Confinement Tingkat Trial Review – Natal Kitchen

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Natal Kitchen, though new in the market, have many good reviews that I have heard from other mummies which is why I chose to try them out! They offer trial sets too and sometimes you can get a discount on it at baby fairs! 🙂 (Note: Scroll down for a promo code!)

The Natal Kitchen uses zero MSG in all their cooking. Which is a plus point for me! And ensure a healthy balanced meal for all mummies.They have over 24 types of nourishing soup they also change their dishes every week! On top of that, they provide delicious confinement dessert every Friday.

Food delivery, the lady told me, for my house area would be at about 11:30am-12nn. And it did come at about 11:45am! The food was in a warmer bag and still relatively warm so I did not bother heating it up.

The contents were all in plastic containers with plastic covers on them.

You are able to put all that in the microwave oven to warm your food up if there’s a need to. Just remember to peel of the plastic film.

The packaging was very good such that all the contents will not spill and they will also not mix with each other.

The menu for the day was :

木瓜魚湯,papaya fish soup

泰式炸雞,Thai style fried chicken

姜汁帝王苗,emperor vegetables in ginger sauce

And Sesame oil fried rice (their Wednesday specialty)

I also added on one more dish to try out.

另外豬腳醋 pig trotter vinegar

Overall the serving was very big. I couldn’t finish my meal and kept half of it for my lunch the next day. However it might be just alright for me during confinement when I’m breastfeeding maybe? However I would say it would not be enough for 2 persons to share in case you were thinking of sharing with your hubby. Assuming your hubby is a normal big eater kind of guy.

The food does not contain MSG and has less salt and oil. So do not expect everything to be Super flavourful like those you eat at the Food courts. The papaya fish soup was tasty but not oily and salty. Nicer when it is heated up to be warmer though.

Their chicken and vegetables were tasty but not that special so I won’t dwell too much on them. The emperor vegetables were usually less common though. So it’s a good variety from normal veg!

Here’s a closer pic of their pigs trotter vinegar. Don’t expect a very traditional thick kind of dish. It was still very tasty though. And there was a good mixture of lean and fat meat inside with large slices of ginger for those who like to eat.

This is their Wednesday special sesame rice. The rice itself is flavourful with sesame oil and ginger in it. Upon eating then I realised there were shreds of ginger within the rice! I picked some of them out as I wasn’t a big fan or ginger though it is very good for confinement (unless your baby has jaundice). I shall keep all the ginger eating for my confinement.

Their meals come with 2 servings of longan red date tea. The tea was very yummy and there were dates and longan in the drink itself. I didn’t need to drink so much in a day so I left the other portion in the fridge. Really yummy to have it chilled too! But shouldn’t do that during confinement!

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2. Bonus for parents-to-be , if you order dual (lunch and dinner) , you can enjoy free la gourmet 1.8l food jar.

For 2017 mummies, you can use this code instead for the following discounts:


21 / 28days single meal: $50 discount + 1 x 1.8L La Gourmet food jar free

21 / 28days double meal: $80 discount + 1x 2L La Gourmet thermal cooker free


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