[Sponsored Review] Pigeon Steam Sterilizer 

This post is written in collaboration with Pigeon.

Previously, I did not believe in steam sterilizers. When my first child was born, I wanted to save that $100 and use the traditional boiling method to sterilize the milk bottles. I cannot tell you the number of times I got burnt by the hot water splashing on me, by accidentally touching the sides of the pot, and melting the bottle tears because they came into contact with the pot. I succumbed and got a steam sterilizer.

Pigeon sterilisers are aesthetically pretty. The are sleek and round. They are practical to use too as it is large.

Here you can see that there are 2 layers in the sterilizer. The height of the top layer is adjustable according to your needs. For example if you are using small (short) bottles, you can adjust the height of the top layer to be lower, and on the top, you will then have more space for the bottle teats, covers, and you can even put in your pump parts to sterilize.

I “test packed” with the pigeon wide necked bottles. You can see that when I have put the 5 bottles in, there is still a lot of space available. The bottles are stuck in to the plastic fixtures at the bottom of the bottom layer of the sterilizer. I tried nuk premuim choice bottles with it and it fits as well!

If you have bottles that are taller than the pigeon bottles, no fret because there is a lot of space available on the top layer even after you have placed your bottles inside. You can also choose to remove the top layer completely if you want to.  I have tried using the sterilizer without fixing my bottles into the fixtures at the bottom of the sterilizer. In that way, I can actually put in 5 large bottles, 2 small bottles and all my pump parts for 1 sterilization cycle.

What I like about the pigeon sterilizer is that it requires very little water to sterilize. The box said rapid steaming in 6 minutes and it is really that fast! Yes, I actually went to time it. What’s good about this that no doubt you will have to descale it. All warmers and sterilizers are the same. But for the Pigeon one, the surface area to descale is very small. That is a BIG plus point!

Another good point of the sterilizer is the dome shape of the cover. I didn’t know that this would be a plus point until I used it. So, guess why it is in the shape of a dome? After sterilizing and when I wanted to remove the bottles to use them, usually we will remove the cover and all the waterdroplets will drip down. However, it being in a dome shape, there was no such problem! I simply placed the dome down on the table top while I removed the bottle I wanted and then covered the sterilizer back again and the water droplets remained in the cover!

The Pigeon Sterilizer also comes in a compact version that is large enough for 2 bottles and I love to bring it with me when we go travelling or using it for the pump parts in the office. These are all sold in major shopping centres and departmental stores in Singapore.

For more information on the sterilizers and other Pigeon products, you can check out the Pigeon Singapore website HERE.


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