The Story Behind Fion Boon Photography

Fion Boon Photography specialise in photographing babies around 6 – 14 days old. Fion is personally mentored by one of Melbourne’s top Newborn photographers (Lorna Kirkby). She uses only natural light, and her photography style focus on neutral coloured props and materials for the sets, creating simple and organic feel to the photographs. All of her woolen materials / props are 100% sheep wool from various farms in Australia.
Here’s the story behind Fion Boon Photography, written by Fion herself.
I moved to Melbourne and lived there for about 3 years, working a corporate job in an MNC. However, climbing the corporate ladder has never been what I wanted to do and I didn’t enjoy it.
I’ve always loved the arts – especially painting & taking abstract photos. Before I moved to Melbourne, I dreamt of doing something that is related to photography and kids in Australia. When I was in Melbourne, I was exposed to the Australian style of Newborn Photography and was immediately drawn to the beauty of it. I never knew that infant photography could be so creative! I began to be obsessed in researching for various Newborn Photography styles and photos. I also tried looking for newborn photography specific courses / mentors and zeroed down to Lorna Kirkby, a well experienced Newborn Photographer who lives in Melbourne too. Initially, Lorna rejected my request for a mentorship 2.5 years ago because I was not well equipped with technical knowledge in handling a DSLR in manual mode. So I spent about half a year figuring out how to handle a DSLR manually, trying out different settings and shots before going back to her again. The course was an intensive one which focuses on handling an infant (8 to 14 days), posing the baby in various set-ups safely, styling a photo shoot, business aspect in baby photography, etc.
I brought what I had learnt from her back to Singapore in May 2016 and started exploring ways to market my service. I’m very thankful for helpful friends and family, my works began to slowly spread through word of mouth. A significant rise in bookings came through after I spoke to John if I could advertise in the 2016 SG Mummies and Daddies group. He was kind enough to help me with a kick- start without charging me by sharing my work in the group. I’m very thankful that it really helped to create awareness of my works within the mummy group.

I hope to set my photography style apart from the rest of the photographers in Singapore by creating one that is uniquely mine. I tend to gravitate towards a more natural / rustic looking style that can be evergreen. I do not do overly vibrant colors on newborns or dress the babies up into cute characters/animals or insects. My signature style will always include lustrous natural English Leicester sheep fleece in various colors which are 100% natural wool from a small sheep farm in Victoria, Australia.
My husband, Elmer, is very into photography and had just recently moved back to SG from Melbourne to join me. We decided to give the husband & wife tag team a go and it has been great so far. We’re moving to our new home at Seng Kang in March and will be converting the living area into a home studio.
If you want to find out more about them and their rates, you can contact them via facebook messsage at You can also check out their website at

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