Hong Kong for Kids – Tips!

We brought our entire family of 3 adults, 2 toddlers (2 and 4 years old) and 1 infant (4 months old) to Hong Kong recently. To check out what we did on each day, you can refer to our itinerary HERE in our previous post. In this post we will share with you some tips on bringing kids to Hong Kong. 🙂

1. Air Tickets

Usually we travel via SQ and try to get them cheaper when we book earlier. But this time, it was less than a month from the actual trip before we booked. SQ was about $1800 for all 6 of us, and the timings were not very ideal. I then chanced upon the Cathay-Maybank deal which cost $1300 for all 6 of us! So we went ahead with it. However, our experience was not very ideal. They do not give toys/gifts to the kids. I asked for them and the reply was that it was a short 4 hour flight, so they don’t have that practice of giving souvenirs to the kids. And this was the same reply I got for both the flights there and back. Also, the bassinet did not seem as sturdy as SQ’s which had a strap over the bassinet to prevent it from flying up during turbulence. Cathay’s one didn’t have that. Overall the staff was not very friendly as compared to SQ. So next time, I will definitely book SQ again.

2. Tickets to Attractions

I checked out kkday(KK), klook(K), and the various websites(Web) themselves before heading to Hong Kong. Most of the prices are very similar. For Klook and sometimes KKday, they didn’t have child prices. So we didn’t buy from them. Here’s roughly what I collated for the attractions we wanted to visit. Disneyland (K:$116, KK: $118/$83, Web: $114/$84), Ocean Park (K:$72, KK:$70/$35, Web: $80/40, Tram+Sky Terrace: K:$15, KK:$13, Web: $16/$8) In the photo below is the prices at a tour agency at the HK airport itself. Those are cheapest though only by a dollar or so and you have to pay in cash. If you don’t want to waste your time at the airport, you can book on the website itself and go to the hotel directly. Also, a tip is to buy your Disneyland meal coupons on Klook. (Don’t worry they are recognised in Disneyland, however you have to exchange your coupons at the entrance). Prices of food in Disneyland range from about 129-139 HKD. Meal coupons are sold for $25 which converts to be about 129HKD. But you can spend it on the slightly more expensive dish. Also, it comes with a free ice cream or pop corn that you can collect at their many carts in Disneyland. You also get 5HKD off a bottled drink if you want.

3. Hotel

We needed to find a hotel with 2 queen size beds in them, if not we will need 2 rooms each with a queen/king size bed. A large room with 2 queen size beds is more economical but there are not that many in Hong Kong. Disneyland’s Hotels are all of that configuration. However we were also planning to stay for 3 nights in the central. We shortlisted Royal Plaza Hotel (RP) and also Holiday Inn Golden Mile(HI). Here are our comparisons. RP was connected to Mongkok East MTR and also directly connected to a shopping mall. However, Mongkok East MTR is not very accessible as it is not on the main train line. HI nearest train station is Tsim Sha Tsui. It is a very convenient MTR station but you need to walk about 3 minutes to reach it. And it is not sheltered. HI is also very near to the Harbour which was why we chose it in the end as we wanted to watch the Symphony of Lights.

As for the hotel in Disneyland, it doesn’t matter which hotel you stay at, you can enjoy all the programmes and activities at all the 3 hotels. However, Disneyland Hotel has a strong drawing point to it as it looks like a Disneyland Castle! It also has an indoor swimming pool which was sadly closed when we were there so we did not get to use it at all. It is a must to have breakfast at the hotel. At least once (because it is very ex). That is when you get to meet all the characters like Mickey, Minnie, Pluto and Goofy. So you do not need to queue for these characters whilst in Disneyland itself!

4. Airport Transfer

When travelling with kids, just take the taxi. From airport to hotel is about 250HKD. Even when on the map, Hong Kong Disneyland is just 3 MTR stops from the hotel, please DO NOT take train with all your luggages and all. We wanted to experience sitting on the Disneyland MTR train. So we planned to go to the airport via that. That train only travels one stop and returns. So you can just take it for fun, no need to go anywhere. That 3 stops, we had to change at every stop. Which is fine if we just had to go up or down the lift to the next train. But no, we had to walk quite fair, cross bridged, even go out of the gantry and re enter again. That 3 stops took us about 1.5 hour. And we were almost late for checking in as we had thought it would be about 30 minutes only. It also cost more than a cab for the 6 of us. 3 adults and 1 paying child.

5. Attractions

You can view our Itinerary to see how we spaced out and did what on which day. We went there for 6D5N and visited Ocean Park, The Peak, and Disneyland. Ocean Park had many shows that you can catch. There are some rides that kids can sit in, maybe half the rides. but a large half of it is meant for older kids and adults. For the children, do take the Ocean Express and the Cable car to the higher part of the Ocean Park. They really enjoyed those. Cable Car queue is usually very long though. So if you happen to see it is short, just go and take it first. The kids liked the penguins and seals as well. We only managed to catch the dolphin show though. And they enjoyed it! Go earlier to find good seats!

The Peak is more worth going if you have older kids who can enjoy the wax museum and the trick eye museum. Ours can enjoy neither. But we had fun riding in the tram. A tip though, maybe just a single ticket will do. The trip up is always very crowded until about 2-3pm. So if you intend to go up before that, just take a cab up (about 70 hkd from the ferry station) and later on take the tram down. The shopping centre was not very big as well so we didn’t spend a lot of time up there. We went up to the sky terrace though. Nice pics, but that’s about it.

Disneyland, it was my first time there. I was surprised that most of the rides did not have a height limit. Which meant that even my 2 year old could play in almost everything. Even my 4 month old took rides! It is really worth it to bring my 2 year old there as she was free entry and she had loads of fun. Needless to say, my 4 year old enjoyed himself too and he also managed to go on an easy roller coaster ride! The Toy Story section had more rides for older kids. Other than that, most are for the little toddlers and younger kids. The kids wanted to repeat each ride. We took each ride for about 10 times maybe. Good thing there was no queue as we went on a weekday. Try to catch the shows in the park too. The Lion King one was really good. 🙂 The park opens at 10am and closes after the every one clears after the 8:30pm fireworks. For a good seat to watch the fireworks, you have to be there at 7:30pm to catch the parade.

Symphony of Lights, not worth watching.

6. Strollers

Many people will tell you not to bring strollers to Hong Kong because of the many MTR staircases. But let me advise you otherwise. We brought 1 stroller and regretted it. Because we should have brought 2. the MTRs have lifts! Of course right, they have people in the country who are on wheelchairs. However, we brought light weight strollers as lifts are not stationed everywhere and we just wanted to take the MTR at the nearest entrance we can find. These are the only staircases you have to carry the strollers down. And our Yoya was perfect for that. Easy to open, easy to close, lightweight. We also spent a lot of time at Ocean Park and Disneyland and ended up renting their strollers for 100hkd (20sgd) a day. We could have save that much money if we brought our own stroller! Good thing we at least brought one with us.

7. Baby Care Rooms

These are largely available everywhere you go. Shopping Malls and Ocean Park and the Peak have nursing rooms and diaper changing rooms. However, Disneyland only has diaper changing table but they are in every Ladies. So if you are nursing, good to just bring your nursing shawl so you can latch on the go. Or just sit down somewhere to latch.

Have more questions about Hong Kong? Just leave a comment or email or pm on facebook! 🙂



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