Eu Yan Sang Confinement Soup Package

So I’m searching around for confinement herbs packages and have more or less decided on the package to buy before I even started on my search reason being my Aunty who is well versed in herbs and quality is an Eu Yan Sang fan. As such we just tried to read up more about EYS confinement herb soup package and asking others who have tried it. 

We dropped by Eu Yan Sang yesterday. And this is the herb package that they are marketing. 

In it contains 28 days worth of confinement herbs with some of their supplement pills for after pregnancy and also some ingredients for red dates tea and Sheng hua soup etc etc. I had asked initially how many days worth of red dates tea is included but the sales lady was right. It depends on how thick we make the tea and how much tea you drink each day. Just as an estimate, there are 2 packets of red dates inside and we can always buy more to top up. 

The soups are all individually packaged nicely with all the herbs separated from each other and instructions are at the back of each package. 

The entire package cost $268 for members which I feel is a very reasonable and competitive price. 

How do you become a member? Here’s a piece of good news. From now until 8 Aug 2016, you can just produce your PAssion card at any outlet to apply for the membership card for FREE! (You can also use SAFRA card if you have) 

Another lobang that I found. Upcoming at the Supermom fair in August, Eu Yan Sang will be at the fair! Will they be selling confinement herb soup package? This I am not too sure but I would think it is logical for them to market it there as it is after all a baby fair. Supermom is currently selling $50 cash vouchers for $40 only so you get to save some more! Even if they do not have the herb package there, you can definitely stock up on chicken Essence 🙂 

Hope all these information help you in some way or another in deciding the confinement soup package you would like to take up and if you do choose EYS package that you get it at a good price. 🙂