[Review+Giveaway] Playkeroo @100am Mall

Playkeroo, located at Amara Hotel’s 100am Mall, opened just earlier this year and we were delighted to be invited for a session at the playground.

The playground opens at 10am everyday. When we arrived at 11am, it was already very crowded due to it being a weekend!

Strollers are not allowed in the playground. But you can park it outside of the playground but within their premises. Look at all those shoes. Everyone is at the playground early!

Admission charges for the playground are as follows. And as the same practice goes for all indoor playgrounds, you will have to bring your own socks or purchase socks from the counter before entering.

After being tagged, having a temperature check and having our hands sanitized, we were allowed into the playground! Just beyond the entrance was the toddler section. This part of the playground was meant to be for 0-18 months. It was a really suitable place for them to play in. However you will have to keep a look out for some older kids who might run once in a while as the area is not structurely separated from the main playground.

Just past the toddlers section is a car track where there are vehicles for the kids to drive in, a car wash, and even a petrol station to pump petrol for their cars!

The petrol station was my son’s favourite activity for the day. He was practically there the whole time, either waiting for his turn to use the pump machine or happily pumping petrol for others.

Turning in after the track, I found a place were I can put my beloved Jujube Be Right Back! These are actually meant for resting parents. But it has been taken over by all the diaper bags!

And then I came to the main playground where the full climbing structures were. There was a trampoline, a large ball pit, slides that go into the ball pit, and lots of areas you can run around and climb in.

The playground is very suitable for kids aged 2 to 6. My elder is 4 and my younger was 2. We always know that the older one is able to have fun. At that age, they are able to create play wherever they go. However my 2 year old I was afraid I had to entertain her, but she was so happy at the playground with lots of things to play with!

Playkeroo has a party room too, should you choose to hold your child’s birthday party there. Alternatively you can book the entire playground for the party. Here’s the party room and also the charges.

Having a 3 month old with me wherever I go now, I will always take a peek at the nursing room and diaper room facilities. Playkeroo has a nursing/diaper room inside their premise! You would not need to leave the playground when your kid had soiled their diaper or need to feed. However, an advice though is you will still need to bring your nursing cover along. As after you have drawn the curtains over the nursing chair, the staff access room is still INSIDE of the drawn curtain area.

If you are thirsty, you can always buy a drink at their counter. They serve very kids friendly drinks there.

What’s so special about this playground is they have an attached nail spa for the mummies to go to! (Of course this is provided You have Simeone else taking care of your kid) and prices are currently going for 20% off for the month of April!

Parking tips: it is really expensive to park at Amara hotel. $2 per half an hour! So we decided to just park along the road next to 100am mall. It was convenient and cheap. Of course, hope it does not rain!

For more information, you can visit their website at http://playkeroo.sg/ or facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/playkeroosg/

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