Birth Story – of My #3

(Here are the Birth Stories of my First-born and Second-born if you are interested)

Our third baby was not a planned one. When I found out I was pregnant I was happy, but I wanted to cry too. I knew my hubby would be angry when he found out. I kept it from him as long as I could. But soon I had morning sickness and we were about to go for a holiday, so he was told. Throughout the pregnancy, all I wished for is that the baby would come out fast. I hated to be pregnant. There were so many things I couldn’t do. We didn’t find out the gender. We had a girl and a boy. Gender didn’t matter. Not knowing the gender made the pregnancy more fun, somehow.

Fast forward to 9 months down the road….

From 36 weeks onwards I was visiting the gynae every week. At the 37 week check up, baby was estimated to be about 3.2kg, which was korkor’s and jiejie’s birth weight at 39+ weeks! I started to go on a diet. Not really so much of a diet but I skipped all the snacks that I usually ate. 38 weeks check up. Dieting was a success! For me only though! I lost 700g, but baby gained 300g??!! So baby was already 3.5kg. My gynae was pro-natural though, so he said let’s wait one more week to see. Maybe baby will decide to come out this week. Well, not true. 39 weeks check-up came. Baby was (yes, to my horror) 3.8kg. Gynae then decided that maybe we should induce the baby before the baby got too big and risked emergency c-sect. So we made plans for it.

Friday morning at 12 midnight, I checked into the delivery ward to sleep as procedures will only be carried out at 6:30am in the morning. At 6am I was woken up to have the enema inserted to make me poo. The inducing drip (oxytocin) was then started at 6:30am. I was dilated 0cm. Cervix shut tight. (And it was super painful when the nurse checked it.)

7:30am – They checked the cervix again. This time I had dilated 3cm! So fast. My hubby was not in yet. He was on the way to send the kids to school. He reached the hospital at 8am.

8:30am – My breakfast was delivered. I was so hungry and so thankful that my gynae allowed them to serve me a full breakfast! I could feel the contractions already but they were still painless.

9:25am – I started feeling more pain and asked for the nurse to teach me how to use the gas.

9:30am – Waterbag suddenly burst! Maybe because I was trying to breathe in too hard from the laughing gas mask? No idea. They checked the dilation. I was still 3cm.

10am – The pain escalated and I asked for the thigh jab. I had no idea why they took forever to give the thigh jab to me.

10:15am – Super pain. Dilation check: 5cm. only??!! I gave in and asked for epidural. The nurses were smart though. They also contacted the gynae at the same time.

(no timings already as everything was a blur)

I kept grabbing the gas mask but it was useless and the mask came off several times.

They gave me the thigh jab. But later on I was told it takes 15-20 mins to take effect.

The nurses just put her fingers in my cervix during each contraction to see how I dilated.

First contraction at 10:15am was 5cm. Second contraction came, still 5cm. With each contraction the pain was worse. Third contraction came, I was so happy to hear her proclaim “Ok, She’s ready to deliver”.

At that same moment, doctor stepped in. (They had called him when they were trying to get the anesthetist as well. Good move. And also good thing his clinic was in the same building. He ran all the way to the delivery suite)

Next contraction, they told me I could push. So I did. I felt the head come out. And not sure if it happened in the same contraction or the next, for my second push, the baby was out. 3.9kg, with a small tear. My hubby suffered a scratch on the neck. Small harms done.

Born at 10:34am on 30th December 2016, weighing 3.895kg, 53cm tall. Thank God that baby is healthy, and that pain was short-lived.

It was a baby boy!

Welcome to our world Baby B! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Birth Story – of My #3

  1. oh WOW! My friend who is a petite 5 feet tall gave birth to a baby 4.1kg naturally, so it’s not impossible! Well done, still! And so exciting to find out the gender on delivery date. Enjoy your new baby!!


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