order starts today (for VIP members ONLY!)! It ends on Wed (29 Jun) so grab your products quickly as hot items tend to sell out.

Here’s the link for pre-order: preorder.supermom.com.sg



  • $5 Cash vouchers with every $40 spend (Note: the vouchers are ‘stackable’ and are as good as cash with no minimum spend to use. Spenders can accumulate the vouchers  with no limit.)
  • $50 Mothercare vouchers with every $500 spend.
  • Be the first 30 to spend $1500 and you can choose premium gifts worth $300.

Here are some other exciting info about the fair:

  • $10 Fisher-Price Toys! (WOW!!)
  • It is Belly & Baby (belly casting) 1st time in Singapore and they are offering more than 50% OFF their services.
  • Pockit was out-of–stock in 2015 and back in stock at the fair!
  • Pigeon products at 50% OFF (Pigeon is an exclusive breastfeeding partner with SuperMom)
  • There will be Korean branded wipes on sale: Bebesup and Natural Organics
  • Installment plans are available with POSB and DBS cards.

Here are some FAQ about the Pre-order Sale:

Q: When will Pre-Orders be launched?
A: Pre-Orders dates are as follows:
– VIP Only Shopping: 27 June
– Online Sale: 28 to 29 June
Register as a VIP HERE to shop on 27 June if you have not done so!

Q: Where do I shop for Pre-Orders?
A: Shop at preorder.supermom.com.sg! Do note that if you are not a VIP, you will not be able to access the webpage on 27 June.

Q: How do Pre-Orders Work?
A: At SuperMom’s Pre-Event Sale, we offer you a chance to shop some amazing deals NOW and pick up your items hassle-free during the actual Baby Fair in August! Simply place your order at preorders.supermom.com.sg to make your purchase!

Q: Why should I Pre-Order?
A: Save yourself the hassle of queueing and shop in your own home! Grab deals even if you’re in confinement and get someone to pick it up for you in August! PLUS no stock-out problems and you have plenty of time to carefully choose your items and shop

Q: Where and How Do I Collect My Items?
A: Collect your items between 12 – 14 August 2016 at SuperMom Baby Fair at Suntec Convention Centre. Collections are to be done from respective Vendor Booths.
Collection Times: 11am – 9pm (Fri-Sat), 11am-8pm (Sun)
Vendor Booths are indicated behind each product name. For example: Tooth Brush (H10) will mean that the booth number is H10.

Q: What Do I Need to Collect My Items?
A: You will need to present your NRIC and a copy of your receipt to each of the respective Vendor Booths. Please ensure that each vendor signs on your receipt as a form of proof of collection. To help you locate the respective booths for collection, the floor plan will be emailed to you nearer the event date.

Q: Are Returns Allowed?
A. You have 28 days, upon receipt of goods to notify the vendor/s if you have received any faulty/damaged item.
Personal items (pumping bras, undergarments, etc) which are opened or have their hygiene seal broken/tampered with are non-refundable, unless found faulty by the vendor.

Q: Regarding the Belly Cast, can I only claim the Free Gift in August?
A: You absolutely do not have to! Within 1 week of your pre-order purchase, SuperMom will contact you to make an appointment for your bellycast! If you have not heard from us, please write into: info@riseandshine-expo.com

Q: What if I can’t collect my Pre-Order Item between 12-14 August?
A: If you are not able to collect it in person, please someone who can do it on your behalf with the necessary receipt print-outs and a copy of your NRIC. Failure to collect your items within the said dates means your items will be forfeited.
However, please note that if items which are not collected between 12-14 August’16 during SuperMom Baby Fair will be forfeited.

Q: Can I Pay by Instalment?
A: Yes you can! There are 6 Month and 12 Month INTEREST-FREE Installment plans available for purchases above $500. Options can be selected at Cart Check-Out Page.
– Only for DBS/POSB credit cards
– An administrative fee of $150 will be charged by DBS Bank if the plan is terminated whether arising from the termination from your card account or otherwise or if you made a pre-payment under the plan.

For more information on pre-orders, you can visit their website HERE.


SuperMom Pre-Event Sales

In Singapore, there are 3 main companies doing babyfairs now. Namely Mummy’s Market, SPH (Baby Baby Exhibition), and SuperMom, who is starting their Pre-event Sales next Monday!

SuperMom Fair will be held at Suntec City Convention Centre from 12 to 14 August 2016. As compared to fairs at the EXPO, Suntec is a much more convenient place and you can easily pop somewhere else for lunch/dinner and go back to the fair again!

SuperMom Pre-event sales is between 27/6 (Mon) to 29/6 (Wed). Pre-order sales start on 27/6 (Mon) for VIPs. Not a VIP yet? Click HERE to register. Beat the crowd by ordering online and save on must-have products

Displaying Pre-order 1.pngb02006c2-f8f8-4042-97ff-56dab33df964 (1).png

You can check out the deals on offer at SuperMom Facebook album “SuperMom Baby Fair 2016 Pre-event Sales”:

  • Up to 90% discount over 300 baby and pregnant mummy essentials: baby care, toys, weaning, breastfeeding, strollers, cots, travelling,
  • Exclusives: Tote Savvy, Pockit, Clarins, Pigeon, Cybex, Ergo Hip Seat, Sarah Wells, TollyJoy, Britax, Chikabiddy, Acomo, Hanil, and more.

Here are some other exciting info about the fair:

  • $10 Fisher-Price Toys! (WOW!!)
  • It is Belly & Baby (belly casting) 1st time in Singapore and they are offering more than 50% OFF their services.
  • Pockit was out-of–stock in 2015 and back in stock at the fair!
  • Pigeon products at 50% OFF (Pigeon is an exclusive breastfeeding partner with SuperMom)
  • There will be Korean branded wipes on sale: Bebesup and Natural Organics
  • Installment plans are available with POSB and DBS cards.

For more information on pre-orders, you can visit their website HERE.


Bangkok With Kids

Our holidays now are centered around our kids aged 1 and 3. If a place does not have anything for the kids to do, it is not an option for us. We have been to Bangkok many years back before kids and done the usual. Shop, and eat. Bangkok air tickets are so cheap, ($200+ per pax on SQ!) but, is there anything for the kids? Well, we found out that there were so many activities for the children in Bangkok that our 5 day 4 night trip was much too short!

On where we decided to stay, you can read our post on the kids-friendly hotel.

We read up a lot before deciding that Bangkok was going to be our June holiday destination. Here is our itinerary in the end. Remember that our kids are aged 1 and 3. So we need to find places that are suitable for them.
Day 1: Arrive at 4+pm at Bangkok, settle in hotel, go nearby for dinner.
Day 2: SEA LIFE Bangkok Ocean World
Day 3: Safari World
Day 4: Dream World
Day 5: Hang out in hotel, check out, catch 3pm flight home.

Day 1:

Daddy and Mummy were really tired. So we just headed downstairs (Yes! Downstairs!) to Platinum mall to look for some place we can have dinner at. After dinner, we let the kids play in the room to get used to the environment before putting them to sleep.

Day 2:

After breakfast at our hotel, we approached our hotel’s day tour booth to check out the tour packages for the places we are intending to go for. Remember that even if you just buy tickets only, it is cheaper to get them from a tour agency. (Just like USS in Singapore. Agency is cheaper than buying at the door) And you can even bargain if you buy more packages with them. In the picture are the prices at the door. We bought the super package, minus the pepsi and popcorn for about 850baht per person. It was free for those under 3yo so we only had to pay for 3.

This place is a must go for families with young kids like ours. The kids really love it. My son has been to the SEA aquarium twice. But he still enjoyed himself.

This is the Ocean feeding boat which is what is different from our SEA aquarium. The kids loved it that they could see fishes swimming underneath.

Somewhere in the middle of the Ocean World was a little playground much to the delight of Korkor. He practically ran to it, removed his shoes and started playing, without asking permission!!! Grr… Of course, meimei followed suit and the adults took a little break from walking.


SEA LIFE Bangkok Ocean World is located at the Basement level of Siam Centre and it is VERY convenient. You would only take about 2 hours at the Ocean World, so you can spend some time having lunch at Siam area and even do some shopping there too.

Day 3:

For the Safari World we decided to take up the tour package. Safari World is made up of 2 sections. The safari portion and the Zoo portion. The zoo portion is relatively much like our Singapore zoo. The safari portion is a very small section with cars taking about 30 minutes to drive through the entire thing. You can hire a cab to bring you to the safari world, pay for the entrance fees, and change to a safari car to drive you through while your cab waits for you, then take your cab back after 30 minutes. The cab fare would cost about 1500baht for the entire trip, plus the time spent waiting for you. We figured that taking the entire tour was more cost efficient so we did. Each person was about 1500 baht including transport to and fro and within the safari, and also inclusive of lunch. Meimei was free as usual.

We spent the first half of the day catching the shows. The shows were all scheduled so that you can catch all of them. And everyone basically moves from one show to another. Our tour guide was pretty redundant. There was the Orang Utan Muay Thai show, Sealion show and the Elephant show. Lunch was then at an air-con place (Thank God for that!) and it was a sumptious buffet lunch! Love the Som Tam there 🙂 After lunch you have the option of paying extra to go for their River Safari boat ride that we did not take up. It was a good chance for us to rest.

It was really very hot. We spent some time at an ice cream cafe which had Lemurs in it and also took pictures as a family with 8 month old baby tigers. The itger sat on daddy’s lap!

Later on we gathered at about 3pm for the Safari ride. We had waiting one whole day for that short 30 minutes of drive through. The zebras do come pretty close to the vehicle. Other than that the animals are not that close.The kids enjoyed themselves thoroughly though.

Day 4:

For Dreamworld we decided to cab there ourselves but pre-bought the entrance tickets so it would be cheaper. The tickets include buffet lunch too and as usual my favourite dish was the Papaya Salad Som Tam. The tickets+lunch cost about 850 baht each. Meimei was free!

We let our 3yo try on rides for the first time. He loved them! It was a great idea to go on a weekday. The queues were almost non existent. Sometimes we could even take a ride twice in a row!


There was an animal feeding section that we had to pay extra for. It was about 150 baht to enter and extra to buy the foods. There were rabbits as well that you could go into their pen to feed them. I was too excited that the kids loved  it that I forgot to snap some photos! The milk bottles were for the baby pigs, and the carrots and long leaves were for the rabbits, cows and goats. It was a very good learning experience for the kids.

Here were some other rides that daddy and korkor took respectively. There were many rides that Korkor couldn’t take as he was too short, so we will go again next time!

Day 5:

We lazed around in the hotel today. Went to have some fun at the indoor playground in the hotel. We were glad that we managed to have fun and yet relax at the same time.

If we were to change anything, we would have shifted safari world to the 2nd day, so we have a gentler 3rd day at Ocean world.

This is a list of some other places that we considered.

  1. Kidzania – More suitable for older kids, maybe at least 4 years old?
  2. Imaginia Playland
  3. Funtasia (Water Lagoon and Amusement Park) – We nearly went for this too. If only we had 1 more day!
  4. Children’s Discovery Museum
  5. Bounce Park

Hope you managed to find what you were looking for! 🙂 Bangkok is a place for kids! We did NO shopping at all this trip (boo!) But the kids had fun and that is what is most important. Objective met! 🙂


Homecooked Chicken Essence

Once in a while, my mum would home brew chicken essence for us. It beats all the brands out there. New Moon, EYS, Brands…. Mum’s brand is the best! Recently I had a friend who asked in passing, how to make chicken essence at home? I never knew how! My mum has been doing it all along! Thus I got my mum to prepare a portion for me. To 补一补, and also so I can then share with my friends how to do so.


First of all you would have to buy 1 whole chicken. At the market, get the seller to “tok” (smash) the bones for you. The chicken will still be in one whole piece as the flesh is still connected, but the bones are smashed. Note that not all chicken sellers will do that for you though. So find one that doesn’t mind that extra effort, usually for regular customers. Prepare also some dates, wolfberries and ginseng if you want. I don’t like to put ginseng in as after I drink it in the evening I am unable to sleep! But it is good if you are tired and want that perk me up.


1. Put the water in the steaming pot to a boil. Turn it to low heat. (Or you can just pour freshly boiled water into the pot.

2. Add in wolfberries/dates and ginseng(optional) to the main ceramic pot. Cover the herbs with an overturned bowl.

3. Dip the chicken in some boiling water. My mum did say that this step is optional. But she likes to “rinse” the chicken to wash it as well as to make it cook faster. This process is only for about 30 seconds to a minute. Chicken is not supposed to be fully cooked though the outer parts would have changed colour.


4. Place and position the chicken spread out over the overturned bowl, ensuring the entire chicken is in the bowl.


5. Cover the ceramic pot with a plate so that the steam will not seep through.(If not you will just get chicken soup instead of chicken essence.


6. Cover with the pot cover and bring the water to a boil at high heat for about 5 minutes before turning it back down to very low heat.

7. Keep the water boiling at low heat for about 2.5h. (fresh chicken can be about 2h, frozen and thawed at about 2.5-3h) Check once in a while to ensure that there is still water in the pot.

8. After 2-3 hours, turn off the heat. If you open the pot cover and remove the plate immediately after you have turned off the flame, you can see that there is liquid in the pot which you can see seeping through into the bowl. In this picture, most of the water has seeped through with some left outside still probably because the bowl is full. Every chicken gives a different amount of essence. Kampung chicken usually have less. Leave this to stand for about 15 minutes so the herbs can really work in the essence.


9. After 15 minutes after turning off the flame, remove the chicken and the overturned bowl. It helps to slide it out sideways. And there you have it! Chicken essence with red dates and wolfberries!


This whole chicken is for just 1 bowl of chicken essence goodness. 🙂


For the chicken, yes you can still eat them by dipping into light soya sauce or tearing some to put into the chicken essence to eat together. The breastmeat would be very dry already though. So you might only want to eat the thigh meat. All the goodness are already in the soup!

Have fun trying! 🙂


Novotel Bangkok Platinum Pratunam For Kids

With kids, our choice in hotels when we go on holidays differ now. It is no longer simply cheap and good. There are many more factors that we look into. This time, bringing along a 1 year old and a 3 year old to the trip, we are looking for some place that is convenient (best if it is linked to a shopping mall so it is easy to get food), has kids amenities (best if there is an indoor playground), not too expensive, comfortable. Searching around and reading the blogs of others, our first choice was actually Siam Kempinski Hotel Bangkok, however it was too expensive and way out of our budget at about $300 per night. We we chanced upon Novotel Platinum which met all of our requirements too. It was located ON TOP OF Platinum Mall, had an indoor playground and was cheaper at about $100 per night.So that was where we chose to reserve! 🙂

At the lobby area which is above on the 6th floor, the kids loved that they could finally stretch their legs and started to run around, climbing up and down the sofa and all over the place. Lucky for us, checking in was speedy and off we went to our room! At the far end of the picture on the right, you can see a small entertainment area where you can sit around to laze or play some electronic games on a big ipad like table or x-box kinect.

Once they got into the room, they wanted to try out the bed immediately! It was just too inviting 🙂 The room was spacious with sufficient room for the kids to play around even after we have opened both our case luggage. The window looks out to Big C and Central World. Yes, theses are just within walking distance from the hotel! They are also currently building a linkway like an overhead bridge all the way from the main entrance of the hotel to Big C and Central World. It looks almost ready so it should be in use in probably a couple of months? We actually thought it was done but it was cordoned off with a couple of workers on the steps.


This is their toilet set-up. There is no bathtub. But I really like how they separate the bath area and the toilet area which I think most new hotels do that now. It helps when you have kids. One might want to use the toilet and someone might be bathing and you know how kids cannot wait. They were really nice to provide 4 bath towels for us each day too!

This is their minibar. They provide a small kettle which we use to boil mineral water for the kids’ consumption. Hubby voiced out that it was very thoughtful of them to put a convenient packet of condom there as well. (Something that I didn’t even notice when I was taking this photo). They provided 2 bottles of mineral water a day. However you can ask the house keeping lady for more if needed.


This is the “cot” provided for the baby. It was just a playpen actually. Meimei did not want to sleep in it. So all 4 of us squeezed on the bed. But they all slept well on the bed. So it was a good thing.


The breakfast was the usual international breakfast kind where you have an egg station, a noodles station, some buffet foodline, breadline, juice, cheese, etc.

What did the kids eat for breakfast? Korkor loved their cherry tomatoes and ate 2 bowls of them every morning, one hard-boiled egg from the egg station, some corn bits and a glass of fresh milk. Meimei just ate off our plates.


The pool was on the 9th floor and it overlooks Big C and Isetan @ Central World Bangkok. Here you can see how close these shopping centres are. We love the convenience of this hotel! Really something good to have when you are travelling with kids. There was a small shaded separate section of the pool for kids as well but that area was usually really cold so we play at the shallow portion of the adult pool.


The indoor playground was located on the 9th floor as well, with the pool, pool bar and massage centre. (Massage was at about 500baht per hour and the hubs totally loved it!) It was a small playground but it was mostly empty anyway and the kids had fun in it.

The hotel had a tuk-tuk shuttle service! We really liked this about the hotel. The kids could ride on the tuk-tuk. It was a high class tuk-tuk that could sit 6 adults. And best of all it was free! Its a one way shuttle service to some parts of the city central eg Siam Paragon. They only owned one tuk-tuk though and it does not go by schedule, only used when required. So if you missed one, you might have to wait for 15 mins for it to loop back to the hotel. So it is good to go to the concierge (at level 1) early to state your interest in takeing the tuktuk shuttle service.


I will be sharing more about what we did at Bangkok with the kids. No, no shopping at all. 😦 The kids had fun with all the activities and the adults are tired. My 3yo kept asking when we are going back to Bangkok again 🙂

Update: See what we did with our young children at Bangkok With Kids


Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital – Pediatric Ward Staycation Experience

We were initially at Mount Alvernia, but because the beds were full, we requested to be transferred to another hospital. Our Pediatrician got the nurses to call a few hospitals that he was registered with and came back with the good news that Mount Elizabeth Novena was available. Good news indeed as we had heard so much raves about the place. Off we went!

It was not the first time that our kid had to stay in a hospital. But it was Lil Nugget’s first time. She was 15 months old and had severe cough for a long time with fevers going up and down. X-rays showed that she had bronchitis that could develop into pneumonia and thus have to be warded to cure it fast.

We reached the very large and welcoming lobby and was directed to the registration area. Here, a staff will do all the paperwork for you to be admitted to the hospital. I was glad that I wasn’t alone with Lil Nugget as the process took SO LONG!! I was seated there for at least half an hour just settling the paperwork!


Finally the paperwork was complete and they sent someone to escort us to the ward. Here’s the single room we got. Lodger’s bed is the sofa at the back of the picture. There’s a smart TV which was very cool to navigate around too. The room was spacious and clean and bright as expected and I was pleased. One small thing though. They gave a normal bed for my 15 month old. 15 month olds can stand and climb and might fall off the bed. But I guess they didn’t know that. I had to ask if they had a cot, which they did and brought it to me quite immediately. Their reasoning was that some parents prefer the bed to the cot. Well perhaps parents with older kids? I’m not sure.


So many have heard that their mini bar is free and will be replenished once daily right? It is true! However, do not expect a hotel’s mini bar standard. This is what you get. 2 bottles of mineral water, 1 perrier, 3 juices. No chocolate bar or chips I was hoping for. Hee. But anyway, these drinks were good to serve visitors with. The Nespresso machine was really good too. You get 2 free cups everyday. They will top up the capsules for you. Same goes for their organic teas. Relatives who came to visit loved the machine. I don’t drink coffee so too bad for me.


So once we settled in, it was time to put Lil Nugget on a drip. This would be done by an in-house doctor with the help of nurses on duty. I could easily tell that one of the nurses on duty was more experienced than the other. That’s usually the case. The not so experienced nurse came to inform me that the doctor will be putting on the IV drip. So I said ok…. And she lingered in my room, and I said, “Is it now? Where?” Before she led me to the treatment room. She could have been clearer and said “Please bring your baby to the treatment room. Follow me. The doctor is here to administer the drip” or something like that. Lucky I was not a first time mum and my elder one had been put on the drip before so I was aware it was not done in the ward.

Putting on the drip was a pain. Lil Nugget was struggling and the doctor gave instructions all the time for the 2 nurses to follow. The nurses were really NOT experienced. Even the more experienced one. The doctor would call on her to do more things and when she does not do them, the doctor will ask if she understood and she said no. All the time Lil Nugget was crying and struggling and it took forever to draw 5ml of blood from her for the tests. Nightmare for me.


Later on they came into my room to get my food orders. It was really high tech. They were using an iPad to take orders. My other hospital stays all used carbon-copied slips of paper. However it was so high tech that the nurses also had problems maneuvering the menus. They gave me child’s menu initially with foods like spaghetti. But I said my baby can’t eat that yet. She needs more bite sized foods. But the next tier was already pureed foods. Oh well, that’s better. I thought there were not too many babies of this age at the hospital so they can’t possibly just cater to this age group babies.


Here are some photos of the foods that Lil Nugget and me had over the few days. I heard that the food was very good but I was highly disappointed that they were not. They were not bad. Just not amazingly good as I heard it was.

With all the complaints I have about my much too high expectations about the nurses, staff, room and food, I think the place is really very conducive for a good rest. It was quiet. You do not have many people walking around or nurses talking loudly at their station. However I did not get sufficient rest as they kept needing to top up the drip and add antibiotics into the drip in the middle of the night.

What I liked also is that they washed and sterilized Lil Nugget’s milk bottles for me. Also, once, at about 11pm when she vomited, 2 cleaners came to help me change bedsheets and mop the floor. They were still working at that hour??!!

Here’s some pictures of Lil Nugget at the hospital. She was always trying to get the drip out. We brought lots of toys and books from home to entertain her with.

This is how she looked when nurses entered the room on the 1st and 2nd day. But towards the end, she was better and did not cry so hard when they came in.

The hospital even had physiotherapists come in to help her clear her lungs by doing a bit of baby massage. She really enjoyed those couple of sessions.


Thank God that we got discharged after just 3 days there. She recovered well but was given lots of medication and oral antibiotics to continue with for the next week. The bill came up to be $5.5k for doctor’s fees, hospital stay for 3d2n and equipment usage. Medisave was $900 so all in all, cash paid was about $4.6k. Thank God also that we bought insurance for Lil Nugget from Prudential so all these were waived. We had to make the upfront payment and claims will come in at a later date. The plan is called Prushield. We bought this for all our kids and it sure is useful. Prudential is not the only one who has hospital plans. You can comment or email me for my agent’s contact if you need, or for any questions regarding the stay at the hospital.



Splash @ Kidz Amaze (SAFRA Punggol Waterplay)

Way before SAFRA Punggol opened, everyone has heard of the amazing and HUGE waterplay area it would have. Pictures of Artist’s Impression have been circulating on social media and even on printed media. And to be honest, the real thing is nothing short of it. Thank you to BumblebeeMum for getting us passes to go there for some fun! 🙂


Just like the artist’s impression that was out long time ago.

When you enter, you will see the toddler area first. The toddler area could still be very intimidating for smaller children below 3 as it had water splashing everywhere. The depth of the water is a gradient. And the deepest part is about below knee height for me. That said, parents need to watch their kids very closely especially at the toddlers area even thought there are lifeguards there.


Here’s another picture of the toddlers area. My 3yo didn’t like it there as it was too crowded. Maybe because it was a weekend?


Here is another picture of the main play area. Needless to say all the bigger kids are there. The slides are so inviting! For the long blue slide, the lifeguards control when the next kid can go in. So that adds to the safety of it. Same goes for the green slide where about 3-4 kids can slide down at the same time.


In this pic you can see the lifeguards at the green slide. They are all dressed in yellow t-shirt. And yes, there are many of them around. At least 1 at the top and at least 1 at the bottom of each slide. The one at the top controls when the kids get to slide down. And the one at the bottom ensures that all can get up and are safe after sliding.


The bub (3yo) was scared of all the water splashing here and there and the uncertainty of it all. He preferred to sit at the side of the main pool where it was quieter and more serene and play with his water toys there. Got to be careful with the toys you bring too. One boy of about 7 years old just came over to snatch one of my boy’s toys away. Later on a staff found it and put at the entrance and we saw it as we were about to leave.


Now to the amenities. I was really amazed at the amenities they had. In the ladies, there is a whole row of lockers for you to keep your valuables so you (and your kids) can enjoy yourselves there without worrying about your belongings. They are digitized and work similar to POPstation. They are $4 and $6 depending on the size of the lockers you choose.


For the parents who are not getting into the water, there are a lot of benches to sit around to watch your kids.


I really like how they made the shower cubicles too. The cubicles have 2 half doors. So your child can lock the bottom half of the door but you can still peep in from the top half. Yes it comes with a lock as well for adults to bathe in privacy. And there is hot water shower! Yay!


There are also a lot of cubicles so waiting time is not long. However, if you would just want a quick shower, you can always use the outdoor showers outside the toilets.


For those of you who might want to hold your kids’ birthday parties there, they have 3 party rooms to suit your different needs. Here’s a picture of Penguin’s Paradise, One of their party rooms. It is very spacious with chairs in the middle for kids and benches at the back for adults. At the bottom of the bench actually is a pull out cupboard where adults can keep their bags.


Here are the party packages prices.


Sounds like a pretty amazing place to go to don’t you think? 🙂 Here are the prices for entry. There is discounted prices for Kidz Amaze members as well as SAFRA members!


For more details, you can visit their homepage here.