Splash @ Kidz Amaze (SAFRA Punggol Waterplay)

Way before SAFRA Punggol opened, everyone has heard of the amazing and HUGE waterplay area it would have. Pictures of Artist’s Impression have been circulating on social media and even on printed media. And to be honest, the real thing is nothing short of it. Thank you to BumblebeeMum for getting us passes to go there for some fun! 🙂


Just like the artist’s impression that was out long time ago.

When you enter, you will see the toddler area first. The toddler area could still be very intimidating for smaller children below 3 as it had water splashing everywhere. The depth of the water is a gradient. And the deepest part is about below knee height for me. That said, parents need to watch their kids very closely especially at the toddlers area even thought there are lifeguards there.


Here’s another picture of the toddlers area. My 3yo didn’t like it there as it was too crowded. Maybe because it was a weekend?


Here is another picture of the main play area. Needless to say all the bigger kids are there. The slides are so inviting! For the long blue slide, the lifeguards control when the next kid can go in. So that adds to the safety of it. Same goes for the green slide where about 3-4 kids can slide down at the same time.


In this pic you can see the lifeguards at the green slide. They are all dressed in yellow t-shirt. And yes, there are many of them around. At least 1 at the top and at least 1 at the bottom of each slide. The one at the top controls when the kids get to slide down. And the one at the bottom ensures that all can get up and are safe after sliding.


The bub (3yo) was scared of all the water splashing here and there and the uncertainty of it all. He preferred to sit at the side of the main pool where it was quieter and more serene and play with his water toys there. Got to be careful with the toys you bring too. One boy of about 7 years old just came over to snatch one of my boy’s toys away. Later on a staff found it and put at the entrance and we saw it as we were about to leave.


Now to the amenities. I was really amazed at the amenities they had. In the ladies, there is a whole row of lockers for you to keep your valuables so you (and your kids) can enjoy yourselves there without worrying about your belongings. They are digitized and work similar to POPstation. They are $4 and $6 depending on the size of the lockers you choose.


For the parents who are not getting into the water, there are a lot of benches to sit around to watch your kids.


I really like how they made the shower cubicles too. The cubicles have 2 half doors. So your child can lock the bottom half of the door but you can still peep in from the top half. Yes it comes with a lock as well for adults to bathe in privacy. And there is hot water shower! Yay!


There are also a lot of cubicles so waiting time is not long. However, if you would just want a quick shower, you can always use the outdoor showers outside the toilets.


For those of you who might want to hold your kids’ birthday parties there, they have 3 party rooms to suit your different needs. Here’s a picture of Penguin’s Paradise, One of their party rooms. It is very spacious with chairs in the middle for kids and benches at the back for adults. At the bottom of the bench actually is a pull out cupboard where adults can keep their bags.


Here are the party packages prices.


Sounds like a pretty amazing place to go to don’t you think? 🙂 Here are the prices for entry. There is discounted prices for Kidz Amaze members as well as SAFRA members!


For more details, you can visit their homepage here.


9 thoughts on “Splash @ Kidz Amaze (SAFRA Punggol Waterplay)

  1. Wah!! It looks like so much fun. We had to miss it because my girl wasn’t feeling well. Thanks for the pictures though. It is very inviting!!


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