Freebies and Tips for SuperMom Baby Fair 2016

Dropped by the SuperMom fair at Suntec Convention Centre today Level 4 and brought home lots of loots, of which many were free or free gifts from purchases! Here are some tips I hope will help you enjoy your shopping experience even more!:)

1. There are 2 entrances. One to Supermom fair and the other to Rise and Shine Carnival, but both are linked inside. 

2. First 500 shoppers to EACH fair will get a goodie bag. Which means, queue up at the goodie bag collection booth first. Left of entrance to the Supermom fair, and right of entrance to Rise and Shine. Many do not know Rise and Shine were giving away goodie bags so when I was there at about 2pm they were still available! (Collection of vouchers can be done later on) 

3. Free Diapers samples can be found at the Mamy Poko booth, tollyjoy booth, and the  Pampers diaper changing room. 

4. Free baby clothes from Cryoviva just by filling up a contact form and no obligation to sit down to listen them at all. (Stemcord and Cordlife are at the fair too)

5. Free walking pet balloon if you sit down to listen to agents at AIA booth. (Prudential is also at the fair)

6. Free copy of August issue of Motherhood magazine with free Frisomum samples at the Motherhood booth. They also ask if you want to sign up for free digital Motherhood magazine. Why not?

7. Mothercare‘s booth is very crammed and crowded. Enter without baby if possible. If you are not alone, get the other adult to queue for you as the payment counter is very slow and long. 

8. Some stalls do not accept vouchers. But you can bring receipt to the Supermom voucher collection booth at the entrance to exchange your vouchers for cash back. (Eg. Happie diapers booth and Karihome booth) 

9. If you don’t mind them going to your house to clean mattresses, free gifts also from the usual cleaning companies like Delphin, Rainbow and Luna. 

10. Many free gifts with purchase from Clarins booth.

Just to share my loots.:) Here’s a list of what I bought today. 

1. Clarins stretch mark cream $90 (used $50 Supermom voucher so total cost is $80) free gifts: 1 really large tote bag, 1 pouch, exfoliating body scrub, body lift cellulite control, body lotion)

2. Chicken Essence from EYS. Original price about $19 each box. Baby fair price $13.50. Bought 4 boxes using $50 Supermom voucher. Spent $44. Means essentially each box only cost $11!!

3. 2 large bottles of Karihome sweets $14 each and got 1 large bottle blueberry flavour free. That’s about $9 per bottle!

4. Crayola magnetic whiteboard and blackboard easel for $76. Used a $50 Supermom voucher so spent $66. 

5. $15.50 for 2 tubes of 25g papaw cream from Tinytree booth. Used my free $5 Supermom voucher here so paid only $10.50!

All my loots and free gifts!!:) Do leave a comment if you have any more tips and if there were other stalls giving out free items! :) 

And I totally deserved a llao llao after the shopping!! :) 

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