Novotel Bangkok Platinum Pratunam For Kids

With kids, our choice in hotels when we go on holidays differ now. It is no longer simply cheap and good. There are many more factors that we look into. This time, bringing along a 1 year old and a 3 year old to the trip, we are looking for some place that is convenient (best if it is linked to a shopping mall so it is easy to get food), has kids amenities (best if there is an indoor playground), not too expensive, comfortable. Searching around and reading the blogs of others, our first choice was actually Siam Kempinski Hotel Bangkok, however it was too expensive and way out of our budget at about $300 per night. We we chanced upon Novotel Platinum which met all of our requirements too. It was located ON TOP OF Platinum Mall, had an indoor playground and was cheaper at about $100 per night.So that was where we chose to reserve! 🙂

At the lobby area which is above on the 6th floor, the kids loved that they could finally stretch their legs and started to run around, climbing up and down the sofa and all over the place. Lucky for us, checking in was speedy and off we went to our room! At the far end of the picture on the right, you can see a small entertainment area where you can sit around to laze or play some electronic games on a big ipad like table or x-box kinect.

Once they got into the room, they wanted to try out the bed immediately! It was just too inviting 🙂 The room was spacious with sufficient room for the kids to play around even after we have opened both our case luggage. The window looks out to Big C and Central World. Yes, theses are just within walking distance from the hotel! They are also currently building a linkway like an overhead bridge all the way from the main entrance of the hotel to Big C and Central World. It looks almost ready so it should be in use in probably a couple of months? We actually thought it was done but it was cordoned off with a couple of workers on the steps.


This is their toilet set-up. There is no bathtub. But I really like how they separate the bath area and the toilet area which I think most new hotels do that now. It helps when you have kids. One might want to use the toilet and someone might be bathing and you know how kids cannot wait. They were really nice to provide 4 bath towels for us each day too!

This is their minibar. They provide a small kettle which we use to boil mineral water for the kids’ consumption. Hubby voiced out that it was very thoughtful of them to put a convenient packet of condom there as well. (Something that I didn’t even notice when I was taking this photo). They provided 2 bottles of mineral water a day. However you can ask the house keeping lady for more if needed.


This is the “cot” provided for the baby. It was just a playpen actually. Meimei did not want to sleep in it. So all 4 of us squeezed on the bed. But they all slept well on the bed. So it was a good thing.


The breakfast was the usual international breakfast kind where you have an egg station, a noodles station, some buffet foodline, breadline, juice, cheese, etc.

What did the kids eat for breakfast? Korkor loved their cherry tomatoes and ate 2 bowls of them every morning, one hard-boiled egg from the egg station, some corn bits and a glass of fresh milk. Meimei just ate off our plates.


The pool was on the 9th floor and it overlooks Big C and Isetan @ Central World Bangkok. Here you can see how close these shopping centres are. We love the convenience of this hotel! Really something good to have when you are travelling with kids. There was a small shaded separate section of the pool for kids as well but that area was usually really cold so we play at the shallow portion of the adult pool.


The indoor playground was located on the 9th floor as well, with the pool, pool bar and massage centre. (Massage was at about 500baht per hour and the hubs totally loved it!) It was a small playground but it was mostly empty anyway and the kids had fun in it.

The hotel had a tuk-tuk shuttle service! We really liked this about the hotel. The kids could ride on the tuk-tuk. It was a high class tuk-tuk that could sit 6 adults. And best of all it was free! Its a one way shuttle service to some parts of the city central eg Siam Paragon. They only owned one tuk-tuk though and it does not go by schedule, only used when required. So if you missed one, you might have to wait for 15 mins for it to loop back to the hotel. So it is good to go to the concierge (at level 1) early to state your interest in takeing the tuktuk shuttle service.


I will be sharing more about what we did at Bangkok with the kids. No, no shopping at all. 😦 The kids had fun with all the activities and the adults are tired. My 3yo kept asking when we are going back to Bangkok again 🙂

Update: See what we did with our young children at Bangkok With Kids


9 thoughts on “Novotel Bangkok Platinum Pratunam For Kids

  1. I’ve stayed at Novotel before (in other countries) and found it to be good value for money. Safe, clean, modern.
    Will keep novotel bangkok in mind when I head there.


  2. We stayed at this hotel many years ago, and paid to upgrade to the Executive Club Room. The view from Club Lounge (esp after sunset) was stupendous! Would love to return to BKK again 🙂


  3. This post makes me feel like going for holiday once again. Sad that June holidays are almost over. This hotel has great facilities for kids yeah!


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