[Sponsored Review] Haenim 7S Bluetooth Breastpump

There are now more and more breastpumps in the market. Which one to choose and what makes each one unique? We got to try the Haenim 7S breastpump and I find it very suitable especially for exclusively pumping mummies due to the functions and compatibility with the Haenim 7S Breastpump App.

Haenim 7S is the world’s first BLUETOOTH Breast Pump! This means that the pump can be controlled on your phone, via bluetooth, using the Haenim 7S App! The App can

(a) Save your fave controls and it will run automatically!
(b) Records pump session details like date/time, duration.
(c) You can input the volume expressed at each session!
(d) Graph to help you monitor your expression volume.
(e) Set reminders/alarms for your next pump session!

These were the items that came in the box. Breastpump, flanges, flange covers, silicon flange pads, milk bottles, valves, timings, power plug, instruction manual and a warranty card.

I was very happy that it came with 3 sizes of flanges 24/28/32mm so you could pick one that was a best fit.

I also liked that the flanges came with silicon cushions so it was more comfortable against the breast during pumping. Another major plus point was that the bottles are 200ml bottles which were perfect for me especially when I’m engorged! I won’t need to pause pumping to switch bottles anymore!

This picture shows how to connect all the parts and tubings. Initially I had not known how to connect as it was different from my current breastpump. However it was really simple to fit everything together.

In case you only wanted to do single pumping, you can also remove one tubing  from the pump and cap it up.

I tried out using the app to control the pump. It was very simple. Using the app, I could toggle between 9 different strengths for massage mode and pumping mode. You could also enter your name (I keyed in “mummy”) to customise and personalise your pump settings and for recording purposes. Yes, you can also use the pump by itself without the app. However, the app will have the timing for the pump session, which the pump set itself doesn’t have.


After you stop the pump, you will see this summary of the pump session (I am lazy so I usually skip the massage session as you can tell from the summary) It showed that I have pumped for 11 minutes and 9 seconds and I can also enter the volume that I have collect for each breast.

All the pump info will be stored and you can view them later on at the Stats page. As I latch most of the time, I only pump once a day. This chart shows my pump data over 3 days. It shows how long I have pumped for, and how much was my yield each day. I can also toggle to see the statistics for each day, or even for each month.

Usually the question asked when buying a new pump would be “Can it clear your breasts?”. Well for mine, I think they cleared well enough, and efficiently too. That said, clearing well and efficiently has many factors. One of which is whether you have used the correct flange size.

If you are interested in the pump, you can purchase it from the below link:
TLO will also be at the upcoming baby fair in April at Expo.
Here’s also a $100 off discount code for you to use to purchase the breastpump from TLO. Code: BEAUTIFULCHAOS
T&C for discount code:
(1) For use at www.TLO.com.sg only.
(2) Valid till 31 May 2017 only.
(3) $100 off Haenim 7S Bluetooth Breast Pump only.
Disclosure: This is sponsored collaboration between Thelittleonesinmylife and Beautiful Chaos. We received the Haenim 7S Bluetooth Breastpump for review purposes. All photographs and opinions are my own.

2 thoughts on “[Sponsored Review] Haenim 7S Bluetooth Breastpump

  1. Hi! I’m planning to buy the haenim breastpump and found it hard to look for a review since it is very new in the market..so your review is very helpful for me. How would you compare it with spectra 9+ or s9? And is the haenim breastpump is hospital grade?


    • Hi Pipiput. Unfortunately I do not have spectra so I’m unable to compare with the models you asked for. Also, I’m not sure if it’s hospital grade. How do we check if something is hospital grade? My other pump is medela freestyle 🙂


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