Natal Kitchen Confinement Tingkat Review

My #3 was due in early January and the confinement nanny could only work until 21st Jan due to CNY. I thus decided to find a Confinement Tingkat company to order from so at least I can have Confinement food for a longer period of time. That was when Natal Kitchen offered me their single/dual meal plans for Confinement!

Of course I had a trial meal with them first. You can read about my trial meal experience HERE.

Natal Kitchen’s Confinement tingkat comes in a warmer bag. Food is warm when they arrive but if I choose to have it later, it is also very easy to warm up in the microwave. For a month, my food arrived  usually about 11-11:30am. Occasionally earlier and occasionally later, but never before 10:30am and never after 12nn. That was good as I usually take my lunch about 11:30am-12nn.

Each meal comes with 2 bowls of longan red date tea. And Friday meals include a dessert as well. I like it that their longan red date tea just right. Not too sweet and definitely not dilute.

The variety of the foods served everyday is vast. There are hardly any repeats! You will not get sick of the food. There is one particular dish I really loved but it never repeated!

The soups are flavourful and full of ingredients. You can see ginseng in some of the pictures below too!

Natal Kitchen offer trial meals before you order the whole package.

Quote: TNKJOY for the following discounts and free gifts!

21 / 28days single meal: $50 discount + 1x 1.8L La Gourmet food jar free
21 / 28days double meal: $80 discount + 1x 2L La Gourmet thermal cooker free

Wishing you a smooth labour and a good confinement ahead! 🙂


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