Nippon Paint’s Project – Before and After

After 1 full day of work, it was complete! Our boring, white walls with major surface issues of cracks and tapes and blu-tac stains were all gone and in replacement, some spanking bright new wall by Nippon Paint!

If you have been following my previous posts on the Consultation and the Process of Painting itself, here is finally, the BIG REVEAL of the end product!


Here are the before and after photos. Notice the stains and cracks especially in my second pic that is no longer there now!

And here is a shot of the feature wall. It is actually sparking but I can’t capture that on my camera. The patterns were even throughout the wall.

Just to recap, the colours we used for the Ceiling was White, the colour for the walls were Vanilla Creme 1150 so they were pale yellow in colour. The Momento wall was Gold Charm MS105 Silver Sparkle Series. All were odorless paints and more details of the various paints we used can be found HERE.

Speaking about Odorless Paints, my sensitive nose (due to being pregnant I think) still picked up the paint smells. However I was surprised that my husband and relatives did not smell anything at all. My aunty even put her nose on a newly painted wall to smell and said there was no smell. Anyway, if you do get Nippon Paint to do your house for you, and you think the room/house has a really strong smell, they will provide an extra air purification service for free. They had offered it to me but I didn’t have time to let them run the machine as it requires 1-1.5h and my kids were reaching home already.

Anyhow the smell diffused really fast. Yesterday, the day after painting, I was out the whole day so could not air the house except for about 2 hours in the evening. By this morning when I woke up, there was no smell at all, not even when I plastered my nose on the wall.

It had been a very smooth process liaising with Nippon Paint from the day they came down to do the consultation with us. Their advice on the colours were indeed so good and we are all so happy with the outcome. It makes our house looks so cheerful and happy. The painters and the Momento artist were very friendly too. They made the whole painting process a very pleasant one.

Thank you Nippon Paint for the collaboration and the new look for our living room! I can’t wait to invite friends over 🙂

To read more on the consultation we had with Nippon Paint, click HERE.

To read about the entire painting process, click HERE.

If you would like to engage Nippon Paint for a makeover for your house, you can contact them online HERE, or  contact them during office hours at 63197222.



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