Confinement Tingkat Reviews

Thank you to all the mummies who have contributed to this article!

These are captured by mummies-to-be who have tried out the various confinement tingkats and what they have to say for each.

Natal Kitchen

“Smells good, tastes quite good like home cooked food, not too oily. Soup a bit bland but think it was because I just ate something salty. Rice has ginger and seasoning and it is delicious! Portion is huge. Seems like for 2 meals or for 2 pax.” (Review by Tracy Nagel,2016)

“Soup is a bit blend, other than that I think it is not too bad. A lot of ginger especially in the rice. The red date tea is nice too! Very sweet from the longan. I feel very hot after eating the meal, not sure if it’s due to the ginger.” (Review by Cindy Guan,2016)

“I had Natal Kitchen for my confinement. Big and generous portion. The person in charge is very detailed and careful on my orders as I have special request on my food as I have allergies. Actual packing is in plastics in thermal bag but i paid extra for stainless steel thermal and end of the day thermal is mine (this is optional services they provided). Soups are good (not oily as my confinement time i have very small appetite light soups are good), all vegetables has ginger (helps me reduce wind in my body), there’s different meat / fish for the main (I don’t really get too repeated food as maybe i never request too many food I don’t eat) + every meal will have 2 bowls of red dates drink, Friday dessert and different type of rice on different day. I think every mommy should try all different tingkat caterer trial meal so can get the right taste you want / like. 😄” (Review by Jovina Yeo, 2016)

Kim’s Kitchen

“Taste ok and the red date water was good. Downside is they do not use a lot of ginger and herbs. Like that might as well ‘da-bao’ normal zi-char from outside! Oh and no meat?! I din order vegetarian! 😓 Food is relatively oily. Made me feel gassy after eating.” (Review by Tracy Nagel,2016)

“I ordered 14 day lunch from Kim’s Kitchen. Portion was big – enough for 2 pax. Had a variety of pork, chicken and fish – thread fin, cod, salmon, etc. every alternate day. Herbal soup everyday although herbal taste was not strong. Not much ginger in their dishes though. Overall above average because I don’t feel thirsty after the meal. Shown in pic is pig trotters vinegar, broccoli with dried scallop, mushroom and sea cucumber, chicken herbal soup and red date longan drink.” (Review by Joyce Xu,2016)

Natal Essential

“Food is tasty, plenty of ginger and herb and portion is huge. The big portion is beneficial as I will be super hungry at times after breastfeeding so she can eat again haha.” (Review by Angie Cheung,2016)

“Portion is big! I think i can only finish half. Food is yummy! Lucky me got vinegar trotters today! Serving of it is huge!” (Review by Caroline Huang,2016)

Chili Padi

“Tastes really good, I finished all the soup even though I usually hate soup! It’s a bit oilier and saltier than Natal Kitchen though. Which probably contributes to the yummies. So I’m not sure what to choose 😂” (Review by Tracy Nagel,2016)

“I like how they package the lunch. Came in thermal bag sia! Hmm portion is just nice for a meal I’d say. Red date tea is thicker than Natal Essentials! Dishes are tasty, dunno they purposely put ginger in both dishes just to fulfill ‘confinement’ requirement or that’s the recipe. And i like that they put a fried egg into the chicken even though the chicken itself can do without the egg! Quantity though, I think it is not enough for a just-give-birth mum, because I now can finish the sides plus rice.” (Review by Carol Huang,2016)

Sizzling Dyyana

“Very generous portion, certain dishes are really tasty! And her tea time cakes/cookies/muffins are really delicious!” (Review by Arissa Madeline,2016)

“Food was awesome, portions and variety were great, no msg added. And for Muslim mums, they are halal.”(Review by Aisyah Jamaludeen,2015)

Rich Food

“One of the dishes of the night from Rich Food! I love their food and portion! I had almost different menu everyday and their food is not that oily and I find it healthy. Red dates tea is nice too with longan and red dates in it. (Natal essential red dates tea doesn’t have longan and red dates)  By the way, the red dates tea is not that little when it came. Only occurred to me to take photo of it after I drank it half way!” (Review by Qiuhui Chua, 2016)


2 thoughts on “Confinement Tingkat Reviews

    • Hi Christine. I feel that everyone has different expectations and tastebuds. So if you are down to 2 choices, ask for trial sets from both the companies to try for yourself to see which you prefer 🙂


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