Pre-Paint Job Consultation – by Nippon Paint

My family would like to thank Nippon Paint for this opportunity to collaborate with them on revamping our living room. Our last paint job was done 5 years ago. However due to the hacking/rebuilding, we have many cracks in the walls. We also have many blu-tac stains from pasting up posters for our kids to read. Our walls really needed a make-over!

At our Pre-painting Consultation, Nippon paint sent their professional painter down to have a discussion with us. Both hubby and me are very bad artistically and we really appreciated the professionalism of the painter in advising us on the colours we can have that is suitable for our home.

Nippon Paint had a wide selection of colours and styles to choose from. They showed us books of catalogs and sample pictures. The painter was very patient with us as we discussed and consulted him not only on the colours/designs we should have but also the kind of paint they will be using.

Due to my pregnancy and having 2 really young kids in the house, we opted for something that is odorless for our base paint. This was really important to me and so we decided that we will use their odorless Medifresh Paint series.

Nippon Paint Odour-less Medifresh is enhanced with antimicrobial protection to provide continuous protection against mold, mildew and bacteria that cause stains and odors on the paint film. It gives walls and other surfaces a long lasting elegant finish. It is ideal choice for eco-sensitive commercial and residential areas such as elderly, children or nurseries’s rooms. It has the following features:

  • Virtually no paint odour (My favourite point!)
  • Ultra low VOC
  • Durable & washable film
  • Ammonia-free
  • Non-toxic and lead, mercury and heavy metals free (My favourite point too!)
  • Fungus & mould resistant
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Spatter resistance
  • Excellent flow
  • Excellent coverage


For our feature wall, Nippon will be doing something with special effects using their Momento Special Effects Paint. Nippon has a few painters who are trained in this design and each masterpiece will differ from the next. The wall(or room) will be textured and some series will even sparkle under light!  Nippon Momento is also formulated with low VOC, and contains no lead, mercury, chrome or heavy metals, creating a healthier environment. Most importantly to me as well, it has almost no paint smell at all!

MS143 Platinum.jpg

To seal up our cracks in the walls, the painter recommended the Nippon Paint Expresskote Sealer. The Expresskote Sealer is formulated with a special styrene acrylic polymer for excellent alkali and efflorescence resistance properties and has the following features:

  • Good adhesion
  • Good alkaline & efflorescence resistance
  • Fast drying time
  • Easy to apply
  • Environmentally friendly paint certified under the Singapore Green Building Product Certification Scheme
  • Anti-fungal and algae resistant


They will be doing up our ceiling as well with Nippon Paint’s Odourless Anti-Mould Ceiling White. It has the following features:

  • Anti-mould properties with a broad spectrum protection against most species of mould
  • Environmentally friendly green emulsion product
  • Non-toxic, does not contain lead, mercury and heavy metals
  • Easy application and touch -up
  • Minimum roller splatter
  • Excellent coverage and hiding power for minor surface imperfections


Finally we came to a conclusion on the colour and design with a lot of professional help and advice from our painter consultant and I can’t wait to see the end product! 🙂

Click HERE to see the painting process;

or HERE to see the finished product!


Happy Castle @ Westgate Mall

Amidst the haze, we went around searching for nearby indoor playgrounds that we have not been to before and hopefully is of a different concept than the usual ones. 

We chanced upon one new play area at Westgate mall level 4. It is a new place, less than a month old. And we decided to let our kids try playing there. 

It looks like a sandplay area with lots of balls and sand toys, a slide and a small ball pit. The only difference is that instead of sand, the pit is filled with what initially seemed like the rubber/plastic at those indoor artificial turf Football pitches. I found out later it was Cassia Seeds. Which means it was all safe for our babies to play in it! 

Kids play with them just like sand. But good thing is they are all clean after that as it doesn’t stick to their clothes and body. Really a good thing for all parents!! 

My elder loved playing there so much he refused to leave and when we finally managed to get him to leave he made us bring him back the next day again to play!

Here are the charges for the Cassia Seeds pit. Very affordable if you just want your kids to try it out for 15mins. They provide free disposable socks but if you have your own, you can use those too.

On our next day there we bought the $68 package. It is transferable so we can share the 10 hours amongst our 2 kids. And they count down to every 5 minutes. So if one plays for only 10 minutes, then you just have 9h 50mins left. Very consumer friendly. 

For young kids, parents are allowed to go in with them. They do not have a strict age but whilst I was there, they even allowed a mummy with a scared 3-4yo boy to go in. The boy warmed up a bit later and the Mum left to wait outside. 

As you can see the area is quite small so the fewer parents there are inside the more kids it can fit. Parents should longer around to watch their kids too just to ensure they play safely. There is only 1 staff and she is only doing the collection of money and issuing of receipts. 

We should be going there again for the 3rd day in a row today!! See you if you are going too! 

Update (02 Sep 16): They have a new slide structure! More things for the kids to play with but it also means less space for the kids. 


Confinement Tingkat Reviews

Thank you to all the mummies who have contributed to this article!

These are captured by mummies-to-be who have tried out the various confinement tingkats and what they have to say for each.

Natal Kitchen

“Smells good, tastes quite good like home cooked food, not too oily. Soup a bit bland but think it was because I just ate something salty. Rice has ginger and seasoning and it is delicious! Portion is huge. Seems like for 2 meals or for 2 pax.” (Review by Tracy Nagel,2016)

“Soup is a bit blend, other than that I think it is not too bad. A lot of ginger especially in the rice. The red date tea is nice too! Very sweet from the longan. I feel very hot after eating the meal, not sure if it’s due to the ginger.” (Review by Cindy Guan,2016)

“I had Natal Kitchen for my confinement. Big and generous portion. The person in charge is very detailed and careful on my orders as I have special request on my food as I have allergies. Actual packing is in plastics in thermal bag but i paid extra for stainless steel thermal and end of the day thermal is mine (this is optional services they provided). Soups are good (not oily as my confinement time i have very small appetite light soups are good), all vegetables has ginger (helps me reduce wind in my body), there’s different meat / fish for the main (I don’t really get too repeated food as maybe i never request too many food I don’t eat) + every meal will have 2 bowls of red dates drink, Friday dessert and different type of rice on different day. I think every mommy should try all different tingkat caterer trial meal so can get the right taste you want / like. 😄” (Review by Jovina Yeo, 2016)

Kim’s Kitchen

“Taste ok and the red date water was good. Downside is they do not use a lot of ginger and herbs. Like that might as well ‘da-bao’ normal zi-char from outside! Oh and no meat?! I din order vegetarian! 😓 Food is relatively oily. Made me feel gassy after eating.” (Review by Tracy Nagel,2016)

“I ordered 14 day lunch from Kim’s Kitchen. Portion was big – enough for 2 pax. Had a variety of pork, chicken and fish – thread fin, cod, salmon, etc. every alternate day. Herbal soup everyday although herbal taste was not strong. Not much ginger in their dishes though. Overall above average because I don’t feel thirsty after the meal. Shown in pic is pig trotters vinegar, broccoli with dried scallop, mushroom and sea cucumber, chicken herbal soup and red date longan drink.” (Review by Joyce Xu,2016)

Natal Essential

“Food is tasty, plenty of ginger and herb and portion is huge. The big portion is beneficial as I will be super hungry at times after breastfeeding so she can eat again haha.” (Review by Angie Cheung,2016)

“Portion is big! I think i can only finish half. Food is yummy! Lucky me got vinegar trotters today! Serving of it is huge!” (Review by Caroline Huang,2016)

Chili Padi

“Tastes really good, I finished all the soup even though I usually hate soup! It’s a bit oilier and saltier than Natal Kitchen though. Which probably contributes to the yummies. So I’m not sure what to choose 😂” (Review by Tracy Nagel,2016)

“I like how they package the lunch. Came in thermal bag sia! Hmm portion is just nice for a meal I’d say. Red date tea is thicker than Natal Essentials! Dishes are tasty, dunno they purposely put ginger in both dishes just to fulfill ‘confinement’ requirement or that’s the recipe. And i like that they put a fried egg into the chicken even though the chicken itself can do without the egg! Quantity though, I think it is not enough for a just-give-birth mum, because I now can finish the sides plus rice.” (Review by Carol Huang,2016)

Sizzling Dyyana

“Very generous portion, certain dishes are really tasty! And her tea time cakes/cookies/muffins are really delicious!” (Review by Arissa Madeline,2016)

“Food was awesome, portions and variety were great, no msg added. And for Muslim mums, they are halal.”(Review by Aisyah Jamaludeen,2015)

Rich Food

“One of the dishes of the night from Rich Food! I love their food and portion! I had almost different menu everyday and their food is not that oily and I find it healthy. Red dates tea is nice too with longan and red dates in it. (Natal essential red dates tea doesn’t have longan and red dates)  By the way, the red dates tea is not that little when it came. Only occurred to me to take photo of it after I drank it half way!” (Review by Qiuhui Chua, 2016)


The Bird who was Afraid of Heights

My hubby and I loved to watch plays and musicals and it was one of the places we would go to when we were dating. However we stopped when we gave birth to our #1, now 3 years old. Plays do not usually allow us to bring in kids. But we have always thought about how we can expose them to the arts. Most kids plays were for 3 and above. And when my Friend invited us for this one that was suitable for ages 2-4, we jumped at the chance!

Not knowing how a play for 2-4 years old would be like and if our kids would make a fuss or enjoy themselves did not bother us. We finally could bring them for a play!


It was held at the Esplanade Theatre Studio (4th floor) and it was by Playtime! and Pip’s Club. It was a small room where all the kids with their parents were seated in clusters on the floor (blue carpet). There were walkways around the blue clusters where cast and props would be moving around. All around are the stage backdrops. 

Sometimes the action the here and sometimes there. Sometimes at all 4 corners. Sometimes they speak across the room to each other. These kept the young ones engaged as they had to listen out for where and who is speaking. Occasionally you will get a couple of kids wandering around but that is ok. This play is for kids that age anyway! Kids are free to walk although parent should try to get them closer. And they are free to comment too, not like adult plays where we have to observe theatre etiquette. 

Sometimes we had to stand up to dance together, sometimes we had to do some simple tasks, in this case we had to pick up some fruits and put them into the correct baskets. The kids (and adults) were very much involved in the play itself!

I love seeing my kids engaged at what is not a screen and this play, less than 1 hour long did just that. I love it that the play was very interactive and they got to move around!

I heard that the next play would be in October and I can’t wait to bring them again! I went to check the website though and found out that they had 2 plays coming up in October, as part of a Children’s festival called Octoburst. It will be on 7-9 October and it includes activities like drawing/colouring contests, a dance and 2 plays. The plays are more suitable for above 3 years old though which means I can only bring my elder one for it. Good for some one to one time with my Son! I hope there will be more for ages 2-4 again soon! 

To find out more information on Octoburst, you can visit their website here

To like and follow them on Facebook for Octoburst and future plays, you can click here

The current play “The Bird who was Afraid of Heights” is still ongoing until 28Aug so catch it while you can! 🙂 (Link is here)


Freebies and Tips for SuperMom Baby Fair 2016

Dropped by the SuperMom fair at Suntec Convention Centre today Level 4 and brought home lots of loots, of which many were free or free gifts from purchases! Here are some tips I hope will help you enjoy your shopping experience even more! 🙂

1. There are 2 entrances. One to Supermom fair and the other to Rise and Shine Carnival, but both are linked inside. 

2. First 500 shoppers to EACH fair will get a goodie bag. Which means, queue up at the goodie bag collection booth first. Left of entrance to the Supermom fair, and right of entrance to Rise and Shine. Many do not know Rise and Shine were giving away goodie bags so when I was there at about 2pm they were still available! (Collection of vouchers can be done later on) 

3. Free Diapers samples can be found at the Mamy Poko booth, tollyjoy booth, and the  Pampers diaper changing room. 

4. Free baby clothes from Cryoviva just by filling up a contact form and no obligation to sit down to listen them at all. (Stemcord and Cordlife are at the fair too)

5. Free walking pet balloon if you sit down to listen to agents at AIA booth. (Prudential is also at the fair)

6. Free copy of August issue of Motherhood magazine with free Frisomum samples at the Motherhood booth. They also ask if you want to sign up for free digital Motherhood magazine. Why not?

7. Mothercare‘s booth is very crammed and crowded. Enter without baby if possible. If you are not alone, get the other adult to queue for you as the payment counter is very slow and long. 

8. Vouchers cannot be used to purchase insurance, milk and diapers. Eg karihome and Guardian booths do not accept the vouchers because they sell those items. Happie diapers do not sell those items but they do not accept the vouchers, but you can bring receipt to the Supermom voucher collection booth at the entrance to claim your cash back in exchange for vouchers. 

9. If you don’t mind them going to your house to clean mattresses, free gifts also from the usual cleaning companies like Delphin, Rainbow and Luna. 

10. Many free gifts with purchase from Clarins booth.

Just to share my loots. 🙂 Here’s a list of what I bought today. 

1. Clarins stretch mark cream $90 (used $50 Supermom voucher so total cost is $80) free gifts: 1 really large tote bag, 1 pouch, exfoliating body scrub, body lift cellulite control, body lotion)

2. Chicken Essence from EYS. Original price about $19 each box. Baby fair price $13.50. Bought 4 boxes using $50 Supermom voucher. Spent $44. Means essentially each box only cost $11!!

3. 2 large bottles of Karihome sweets $14 each and got 1 large bottle blueberry flavour free. That’s about $9 per bottle!

4. Crayola magnetic whiteboard and blackboard easel for $76. Used a $50 Supermom voucher so spent $66. 

5. $15.50 for 2 tubes of 25g papaw cream from Tinytree booth. Used my free $5 Supermom voucher here so paid only $10.50!

All my loots and free gifts!! 🙂 Do leave a comment if you have any more tips and if there were other stalls giving out free items! 🙂 

And I totally deserved a llao llao after the shopping!! 🙂